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Example: If you were born on May 15, 1961, you can retire: – from 01.07.2028 without discount (see column 3 of the table above) regardless of the number of quarters validated, – between 01.07.2023 (see column 1 of the table above) and 30.06.2028 (see column 3 of the table above) at full price once you have collected 168 quarters (see column 2 of the table above), – between 01.07.2023 (see column 1 of the table above) and 30.06.2028 (see column 3 of the table above) with discount if you do not meet the 168 quarters of insurance (see column 2 of the table above). The liberal doctor can charge his pension outside the basic system from the legal retirement age, which depends on his year of birth. The doctor may receive the pension from the basic scheme at the full rate once he has added up the required number of quarters of insurance. This number also varies depending on the date of birth. The basic plan allows for full retirement once the number of required insurance quarters is added up, depending on your year of birth. If you have a total of more quarters of insurance than the required number of all basic schemes combined (see point 2 of the table below), your basic pension will increase by 0.75% per additional quarter paid in excess of the number required after 1 January 2004 and at the earliest after the effective date of retirement (see Chapter 2 of the table below). The increase is final. The general rules for the combination of employment and retirement: Expertise and Optimization Pensions is a company composed of independent experts and former members of pension funds working on all types of plans and funds in France and around the world. Day schools, boarding schools and clinics, which are remunerated medical activities, are covered by the general social security system.

If they have been remunerated by deductions from social security contributions (from 1964 onwards) or are subject to the reimbursement of quarters for unfinished years. These activities give you the right to allocate quarters of insurance, which are included in the calculation of your pension for all plans together. For the acquisition of pension rights under the supplementary and ASV schemes, the doctor must be informed of all contributions due and late increases before the requested date of entry into force. Doctor`s pension, at what age can I expect to cancel my pension rights? Retirement cheque / BalancePendent care treatmentDefinition of treatmentOther To estimate the amount of your pension as a liberal doctor, go to the CARMF retirement simulator. Retiring at the legal minimum age does not necessarily mean receiving a full pension. It is possible to pay the basic pension at the full rate from the age of 60. To take the age of life if you can justify a period of insurance, all basic plans combined, from 160 to 166 trimesters after the year of birth of the doctor: what happens if you have fewer trimesters? : In addition to the possibility that you still have to exercise and accumulate additional quarters and pension points, you can liquidate your pension rights with a deduction of 1.25% for each missing quarter. The maximum discount is 25%. We are more interested here in the techniques of optimization of income from activities, and our support and retirement provision services are then transmitted by an accounting firm in Paris 16th, which accompanies the liberal professions in this type of assembly and advice. Do not hesitate to send us a small message to ask us for the contact details of our accounting partner, specialized in the accumulation of pensions and who has been taking care of our clients for several years.

It is advisable to notify the CARMF a few months before the expected date of cessation of activity in order to prepare its file and possibly allow the redemption or purchase of points to complete the amount of the annuity. There is no minimum amount for the old-age pension of a private doctor. The amount of the pension is calculated from the number of tax quarters. This type of process is similar to the accumulation of the retirement employment of the entrepreneur More details can be found here: The amount of the pension may be limited by the CARMF in case of liquidation of pensions in the absence of a full rate.