Alabama All State Requirements

Dear parents, students and teachers, the AOA has made several changes to the format of this year`s auditions. ALL students are now expected to play scales and studies as part of their audition. Students will continue to record their entire audition, which consists of scales, studies, orchestral excerpts and sight readings on the day of the audition scheduled in their district. This year, students can be evaluated (depending on the number of auditions of each section) on 2 evaluation rounds. In the first round of assessments, scales and studies are used to assess students. The best students in each instrumental section would then move on to the second round of assessment, which uses orchestral cutouts and sight reading to place students in a set or on our proxy list and place them in their section or chair if necessary. Due to the increasing number of students auditioning for our symphonic ensembles, as well as the ever-increasing level of playing in the Sinfonia Orchestra, we decided to merge the auditions for FO and SO. We hope that the quality of auditions for these two orchestras will continue to increase, as students only need to focus on one set of audition material. We have made these changes based on feedback from our judges and our own discussions to make the assessment process fairer, more streamlined and more comparable to what is happening in many other states.

We also want to support our state teachers in their efforts to create a solid technical and musical foundation in their students. In the future, auditions for all ensembles will consist of: The All-State Orchestra information page is linked below. AUDITION EXCERPTS: Please click on the “Audition Excerpts” link on the left to start preparing for an audition WOODBLAS, BRASS, and PERCUSSION STUDENTS: Audition virtually until November 11, 2022 to participate in a full orchestra from all regions OR states. STRING, PORT and PIANO STUDENTS: Will audition virtually until October 28, 2022 to participate in an orchestra ensemble from all regions AND states. Students must commit to participating in the All Regions Orchestra Weekend to participate in the All State Orchestra Festival. Here are free podcasts to help students prepare for this year`s Alabama All-State Band auditions. This year`s podcasts feature videos of each faculty member who is doing the studies, as well as commentary and tips to guide your practice. These podcasts are available for high school and college audition materials. We hope you find them useful in preparing for a successful audition! **PLEASE NOTE** – All scales must be run in memory. Errata FO/SO Violin: Study to be performed is Mazas – Etudes Speciales Op. 36, No.

28 (assuming the music is correct) FO/SO Violin: Tempo Study must be 1/8. Grade = 108 FO/SO Alto: Tempo study must be 1/8. Note = 108 Click below to access podcasts relevant to your level. The All-State Orchestra was cancelled in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AUDITION: All students who wish to participate in the AOA Alabama All-State Orchestra Festival and/or the AOA North/South Alabama All-Region Orchestra Festival only need to audition once. The audition material will be available from 15 August 2022 under the link “Audition excerpts” on the left. String scales and studies were defined by the ESA. Courtesy of the Alabama Bandmasters Association, wind, brass and percussion students will use a scaled-down version of current ABA High School All-State Band equipment as part of their AOA All-State Orchestra audition. If you have any questions or concerns about these new procedures, please contact AOA President Dr. Guy Harrison at This email address is being protected from spambots.

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