Archway Definition Sentence

84. The huge coloured stone arch behind us, which marks the entrance to the monastery building complex, was no longer visible in 79. Archway of a shipyard policeman who wanted to know his company 66. I told Arianell this and she said it almost as a wish just before we built in front of an imposing room of living trees intertwined in an arch and topped with leaves and flowers of all 80 shades. He rushed through the arch and into the main office and asked (105) When she saw that she had the right place, she opened the door and walked under a wooden arch, yellow climbing roses skillfully woven into her trellis. 83. The braided willow arch was strung with yellow linen and a bright bouquet of wildflowers (17) A crowd of people passed by an ancient arch 44. Almost vomiting from the combined stench of diesel, feces, urine and fear, we released him from his prison, slowly deflated his tormented frame and pressed him against the Nglish Arch: Translation of the Ark for Spanish Speakers 43. Dean, a bright light flashed through the classroom, then an arch appeared The guardian of the abbey still stands as a massive arch at one end of the river bridge. 52. An arch in front of the entrance led to the main living room (39) In a dark sky, you can see an arch of stars starting from Betelgeuse.

Again, there is no real communication without sentences. If you just read words now, you wouldn`t be able to understand what I was telling you at all. (115) They filtered into unstable bubbles under the arch announcing the western entrance to the shopping district, cracked during the Nankai earthquake in 2031 and still unrestored a year and a half later. (57) At that time, a total of 7 different lamppost shapes adorned the arch of Drum Tower Street. (107) The love and marriage of the man of thousands of years means nudity and abandonment on the Emerald Isle, while strength and sadness are found in the ark below. The mansion is accessed via a small bridge over the river, from where you enter the main courtyard under a high arch. (120) This is the Puerta Judiciaria rre de 1 a Plaza de la Artilleria 1 l Plaza de t orte de los Picos (Gate of Judgment), a massive horseshoe arch surmounted by a square tower and used by the Moors as an informal courtyard. 19. With its huge head pointing the way, the dragon then passes under the arch (71) We crossed an arch to the right and in a wide corridor with rooms that opened at regular intervals. “Archway.” dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed September 30, 2022. 63.

Sancha, shrinking into the ark, was stunned by the noise and anger; She had a dizzy impression of swirling chaos in which steel flashed and cut, arms were thrown, growling faces appeared and disappeared, and tense bodies collided, bounced, locked and mingled in an evil dance of madness.57 The arch had the same incredibly thick walls Certainly, there are still words you don`t know. But if you learn whole sentences with “archway” instead of the word “archway” by itself, you can learn much faster! (64) Max and I stand on the edge of an emerging arch, with our backs to human trafficking. 91. the entrance to a forest, and above the beautiful arch was one (118) Inside the arch there were several gates leading to various rooms built in the mountain, and the sorcerer lifted these wooden doors from their hinges and threw them all on the flames. (76) Inside, the main living room is open, the living room being separated from the kitchen by an arch. 39. I looked to the left, after the stairs leading to the second floor, through the arch of (38) His reign stood at the arch that led to the ballroom. A complex sentence with “archway” contains at least one independent sentence and at least one dependent sentence.

Dependent clauses can refer to the subject (who, who) to the sequence/time (since, during) or to the causal elements (because, if) of the independent clause. “Come down here,” said the thief, turning sharply to the left and passing under a low arch. (135) What is Merriam-Webster`s definition of “archway”? 20. I stopped briefly and went unnoticed in the arch when I recorded scene 25. “Hello, Helen! How do you want your eggs this morning? Kate walked through the kitchen arch and stood at the foot of the futon, holding two eggs in one hand and a towel on her shoulder in the other 71. of it was the most decorated arch, it looked like this (103) All this is located in the inner part of the temporal lobe of the brain behind the bony arch of the skull, which connects your ear to your eye. (69) On each side there was a gigantic arch, the wall of which was raised squarely above the entrance. (83) He crossed the arch into the garden wall of the House of the Sea, opened the tin door and left it open. (91) Arabella crossed the arch and turned the engine much too high,[/archway] as always in the lower gears.

But the shadow was not that of an ark; it was that of a safe. 56. He didn`t want to sound too curious, so he turned around, stood under the arch, and shrugged 100. Where there was previously a solid rock face, a coarsely carved arch and tunnel appeared, which led to the mountain (79) stone corridor, stone pavilion and stone arch, anaglyph, which forms nine dragon screens, stone arch. Above the arch are two sculptural figures in red terracotta representing “Flora” and “Pomona”. (127) The best definition of “archway” I have heard so far. (119) A sectional drawing by Tatham shows the rather graceful interior façade overlooking the courtyard of the new wing, which contained an entrance arch and a caretaker`s lodge on the ground floor and a photo gallery above. (11) His gaze followed Simon`s gaze through the ark. (14) He stood in the arch in front of the club. (68) She decided not to do so and went through the ark to be confronted with the figure of Elvis Presley.

(52) Henry paused briefly under an arch, a glimmer of sadness pulsating within him. 55. As he walked away from it, he was blown back and clung to his fence for the high cost of living and grabbed it to the arch that was the entrance to his house (27) The couple sat under Lopez`s arch, suffocated with flowers. (117) The last tram to pass through the central arch did so on 4 June 1938. By this time, part of Southampton`s old walls had been demolished, making Bargate passable on both sides. 54. He ttted through the arch in the relative darkness of the infirmary, collapsed on the bed and fell into a nervous sleep (19) We walked through a stone arch in the courtyard. 62. But the blacks crossed an arch on the southwest side, and they heard a series of blows and groans.99 It was an exact facsimile of the high tower of Melasurej, up to the black arch at the top (151) “arch”, which means “arch” in German. (81) These images faded before the man who came through the ark that led to the deeper mysteries of the Church. 12. A single portal arch stood in the opposite wall (46) A man in a white shirt and suit pants sits directly under a stone arch 29.

As he walked through the arch to enter the front living room, Maintenon heard female screams and male outrage screams 2. I looked behind a door, then I heard a squeak and it materialized in a nearby arch, smiling and muttering in the scarf pulled on his toothless mouth (121) But inside the Trinity Gate, he was probably not aware of the patriotic intentions with which he had come, so pressed against the wall that he had to give in despite all his determination. and stop while the cars stopped and rumbled under the arch. (88) The master bedroom is equally charming with delicate lace draped over the arcade to give an almost oriental feel. (140) Here are 100 fantastic examples of phrases and phrases with the word “archway”. (56) There was an arch, and then his father approached him, who walked with a stick. (92) An arch runs through the interconnected veranda, which adjoins the dining room and gives access to the back garden. (24) He crossed the lawn and crossed a covered arch.

10. Between the living room and the kitchenette there is a narrow arch, proof that there were two bedrooms, the front of which, the largest room with the large sliding window, looks at parked cars and signs warning dog owners that they can be fined if their animals pollute the sidewalk All parts of the English language are used, to form sentences. All sentences consist of two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also called the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or is described in the sentence. The verb is the action that the person or thing performs, or the description of the person or thing.