Are Pitbulls Legal in Fort Collins

My family and I are moving to Colorado (Fort Collins/Loveland area) I found it very difficult and disturbing that most places have breed restrictions that discriminate against pit bulls, German Shepherds, Dobermans, etc. I have a pit bull mix and he`s a great family dog and I can`t part with him. Does anyone know any property management companies or apartments that are ALL BREED FRIENDLY? Anyone who legally owns a pit bull in Denver must keep the dog locked up or in a secure pen at all times. The pit bull must be sterilized or sterilized and have its rabies vaccinated. The owner must also put pit bull signs on all entrances to the property. Penalties for illegal possession or housing of a pit bull in Denver include the immediate seizure of the dog. Attempts to lift the ban have so far failed, including Mayor Michael B. Hancock, who vetoed the recent measure to appeal the bill in 2020. Mayor Hancock said he could not lift the ban in good conscience because he believed it would pose an increased risk to public safety.

Three major cities have now lifted their pit bull bans: Denver, Aurora and Commerce City. It is now legal to own pit bulls in all three cities. The only caveat is in Denver, where a pit bull owner must put order into a breed classification and special permit. Melinda Dean, who owns a pit bull and a Staffordshire Terrier, was so tired of the search that she and her husband are now trying to buy a house. The addition of two pit bulls to his family changed everything. “Because of the breed of dog I have, many of these types of homes aren`t rented to you,” Hevner said on a sunny morning at Blevins Park in Fort Collins, near the rental home she and her husband found after months of searching. Some options that allow Pit Bulls and other dogs under breed restrictions include Max Flats, The Landmark Apartments, and Copperleaf Place. If you are looking for potential leads, you should check with a consultant about their pet policy before proceeding with a request. Some cities have gone even further with their race-specific bans. Lone Tree has banned all fighting breeds, including pit bulls, American bulldogs, canary dogs, Japanese mastiffs, and other breeds known for their aggressive nature. Denver isn`t the only city in Colorado banning pit bull possession. Several other cities also have breed restrictions specifically against pit bulls.

It`s important to learn the law in your city before you move or become a pet owner. Otherwise, you could face penalties such as fines and confiscation of your pet. The following cities also prohibit people from owning or keeping pit bulls. Owners of these animals are required to maintain control of their pet at all times, both on private property and in public. Those who fail to do so can be charged with both misdemeanors and criminal offenses if the dog injures or kills someone or injures or kills pets. The severity of these penalties depends on the dog`s history of crimes, the severity of the injury, and whether the dog attacked another animal or human. Breed restrictions are not unique to Fort Collins, but the problem arises in a city that is supposed to accept dogs where more than 45% of households are rented and many residents have dogs. There is none. I had a German Shepherd that I had been trying to raise here for 10 years.

Believe me, I tore this city apart. Private tenants are the best choice. I live alone and have limited opportunities in this overpriced housing industry. The only owners who allowed all breeds were private. But what if someone is attacked by a dog that needs to be banished from the city? The landlord continues to be responsible for your injuries. In fact, the owner may be responsible for compensating you even more. CSU Communication with minor in Technical and Scientific Communication. (On the 12th. April) in Fort Collins, a loose pit bull entered another property, bit a 9-year-old girl and pierced her shoulder. Pit bulls are permitted in Fort Collins and Larimer counties. The dog is currently in the owner`s house. Contact Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C.

at (303) 447-1144 to speak with a Colorado dog bite attorney. We are happy to arrange a free consultation appointment to discuss your claim. Good evening, I am here tonight to address an issue that is long overdue. And perhaps most telling, notes the American Academy of Pediatrics: A 1991 study found that 94 percent of attacks on children by pit bulls were unprovoked, compared to 43 percent for other breeds. It`s time for Fort Collins to ban pit bulls. It`s not this breed`s fault that they`re designed to kill, but they can`t turn off that genetic switch. And their owners also can`t, as we`ve seen time and time again. Some pit bulls could bite, just as some dogs of any breed might bite, and pit bulls are just dogs, Tranzow said. For this reason, ColoRADogs promotes leash laws, responsible ownership, and prudent socialization in “well-trained playgroups” rather than dog parks. Regardless of the stigma against Pit Bulls, you should be proud of your pet. They decided to love a wonderful animal and take care of it.

Having to move to a new area can be scary if you own a pet that has mixed opinions, but that shouldn`t stop you from proudly owning a beautiful pet. The Pit Bulls have slowly rebuilt their reputation and the BSLs are slowly dispersing in the United States. More and more Pit Bulls are showing how awesome they are. Prove that people who disapprove are wrong and show how much love the Pit Bulls have to offer the world. Even if a breed of dog is not prohibited, owners have a duty of care that requires them to protect the public from harm. Regardless of whether it`s a pug, cocker spaniel, labrador retriever or chihuahua, Colorado`s revised laws provide penalties for owners of “dangerous dogs.” Many Colorado communities prohibit the possession of American Pitbull Terriers. These cities include Aurora, Castle Rock, Commerce City, Fort Lupton, Lone Tree, Louisville and Simla. More recently, Mayor Hancock vetoed a bill that would have lifted the 30-year-old ban on pit bulls in Denver. The mayor vetoed the decision, which would have introduced a racially restrictive license for animals, arguing that the ordinance passed by the city council would not effectively ensure public safety.