Bennu Legal Services

BENNU Legal offers newcomers affordable legal immigration assistance, as well as legal advice for small business owners (often also immigrants). For those who qualify, BENNU Legal offers legal aid to those who cannot afford the high fees of private law firms. Due to language barriers and other factors, the assistance provided by BENNU Legal is aimed at an underserved segment of the population. BENNU Legal Services NFP (“BENNU Legal”) is a non-profit agency that helps newcomers to the United States integrate into American society, building stronger, healthier communities through legal advice and education. ACCESS Lake County (Agencies Close Cooperating to Enable Suburban & Rural Services) enables BENNU to efficiently deliver essential services to more families and individuals through additional collaboration with other agencies. Through BENNU`s cooperative relationships, BENNU provides legal assistance to people in crisis through local community and faith-based organizations. Community members who are often victims of domestic violence or other crimes, or who have very limited financial resources, will have access to the additional services provided by BENNU and provided in cooperation with these other agencies. BENNU Legal Services is a non-profit legal aid organization that works with suburban immigrants as well as businesses to build stronger, healthier communities. With their annual fundraiser just around the corner (instead of using the typical photo brochure), they wanted to have a bigger impact on their donors.

They contacted us to produce a video that Soundbites would use of their customers and employees. BENNU Legal Services NFP is a non-profit organization that works with suburban immigrants and entrepreneurial businesses to build stronger, healthier communities. BENNU Legal provides legal and business advisory services to families and small business owners on a fee scale, often on a “low bono” basis. Through its services, BENNU Legal helps families obtain legal benefits available under U.S. immigration law, helps create jobs, and helps entrepreneurs realize the “American dream.” We exist to reach and serve newcomers to the United States with various legal issues they face. When we offer a welcoming and respectful environment, everything else comes together. Our services will exceed our customers` expectations. Find volunteer opportunities with thousands of organizations that need your help.

Make sure your information is up to date. Plus, use our free tools to find new customers. The SKILL (Strengthening Knowledge of Immigrants through Legalization & Learning) program enhances the skills of program participants. Many of Bennu`s pro bono or low bono customers have limited education and skills. This often keeps them trapped in low-skilled, low-paying jobs or even prevents them from helping their own children learn. SKILL participants are trained in an office environment and on topics such as financial literacy. This training helps them gain self-confidence and develop their professional and administrative skills, thus improving their employability and their ability to integrate and integrate their families into the community.