Best Legal Dictionary App for Law Students in India

It can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhone. The dictionary has gone through several editions and is a very valuable application for lawyers who need it for research and law students to better understand law-related words in law classes. This app is another reason to leave your bulky books at home. It has the five main bare laws: Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Indian Evidence Act, Code of Civil Procedure and Tax Act on Function. He then talks about the chapters and sections of those acts. You can also highlight text that is important to you, use the dictionary to search for different terms, send sections to your customers through the app, move from one act to another, and bookmark specific sections. What does “Demurrer” mean? What is “de novo”? These words are part of the list of “10 Best Words Every Paralegal Should Know.” Jokingly, they don`t. The fact is, it`s not easy to keep complicated legal words, and sometimes you need help. The above list is certainly not exhaustive.

There are hundreds of apps and websites to support people in the legal fraternity, but the apps listed above have certainly left their mark because of their effective work and the general sympathy of the public. As advocates of the new era, that is, the age of the Internet, it is necessary that we adopt these new websites and applications and make the best use of them. This helps us stay one step ahead and be more active and aware of our environment. Honestly, I felt a little strange to leave a review so quickly after using the app for a while. However, from what I`ve seen so far, the app is amazing for the price. Let me be honest. I have been in practice for some time and have collected many printed legal dictionary apps and iPhone since my first case. This one looks fabulous for the price. I`ve always used Black`s Law Dictionary, but I think that`s going to change.

Black`s Law Dictionary seems to be using its old reputation as justification to charge $50 for an app where that app does everything it does for $49 less ($0.99 for ad-free ads and free ads with ads). Sounds too good to be true, doesn`t it? Well, when downloading, I thought so too. When I saw that it was a free app, I thought it would be a poorly programmed app that would eventually be removed from my device. I was very wrong. I intend to use this app more than any of my other legal dictionary apps. Thanks to the developers for creating such an amazing app at such a low price. Good luck to you! 4. ABA Journal: Abbreviation for “The American Bar Association Journal”. Aimed at law students and lawyers, this app provides up-to-date information on current legal news, legal articles and legal news. I am an assistant prosecutor and I downloaded this app to replace my Pocket Black`s Law Dictionary for quick references for certain terms. I haven`t had it for too long, so I`m not talking about heavy use of this app, but so far it`s been extremely helpful to be able to open the app in the middle of a hearing and advise the judge on the specific definition of a number of terms or expressions without having to manipulate a printed legal dictionary. So far so good! It`s a common sight in a law school to see students chasing the Bluebook during oral arguments.

Do you want to avoid this? e. Simplified legal dictionary with more than 5,000 English and Latin terms from the second edition of the Dictionary of Black Law. It is important to have smartphone apps that are useful in the day-to-day operation of things. This is because we use our phones regularly and the additional help of the apps we can access is even better. We face legal dilemmas on a daily basis, regardless of the profession in which we work. It can be expensive to have a lawyer on call whenever you need legal advice. These smartphone apps minimize these costs and help us in our legal decisions. Law Dictionary is an application that makes the law easy to read and understand. Just type in the word you want to search for. The app allows you to bookmark it, save it for later use, or use the references it contains for more information. It also has a resource feature that allows you to access This website allows you to access the legal journal, find a lawyer, find legal forms and get a case review.

“It`s a great way for potential students to get their feet wet and see what kind of information they`re going to engage with at law school,” says Kris Turner, librarian for reference and technology services at the University of Wisconsin School of Law. Finding an app you like can be extremely helpful throughout law school. Having your preferred study assistant or study planner on hand at all times will make you a more efficient and organized law student. Check out our top 5 apps for law students. In law school, you have to remember a lot of information. Quizlet allows you to create your own digital flashcards in the app. You can also share your flashcards with other people. The best thing about using this app is that you always have your memory cards with you, just in case you find a little more time to check. Quizlet also gives you the opportunity to create a learning set that creates a personalized learning plan based on the date of your exam. This option allows you to check your progress and includes push notification reminders when it`s time to learn. I hope this article has been useful to you? So far, I think I have mentioned and explained the best legal application for lawyers and lawyers around the world. Some schools subscribe to students and as long as you have the password, you can access it.

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