Cancel Gym Contract Germany

In all likelihood, we`ve all been there before: you forget to cancel a contract on time and extend it for a year. If you miss the next deadline, you can find yourself stuck in some sort of endless loop. Fortunately, this should not be possible in the future after the federal government passes the Fair Consumer Contracts Act. It may sound like a really stupid thing, but I have to cancel my gym membership to end it at the end of June. Although you must keep the contract until the initial expiration date (for example, at the end of a year), you will not be registered for another year if you forget to cancel on time. Suppliers are also required to immediately confirm receipt of the cancellation request, for example by e-mail, so that the customer can be sure that his termination has been received. German and international companies must introduce the button by 1 July 2022 at the latest. The Regulation also applies to contracts concluded before that date. So what types of contracts will be covered by the new rules? It is only in the recent past that a law on gym membership has been passed.

This is of particular concern to those considering leaving Germany or settling in Germany. Before this law, people who moved but still had a contract with a gym had to pay the membership fee until the end of the contract, even if they had left the area and did not have the opportunity to use the services of the gym. Now it is possible to cancel existing gym subscriptions only due to the fact that you are moving, regardless of the time remaining in the contract. The 1. In March, Germany swept the cobwebs of its outdated contract law in order to give consumers a whole new set of rights. Here`s what you need to know about the latest changes. You can find out what the cancellation process looks like in detail later in this article. Whether your pregnancy was planned or not, it is a valid and legal reason to terminate your gymnastics contract prematurely. If your gym refuses to do this as a valid excuse, you can get a medical certificate from your gynecologist and submit it to the gym. If you have problems with the termination of the contract, there are many English-speaking lawyers in Düsseldorf that you can consult.

You can also look for a lawyer in your area who speaks your language with Many people think that they can cancel a gym contract extraordinarily if they move to another city or abroad. But the courts see things differently. You only have a special right of termination due to a move if this is also provided for in the contract. The new law will also shorten minimum notice periods. Instead of allowing suppliers to require a notice period of up to three months – which has long been a common practice in Germany in all sectors – the law now provides that future contracts can be terminated with one month`s notice before the end of the initial contractual period. Again, this does not include insurance contracts. I just don`t understand why, if I have to stay at the gym 4 more months due to the suspension, those months are not valid as a notice period and they simply add more months to my contract as they wish. Dear friend, I went to the gym the day before the lockdown in November.

Luckily, I only signed a 6-month contract. But then I moved to another city. To this day, never set foot in this gym and do not get my money back. What life Before extraordinarily terminating the contract due to a malfunction, set the operator a reasonable period of time to eliminate the problem. We often buy some gym memberships because they work with our work/family/school schedules. If the gym changes its opening hours and this interferes with your normal use of the gym, you have the right to terminate your contract immediately (provided they do not change their opening hours to the original hours). Another important change is that the time to terminate contracts before they are renewed will also become more generous. Previously, most customers only had up to three months before the end of the contract to cancel it. Apparently I have to cancel 6 months to cancel after 1 year You don`t know if you can cancel or if you have cancellation issues due to a coronavirus crisis? You can get personalized advice at the Consumer Centre. More information about cancellation during the coronavirus crisis can be found here.

To be entitled to an extraordinary termination with telephone service providers, note that the condition is that the service provider cannot offer your purchased service in your new place of residence (abroad). According to German law, a move abroad is usually a valid reason for terminating contracts in an extraordinary manner. However, some contracts contain specific clauses that regulate this in detail. Whether you can terminate your contract in an extraordinary manner therefore depends to a large extent on the individual terms of your contract, which are called “extraordinary grounds for termination”. You can not train due to a long-term illness and want to cancel your gymnastics contract immediately for this reason? You must submit a medical certificate with the cancellation letter. I couldn`t cancel it, and they also added 4 months to my contract. I had to pay them 2 months + fee when I first refused them in March and April 2020 because they were closed and did not serve what we had agreed. They explained to me that I only paid to be a member of the gym, which I always was, whether I went there or not. For example, if your energy company gives you a special discount on an annual contract as a registration bonus, you can cancel it at any time after the end of that year if it suddenly becomes unattractive.

They sign contracts, shop and pay for goods or services every day. We will explain what rights you have if you do all this. For older contracts, the old rules apply, so you could still be banned for another year if you don`t cancel in time. In our experience, cancelling with gyms like Superfit can take months. Check your service provider`s website (which you are about to cancel) for the correct mailing address or email address to which you can send your cancellation. Please note that the easiest way to deliver your cancellation is via an “online channel” where you can log in and register your own profile with all the information in your contract (if your service provider has it). The downside, however, is that you need a profile for this. Alternatively, you can deliver your cancellation via email or mail – tracking is always the safest option here, as you can then prove that your cancellation letter was received at a certain time.

If you have personally signed the contract and/or the 14-day period is long gone, your next potential termination option lies in the “special cases” of cancelling a gym membership. Basically, a gym membership can be terminated at any time if there are problems with the contractual relationship (this refers to the contract and not just because you don`t like their fitness facilities). Contractual issues can include the following 4 situations: Whether for gyms, streaming services, internet or mobile phones, rigid contracts with long notice periods have long been a sore point for many expats in Germany. The good news is that a new law, which will come into force on March 1, should greatly facilitate the termination of contracts. Check your contract and the conditions of an ordinary and extraordinary cancellation in advance. If it is generally not possible to terminate the contract, you must formulate your termination letter as an extraordinary termination. Note: If you are not sure about the cancellation options, you can always contact your service provider. It depends on the contract you have, usually every fitness center has a paragraph about the move. However, there is no legal obligation for them to include it in the contract. Unfortunately, a court ruled in 2016 that a move abroad, whether for private or professional reasons, does not constitute a reason for terminating the gym contract without notice (BGH XII ZR 62/15 of 04.05.2016).

Formulate your letter of resignation. You must indicate whether this is an ordinary or extraordinary contract termination. Also, be sure to provide an address you want to be reached at, as the official way to communicate is often by mail. Be sure to sign the letter and include an effective date on it, otherwise it will not be valid. Well memorized! In December of last year, new amendments to the Telecommunications Act came into force, making it easier for people to terminate contracts with mobile, fixed and Internet service providers. Last but not least, contracts should soon be easier to terminate in other respects.