Centro De Interrupcion Legal Del Embarazo Df

In ours, we perform the termination of pregnancy in the df using the method with drugs. We have 5 legal abortion clinics in CDMX check them out here: Clinics If you have an unwanted pregnancy, you decide to have a PAINLESS abortion for yourself: $834 in three months Payment with your visa In Mexico City, the termination of pregnancy was decriminalized on April 27, 2007, so if you live in another state, Don`t worry, you can travel to us, so that we can perform a legal termination of pregnancy. As part of our services, you will learn how to safely terminate a pregnancy under medical supervision and by trained and experienced doctors. You will also find the prices of the ILE for medicines, the ILE for manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) with ultrasound, contraceptive instructions, vasectomy, placement, removal and revision of contraceptive methods (copper, silver, hormonal IUD, subdermal hormonal implant and more); In addition to knowing how to legally and safely terminate a medically supervised pregnancy, we offer follow-up advice on all ILE packages. Get all the information you need about contraceptives: condoms, IUDs, hormonal methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy Any woman who decides to terminate her pregnancy can do so freely. The legal termination of pregnancy ILE during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is legal in Mexico City from 2007. Legal abortion by manual aspiration In a vacuum Yes, since 2007, there is only in Mexico City until the 12th birthday. Legal pregnancy week; It has therefore been practiced legally for 15 years. Abortion in Mexico City is a right that all women have.

Abortion in the country`s capital is decriminalized, so any woman who visits an ILE-certified clinic can have an abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy, regardless of the reasons for her decision. The ideal method is recommended by your doctor depending on the week of pregnancy you are in, your general health and an ultrasound (ultrasound) to rule out possible conditions that can lead to complications. So don`t worry, put your trust in the hands of the specialists at the clinic of your choice. Yes. In general, abortion methods are very safe, and in clinics specialists work with a lot of experience, so you are in good hands. Abortion clinics are similar to other medical centers that provide gynecological, obstetric and women`s health services, with gynecological specialists and highly qualified staff to give women safety, advise them on the right method for their case and provide them with the most enjoyable experience possible. If you decide to perform an ILE, you are not alone; There are support programs that will help you perform a silent process and a variety of free or private ILE clinics that will provide you with a legal and safe service. The practice of the ILE is free and voluntary as long as it takes place within the specified weeks; It must be carried out in health centers, clinics or hospitals with the necessary permits issued by recognized health institutions to ensure the integrity and safety of women. These include adequate facilities, necessary medical equipment, procedures approved and approved by health organizations, established hygienic conditions; and trained nurses and doctors. I have informed about the states in which abortion in Mexico is legal and the different hypotheses Legal termination of pregnancy is a right in CDMX Curet day is an outdated practice that the WHO does not recommend for a legal termination of pregnancy. We perform modern ILE procedures, which you can check here: ILE Procedures. In Mexico City and other states of the Republic (Oaxaca, Veracruz, Hidalgo, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Colima, Sinaloa and Guerrero), it is legal to terminate the pregnancy until the 12th week of pregnancy.

The most important thing is that you go to an island clinic that meets all the legal requirements and we meet them all and we can help you. We help you to end your unwanted pregnancy legally and without risks to your health by yourself: $ 834 in three months payment with your visa If you do not live in the CDMX, you can also go to our ILE clinic to end your pregnancy, it is a right for every woman in the Republic. In Mexico City, it is the only place in the republic where it is legal to have an abortion We are accredited by the Ministry of Health for the legal termination of pregnancy Before an unwanted pregnancy, the last decision is made by “you”, you must be calm and think that it is the best, no one should decide for you, your final decision should be free and not under pressure. Assessment advice, ultrasound, legal abortion, contraceptive advice, copper IUD (free). Gineser® is a clinic for the legal termination of pregnancy in CDMX, which offers services of ILE by surgical methods (manual vacuum aspiration AMEU) and ILE by drugs. We have all the necessary infrastructure and equipment to exercise the right to legal termination of pregnancy (ILE) indicated in the applicable regulations, and our employees are trained according to national and international quality standards. If you are a minor woman, you can improve a legal termination of pregnancy in df as long as you are accompanied by a person over 18 years of age, you can be a mother, father, guardian or legal representative and you must wear an official ID. We explain how much a legal abortion costs in CDMX; the type of abortion: either with abortion pills or with surgical abortion. ILE clinics are facilities regulated by health authorities and where you can have a legal abortion.