Cheap and Legal Thrills

[1] Facebook – Throw your old car batteries into the ocean This is exactly the kind of person who is the problem when it comes to climate change, lol. Throwing car batteries into the ocean refers to surreal messages about throwing your car batteries into the ocean. After being launched in a Facebook group, the memes spread across Reddit and Twitter. The next day, Redditor MrTheFysh posted an example of the meme in /r/gatekeeping and gained over 320 points (see below, left). In the months that followed, jokes about car batteries continued to be published by the Facebook group and on Reddit. For example, a parody of Scroll of Truth posted from the Facebook page received more than 260 likes and reactions (see below, right). Memes led to an article inquiring about the meme on /r/OutOfTheLoop. [2] On the 22nd. In September 2018, several examples of the meme were posted by users @egg_dog on Twitter (see below, left).

[3] This led to a rise in popularity of the meme as dozens of users responded to the tweet with new edits. For example, Twitter users @PateraQuetzal posted a parody of Talking Heads that received more than 100 retweets and 610 likes (see below, right). On April 30, 2018, the Facebook page “Throwing your old car batteries into the ocean” was launched. [1] The group is dedicated to creating macro images and memes in various other models on the jet of old car batteries into the sea (example below).