Ejemplo De Marco Legal En Una Investigacion

When you have completed the research phase and it is time to write the final report, observe the university staff where it appears: theoretical framework, conceptual framework, legal framework, etc.; What a waste! Why so many executives? They wonder. More information on the legal framework for elections is available in Legal Instruments (Education/Theory). The first thing you need to know is that the conceptual framework is different from a glossary. While the framework is the definition of a set of categories or terms that you use throughout your work, the glossary is a simple description of a list of words, that is, a mini dictionary. In emerging democracies, the rules for free and fair elections are changing even more. In these cases, it is very important to include the basic principles in the legal framework. According to Dr. Robert Pastor, in the case of elections held in countries in transition from authoritarian to democratic rule, “the challenge is to negotiate electoral rules in such a way that all parties accept and respect them.” 75 Once this basic legal framework has been finalised, the development of this work can begin in the institutional and administrative context with a view to the electoral process. This example shows that it is not necessary to define key terms separately to have a good conceptual framework, but that they are integrated into their respective definitions in a coherent and meaningful text. Reform of the legal framework can become the starting point for restoring the integrity of the electoral process.

This was the case, for example, in Mexico, where electoral reform has become the “lever”76 of genuine democratic change. The implementation of the new electoral legislation served as a basis, a new institutional framework and the creation of various forms of participation. These institutions have established the procedures and working methods that have strengthened the provisions of the new legislation relating to the integrity of elections. This round of reforms has successfully provided the necessary integrity framework for Mexico`s electoral system. 77 The legal framework empowers the electoral authority to carry out the tasks of conducting the election in accordance with the structure described in its provisions. It also empowers political parties to obtain funds and participate in elections in accordance with established legal provisions. Finally, it ensures that voters retain their political rights to vote and elect their government representatives. For example, if your general topic is poverty, in the first part you can put research related to inequality, then research related to jurisprudence and poverty, and then research related to the psychological aspects of poverty. To ensure that election results reflect the will of voters as faithfully as possible, the legal framework must protect the principles of freedom, fairness and electoral jurisdiction (see Fair and Just Trial). These can, as in the Philippines, for example, be oriented towards the search for an honest, orderly, peaceful and credible context and give the country`s citizens equal opportunities in the public sector.

74 The legal framework can protect the integrity of the election in a variety of ways. The authority is given to certain bodies that perform certain functions. However, this power can be limited if we divide this power between the different institutions and subject them to a series of revisions and adjustments. For example, one electoral management body has the authority to hold elections, but another body may have the authority to set electoral boundaries or manage public funds for political parties. Here are some tips for each of the most important frameworks in your thesis. The legal framework provides us with the basis on which institutions are built and determines the scope and nature of political participation. The legal framework for an election, and in particular issues related to the integrity of the election, are regularly reflected in a number of interconnected regulations and laws. For reasons of integrity, it is very important to review the legal concept as a whole in order to understand the legal framework and, if necessary, to determine the necessary remedies and, if applicable, the nature of the final measures to be taken. It is important to mention that it is not a question of taking articles and research in an improvised and disorganized way, the recommended way is to do it in chronological order, that is, from the oldest to the most recent in terms of the date of publication.