Es Legal Grabar Audio En El Trabajo Chile

Hello, the company can install cameras to control the work and always inform correctly with the appropriate posters. Audio is different because it can be a disproportionate measure. You can consult it before the AEPD. Good afternoon. I want to make a request and it is this: – In my office, they placed video and audio cameras at the same time. They put up informative posters and made us sign a consent to data, images and audio. Is it legal? Only with these actions is it already considered legal? Thank you In my company they have placed a camera ase time which is directed only to my workspace a maintenance workshop, but it is so inclined that I can think that only Ami is looking at me and I feel harassed this situation is legal. Hi Gabriela, audio at work is not allowed unless there are other less intrusive ways of controlling the job. Hello. Some time ago, I had a problem with a boss in my job where they tried to blame me for a leak of information for which I am not responsible because I do not have access to this kind of information. The person who did it is friends with my boss. They blamed me for this situation and when I defended myself properly, the boss threatened to follow me in every way possible. When I went on vacation, they put a camera on my head in my absence, in addition to registering my internal phone in the switchboard.

What can I do?. Usually, hidden cameras are placed at work in strategic locations that allow them to better perform their control and security functions. For example, in hard-to-reach areas or when image collection is more complex. Hello well, in our company we have installed security cameras capable of recording both audio and images, I currently have a worker monitoring him for his level of performance, he has corrected the aspects that we consider defective to improve his way of serving our customers, that is, he has been advised methodology, how to work properly, In order to serve the customer well, it is a fact that he claims to be illegal, which we do and that we cannot listen to what he talks to customers. Is this worker right? Are you complaining because you don`t accept reprimands or advice from the company? The boss decides to place a camera at work. And without our consent, it begins to absorb us. Is it legal? Are there any requirements? Can these recordings be used as proof of farewell? Video surveillance is a growing phenomenon and these doubts can be very common. Can a worker be recorded if the cameras are only for factories or ships? Move the specific camera to record yourself to monitor ships Faced with possible fraudulent victims, companies sometimes resort to detectives. The controversy usually revolves around the legality of recordings taken outside employees` homes. In this regard, the Supreme Court of the Canary Islands ruled this summer that, although residence is protected by the Constitution, when implementing reforms, intimate activities cannot be considered to be carried out due to the nature of the work.

In the alleged court, the judges declared the dismissal of a worker who had been caught during his holiday masonry work in his holiday home. Hi good, I would like to know if with the cameras of my factory can accuse me of not working enough, I understood that the CCTV cameras would only allow possible thefts from workers or outside the company The main problem with recordings in the work environment is that both conversations are recorded at work, For example, between a customer and the employee, For example, private conversations that should not be intercepted. Consequently, the use of microphones and audio recording devices integrated into CCTV cameras would be disproportionate. In addition, the courts consider that the use of such records does not contribute to the control and oversight function to which the employer is entitled and is therefore a measure that invades the employee`s privacy. What`s already more complicated is whether security cameras have sound. In this case, the worker can only discover the model of the installed cameras and know their characteristics. This is a complicated question to answer because there is no visual indicator to let you know if the cameras have a sound. Usually, these devices have drivers (usually red) that indicate if they are operating, but not if they record images and/or audio. In my company (office) they have set up a CCTV camera that records audio, we know this because this is the camera they give with Securitas Direct. Although they gave us a document that says it only records images.

The fact is that it directly records a colleague`s screen, you can see how he puts his password and everything he does on the computer. Up to that level of control, can you have? Do you record everything you do? Hello, I work in a supermarket, and obviously we have faces. But my question is: can the manager constantly monitor everything I do? Or does it violate my privacy? Hello consultation in my work for the local that is to say for the public a camera and for the interior, where we are the staff 12 cameras and at no time asked us or let us sign, is consent legal? One of the most common doubts employees have is whether security cameras can only take photos at work or also audio. In what follows, we will take a closer look at this topic. However, the LOPDGDD provides that images of public roads may be recorded to the extent necessary to ensure safety. Hello, my question is that you can place cameras in a dormitory of a fire facility, is it legal Acer that? Their disagreement is to use these control systems for the sole purpose of monitoring a subject`s compliance with work performance, which would clearly violate the employee`s right to privacy, privacy and honor. Hi Judith, the camera can only record your entrance or private property, it can`t record your door. You can report it to AEPD Buenas, I wanted to know if it is legal for my boss to access the old camera recordings of his house on his days off to see what we are doing. And second question, if I have seen a violation recorded by my boss at work, I have the right to lose these records to report it, if possible, how to proceed. Specifically, the agency this month issued a resolution imposing a fine of 20,000 euros on a restaurant after©five workers denounced “the discovery of an audio recording system in the dressing room” that fell into a suspended ceiling. Although the company denied the facts and admitted the reported placement of cameras and microphones in locations other than lockers and ± bathrooms, the AEPD concluded that the system is “disproportionate.” Other fundamental aspects of using CCTV cameras at work relate to who has access to the recorded images or how long these recordings can be kept in the company`s files.

Hello Juanjo, the company can inform CCTV cameras, but audio recordings are prohibited unless there is no other less intrusive control measure.