Faq on Gpf Rules

I was appointed Chief Auditor at the State Audit Department on 14.8.1995 Now I work as a district auditor in Chittoor district. I have submitted a GPF partial purpose application with a draw of Rs 100000/- for the change of my own house and for conversion, which has already been approved as a temporary advance for medical treatment. But my request is rejected by the director of state audit, Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad empties Memo Roc.No. 1358/O/2014 of 16.10.2014., Justification Under Rule 15-A of the APGPF Regulation, partial withdrawal may be sanctioned by the competent authority subject to the completion of (20) years of service of the subscriber or within ten years prior to the date of retirement from the old-age pension, whichever is earlier. As can be seen from the representation of the person, she learned that the date of appointment of the employee is 14.08.1995 and the date of the old-age pension is 31.03.2032. Thus, the conditions for sanctioning partial withdrawal are not met. Therefore, my request was rejected by the Director of State Audit, AP, Hyderabad, whether it was correct or not. Hi Lord, please help me with the rules of the FPM I want to know when a job leaves the service to join another organization and requests final payment of his GPF credit in the prescribed form What is the maximum length of time his case should be processed, where can I get a copy of the order for this? By designating in the form set out in the First Annex to the KGPF Regulations, the subscriber may transfer to one or more persons the right to receive the amount that may be credited to him in the event of the death of the Fund before this amount is due or has not been paid (Rule 8.1). The subscriber may cancel an appointment at any time by sending a written communication to the accounting officer, provided that such notification is accompanied by a new appointment in accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations. (Rule 8.4) (1) What is meant by “family” within the meaning of the MPF rules? In accordance with the above-mentioned provision of the GPF Regulations, any subscriber may request the purchase of apartments/houses on behalf of his spouse. that is, when the house is bought by husband and wife, the 90% can apply from their office or not.

What is the procedure to follow to request the final payment of the FPM if the subscriber died without appointment and the only applicant is his single duaghter (no one else in the family) The office asks for a refund. In my opinion, a certificate of inheritance is only required if the applicant is not legally active. In this case, the applicant is legally binding here, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of succession. You`re welcome. Clarification with regard to specific rules. 22. What is the procedure for the final withdrawal of the accumulation in the Fund? I have been working in the postal department for 9 years. Now I propose to buy an apartment in Chennai. I applied for the GPF advance and the unpaid amount of the advance is 2,80,000.Now I request that the amount of the advance be converted into a GPF withdrawal for the purchase of a appartement.si it is eligible and how can I apply for it and what documents need to be attached 15. Can a subscriber nominate someone other than a family member? A GOOD INFORMATIVE ARTICLE IN THE FORM OF FAKE. PRESENTED IN A CLEAR STYLE THAT COULD BE UNDERSTOOD BY EVERYONE.

BEST WISHES FOR EFFORTS TO KEEP CENTRAL GOVERNMENT STAFF INFORMED OF ALL THE RULES AND REGULATIONS THEY REGULATE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 12. Can a subscriber offer more than one person? We benefit from a tax benefit corresponding to the amount deducted from the salary of the contribution to the FPM. Does the deduction of the GPF advance (monthly payments) also fall under this?. Unless expressly provided by the Government, no amount such as receipt of leave wages, pay arrears, etc. may be credited to the FPM. I work in the central government department. I took a GPF advance in the amount of Rs. 202000/- to cover the cost of purchasing consumer durables on 12/05/2011 to the 12-year service period.

Can I convert the advance into a final payment? Please clarify my doubts. Sincerely, Mahesh Prasad B. Any temporary staff member from the date of two years of continuous service. The amount withdrawn from the MPF at any given time may not exceed half of the available balance or six months` salary, whichever is less. However, the sanctioning authority/head of division may, in exceptional cases, grant an advance of up to 75 % of the available balance, depending on the reasons for the request. Payment of up to 90% of the available balance is allowed in case of purchase / construction of a house / mediation of the marriage of the son or daughter, etc. One can take GPF Advance for reasons of higher education of oneself, children, legal fees, religious vows, compulsory expenses for engagement, marriage and other similar ceremonies, for the purchase of consumer durables such as TV, VCR, washing machines, computers, etc. An advance is received from the subscriber in several equal monthly instalments which may be ordered by the sanctioning authority, but this number may not be less than twelve, unless the subscriber so wishes, or in any case more than forty (Rule 16(1) of the KGPF Regulations). The subscription to the GPF of an employee of the Government of Karnata ka is governed by the General Regulations of the Karnataka Provident Fund, 1957. If a civil servant is suspended, can he withdraw children from his general practitioner`s fund for the purposes of higher education? The amount of the GPF on the balance of a subscriber becomes definitively due in the following cases: – c.

dismissal, dismissal, forced retirement or incapacity. A member who has been dismissed or removed from office and who is subsequently reinstated must, at the request of the Government, reimburse the amount paid to him, plus interest, at the rate provided for in section 14. 10. When can a subscriber stop subscribing to the fund? Sir, can I use the GPF pre-paint of my home? Mr. Speaker, I have had 13 years of service in the Post Office Department. I asked for a 90% withdrawal for the “purchase of the site” 2 years ago and I was sanctioned. Now, I have asked for the “repayment of a mortgage in progress”. Do I have the right to receive the same thing? If yes, please specify the rule and reference. I asked for 4lac GPF adv [refundable], it`s less than 75% of my total GPF amount for the repair and reconstruction of my in-laws` house where I live. Please tell me what necessary documents I need to attach to my form. Note: `average remuneration` means the amount corresponding to the average between the minimum and maximum remuneration of the job held by the subscriber. Dear Satish If you participated in the final withdrawal for a purpose that you could not use for that purpose at that time, you must credit it to the sanctioning authority by explaining the reason.