Government Legal Trainee Video Interview

If you successfully obtain an intern position in one of the participating departments, you must have successfully completed your undergraduate studies and the following postgraduate courses before joining that department: As an intern, for example, you must ensure that you meet the character and suitability requirements of the SRA before starting your apprenticeship contract. Why did you choose the Legal Trainee Scheme (LTS)? I decided to apply to LTS because I worked as a paralegal for a month before applying and enjoying the CPA atmosphere. I liked the way we treated victims and witnesses and how our lawyers, both internal and external, fought for justice in their cases. I also liked the variety within the CPS instead of the standalone bar and felt I could feel more comfortable. What advice would you give to future interns? My advice for future interns is to make sure you know why you are applying to CPA and research who we are and what our goals and philosophy are. Be prepared for the intensity that can sometimes be in court, but don`t be afraid to ask questions along the way, as your training time is crucial. The CPA will soon announce its inclusion for 2021. How did you find the application process and what advice can you give to those who wish to apply for the internship? Practice in the mirror or with someone Try to practice as if it were a real face-to-face interview and that you are speaking directly to a panel. This will help you get a more talkative style.

Dress the party you are interviewing like a court lawyer. Wear a costume. It`s easier to convince someone that you can be a lawyer in court when you look at the roll. You will never be blamed for looking “too smart”. Each year, the CPA offers a national articling program and encourages those who have successfully completed the Law Course, or CAP, and wish to pursue a legal career in law enforcement. You will complete this program as a student lawyer or as a trainee lawyer and become a Crown prosecutor after your qualification. The types of behaviors that lead to effective performance in the trainee role are defined in our personal specification. These behaviours are linked to the Public Service Success Profiles framework. Practice in the mirror or with someone Try to practice as if it were a real face-to-face interview and that you are speaking directly to a panel. This will help you achieve a more talkative style. The video interview is designed to assess the motivation of candidates for the internship program, as well as some of the behaviors essential to the position. Did someone do the CPA video interview for their articling program? This will be my first time working for a telecommunications provider that is not a private law firm and I don`t know what to expect, as the usual issues such as commercial law or issues affecting our clients are unlikely.

I could really use some tips on what kind of questions might arise and how it works in terms of timing etc. as I found very little information online. Of course, I can only speak for myself and not for CPS, but I initially applied for the program 3 times and failed the video interview phase twice. At that time, it was clear that I had to work on this element because it is such an unnatural situation for me. I`ve weaned the trust of scripts – they`re not useful. I treated it as a request, like when I spoke at university. I practiced walking in the mirror and in front of the camera. It shakes, but it works! Explore the CPA, its policies and culture. Think about why cpS is right for you, not just why you adapt to CPS when it makes sense to sit down It may sound silly, but don`t rotate the video lying down, on your hand or standing; All of this can be very distracting. Siobhan sat down with me to talk about her experience at Canada Post and how she was able to advance her legal career while juggling competing demands.

I did an LLB in my mid-twenties. I actually started when I was 18, but I left after a year because it was just the wrong time for me. I don`t really think I know what commitment a legal career requires. Information on the application and evaluation procedure for the internship The interview usually lasts about 70 minutes. The panel usually consists of two high-level lawyers and an independent chair. During the interview, there are a number of textual questions and a set time to answer each of these questions. The internship is based on the principle of selection on merit on the basis of a fair and open competition. This is set out in the Commission`s Principles for Public Service Recruitment. Dress up the party you`re interviewing to be a legal lawyer. Wear a costume. It`s easier to convince someone that you can be a lawyer in court when you look at the roll.

You will never be blamed for looking “too smart”. Departments hired under the Articling Student Program have joined the Disability Confidence Program. Sit up straight It may sound silly, but don`t shoot the video lying down, leaning on your hand, or standing; All of this can be very distracting. Our trainees must be able to analyze and interpret complex information. VRT offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in this important area. Please note that it is possible to meet the above nationality requirements and still not be allowed to work in the UK. Newly arrived EEA nationals residing from 1. January 2021 and their family members who are not eligible to apply for the EUSS will be subject to the UK`s new points-based immigration system. As such, they do not have the right to work in the civil service unless they can qualify under their own nationality (i.e. they are Irish nationals). The exercise is not a test of legal knowledge and is intended for non-legal students. The GLS Legal Trainee Scheme is open to anyone interested in an apprenticeship contract or training in ministries such as GLD, HMRC and NCA.

At the assessment centre, you will complete a written exercise and participate in an interview with a jury. The interview lasts approximately 20 minutes and full instructions on how to complete it will be given at that time. If you receive the passing grade during the video interview and are one of the highest-scoring candidates, we will invite you to an assessment centre. Finally, and unsurprisingly, the panel will focus on motivation for the role. The jury will try to understand the reasons why the candidate is applying for the internship. For example, through their knowledge of what government lawyers do and their motivation to work in the public sector. You will be given a practical and legally sound problem that you will have to analyze and then answer a series of questions. There will be a “behavior-based” element in the interview, as how you would behave in certain situations is one of the best indicators of how likely you are to perform in the role. The next recruitment campaign for the GLP internship (SLT) will start in summer 2022. Our goal is to offer internship candidates the best possible service.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service you received during the process, please contact the recruitment team. At the beginning of the interview, the jury asks the candidate for up to 15 minutes for their answer to the written exercise. This will allow them to deepen the main points they have raised. Online Olivia is back this week and this time I had the opportunity to speak with Siobhan Russell, who is a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) trainee prosecutor who will be eligible in November 2021. Siobhan studied his bachelor`s degree at Birmingham City University before completing his LLM LPC at the University of Law in 2018. Again, I can only speak for myself, as this can vary depending on the intern and whether or not they hold certain positions and departments. I started in March 2020 and we all start in the litigation team where you are eligible. We were in lockdown after two days. Since then, I have taken a seat in the Department of Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO).

I have organized my own MFF, but it is obviously funded. I am also obliged to accept a job, like all interns, and this is also regulated by myself. One of the advantages of this is that you can choose it as long as it is able to meet SRA requirements. I had decided to go see a coroner for a few months, but the pandemic is making that problematic right now! I can choose another option as I received a 4-month discount when I applied based on my previous experience, so I am eligible in November. There are many elements in the cycle that are usually common to trainees, such as: the large amount of training and high-quality support. What has been the biggest difficult hurdle you`ve faced in your legal journey so far, and how have you overcome it? It was a little more difficult for me because I really only had a paid legal role, and the rest was either legal work experience or other unrelated roles like the funeral business.