Group Legal Plan Coverage

First-time enrolment rates average 6% to 8%. You will find that the number of registrations increases each year as satisfied employees discuss the value of the legal plan with their peers. Legal problems arise when you get married, have a baby, buy a house, lose a loved one, or have legal documents drafted. For example, since lawyers typically charge $370 per hour for services, the value of a prepaid legal plan is easy to see.* If you`re looking for the option that gives your employees the most comprehensive coverage and covers most legal issues, you should opt for legal expenses insurance. But legal protection insurance itself varies greatly in terms of what is offered. An open registration period will take place in March and April. During open enrollment, eligible employees can enroll and employees who are currently enrolled can change their plan coverage options to add or remove dependents. This service is tailored to your needs, so our network of lawyers is available in person, by phone, email and online, so you can easily communicate with a lawyer or plan your next move. MetLife Legal Plans makes it easy to get the legal help you can get by offering: If you are a member of a legal plan, you can quickly access the members page to view your employer`s legal plan coverage, or call our customer service centre at 800-821-6400 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

EST), Monday to Friday). Check out this table to see at a glance how ARAG Legal Protection Insurance compares to other plans and options. Signing up for a legal plan is like having a lawyer by your side. If you use a network lawyer for the covered services, all attorney fees are covered by the legal plan. Payments for the plan are made through convenient payroll deductions. 62% of working adults have been involved in a legal issue in the past three years.3 Employees can cancel coverage at any time of the year. MetLife Legal Plans offers a range of plan options, including customized legal plans for employers with more than 3,000 eligible employees. The legal plan offers a consulting advantage for most personal legal matters. In addition, many personal legal issues are fully covered. For a list of services fully covered by your organization`s legal plan, please register or call the Customer Service Centre at 800-821-6400. The following questions are excluded from all plans: During open enrollment, eligible employees can enroll in the plan, and current members can add or remove dependents. You don`t need to sign up again if you`re already subscribed to the plan.

Your coverage will resume automatically. Participants may cancel their membership at any time. Employees and retirees already enrolled do not need to re-register during open enrollment to continue their current coverage. With a group legal plan, you`ll have easy access to the expert legal help you need – from estate planning to real estate to traffic issues. So, when reviewing legal protection plans, consider this: MetLife Legal Plans assigns your business an experienced account manager under the supervision of the Director of Plan Administration. The role of the account manager is to assist your business with employee training and communication, payroll and enrollment transfer, and ongoing plan management. Our account managers have extensive experience in assisting and assisting in the implementation and maintenance of legal plans. 1. Document providers: Employees can create their own personal legal documents online to solve common legal problems. The Group Legal Services Insurance Plan (the “Plan”) is an important part of the government`s benefits plan because it connects you with lawyers and other legal resources to help you solve life`s legal problems.

Legal issues are a serious issue that affects both the employee and the employer. Absenteeism increases when people face legal issues, and perhaps even worse, presenteeism of being at work but not producing due to distraction can cripple productivity. Human resource managers are responsible for removing barriers to productivity, and that is exactly what a collective legal plan can do for them. As these are voluntary payroll deductions, there are no major administrative concerns. Countrywide has been working with the leadership of various organizations for years and understands the stress these decision-makers face. The prepaid legal services developed by Countrywide are designed to be comprehensive and offer a little more than usual to help employees.