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* Decision No. 823 of 23 March 2017 setting the processing, conservation, retention period, conservation and final destruction of medical records and the procedure to be followed by SGSSS companies for their management in the event of liquidation. As had been expected for several years, the benefits of using information systems would soon manifest themselves in such a relevant sector as the provision of health services and the way in which the effectiveness of those services is ensured in the personal and social environment. Following this idea, Colombia enacted the 2015 law in 2020, which creates the interoperable electronic health record. Such a regulation aims to facilitate, accelerate and guarantee access to and exercise of individuals` rights to health and information by implementing an interoperability approach that aims to systematize patients` clinical and nursing data, allowing, inter alia, traceability, confidentiality and integrity of such information. They are directly related to patients` privacy and intimacy. It has access to more than 120 million documents from more than 100 countries, including the largest collection of laws, jurisprudence, forms, books and legal journals. Using advanced artificial intelligence developed by vLex, we editorially enrich legal information to make it accessible, including instant translation into 14 languages to ensure access to information and the ability to conduct comparative research. Working Group on Article 29. Working document on the processing of personal health data in electronic health records (EHEs). 00323/07/en WP 131.

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