Hogan Lovells Base Legal Learning Hub

Building on the success of the HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub, launched last year in response to the pandemic, the launch expands the firm`s Insight program to young people aged 16 to 19 interested in a career in law. The program provides them with several tasks focused on raising awareness of the skills required to become a lawyer, including: business outreach, attention to detail, legal research, problem identification, communication, email writing, and critical thinking. It uses the same technology platform as the HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub program at the bronze level. London, 12 November 2020 – Hogan Lovells is taking virtual legal learning to the next level, investing in the future of the UK legal community through a pipeline of potential future lawyers – before they walk through the door. “During their journey through the Legal Learning Hub, students learn adaptability, flexibility and business awareness – all of which are essential to a successful legal career. This launch represents our continued investment in the future of students and the profession as a whole. Chris Stoakes, author of “Everything You Need to Know About the City” and “Everything You Need to Know About Business Awareness,” was instrumental in developing the content for HL BaSE`s Legal Learning Centre. Chris` understanding of how best to turn apprentices into successful lawyers from his previous role as Knowledge and Learning Manager at Hogan Lovells was key. – Experience legal case studies, competency-based workshops and get advice from our articling students – Get insight into how we innovate for our clients through legal case studies Christopher Hutton, Hogan Lovell`s Graduate Recruitment Partner, said: “We are excited to expand our virtual information program to school-aged students and enhance distance learning opportunities for aspiring lawyers. Potential. while we are all getting used to this new “normal”. The HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub has been a great success and the launch of our virtual “First Steps to Law” program represents our continued investment in the future of students and the legal profession as a whole.

By working with Vodafone on content, we are able to really bring the law to life for students and hopefully encourage a future generation of lawyers. Building a career as a lawyer depends heavily on experience and expertise. The sooner you can start developing both, the better. Our Learning Center is designed to introduce you to many of the key concepts we work with on a daily basis. You won`t just learn theory either. There are many real-world exercises out there so you can start applying the ideas you`re learning. Over the past decade, we have encouraged our lawyers in our international offices to support the social impact related to the UN SDGs by providing high-quality legal advice to social entrepreneurs and impact investment projects. London, 15. November 2021 – Hogan Lovells has launched a virtual introductory programme, `First Steps to Law`, for first-year students, working with Vodafone on content for a UK legal market.

The launch of the HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub is the culmination of Hogan Lovells` successful transition to technology-based graduate recruitment, after hosting virtual assessment days via the newly implemented TopScore software, a virtual information program via Zoom and launching Forage, a six-hour virtual internship that now forms the Bronze package. – Understand the headquarters planning and deployment process – Start increasing your business awareness with our tailor-made workshops Those wishing to apply for the Silver and Gold programs must apply by the October 31, 2020 deadline. Applicants are encouraged to complete an application form and take an online critical thinking test. They will be notified if they have passed two weeks after the deadline. The program will begin at the end of November 2020. – Gain an understanding of client work at the intern level – Get insight into how we build relationships with our clients and how we earn work Raj Panasar, Graduate Recruitment Partner at Hogan Lovell, said: “At a time of intense disruption and as we all get used to this distant new `normal`, we are excited about Technology to offer this unique set of virtual training programs. They offer students a very welcome continuity in the early stages of a legal career. We have learning hub programs that are available to students at every stage. From first-year students to candidates for holiday and training contracts and training contracts and training contract offers in the company. The structure of the program varies: we will include topics relevant to students at different stages of the application process. The Platinum program is for holders of an apprenticeship contract with Hogan Lovells. Participants will be able to: – Gain an understanding of the economics of a law firm – Learn more about our articling to associate development programs – Gain in-depth knowledge of our key practice groups The Bronze program is open to all students of all years and fields of study.

There is no application process and participants progress through the program at their own pace. Students can also simultaneously apply for the company`s vacation program, apprenticeship contract, first-year event, or campus ambassador program. – Develop an understanding of the SQE City Consortium Michelle Ruddle is Head of Recruitment Marketing at Hogan Lovells. You`ll increase your business awareness by gaining a better understanding of what we do, how we work as a business, and how we build relationships with our customers. Plus, you`ll explore our world as an elite global law firm and learn how we react to unpredictable global events impacting businesses. Our Learning Centre is full of valuable resources, including presentations and workshops, so you can develop all the skills you need for your career. The HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub builds on Hogan Lovells` prestigious HL BaSE MBA program, in which its articling students are involved during their two-week introduction to the firm. Interns are responsible for end-to-end customer development with client social enterprises and gain important customer service skills, experience and responsibilities early on. Students will complete a series of self-paced assignments that will simulate the work of Hogan Lovell`s lawyers and gain a deeper understanding of two of the firm`s main areas of activity: Intellectual Property and Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects (IERP).

Hogan Lovells has partnered with client Vodafone for intellectual property content, where students are tasked with advising Vodafone`s in-house lawyers in hypothetical scenarios to claim trademark infringement and declare trademark registrations. The tasks of the IERP include mediating with a hypothetical multinational client, reviewing a draft loan agreement and signing a document. Hogan Lovells launched its HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub in September 2020, which is open to students at all stages: from first-year students to applicants for vacation and apprenticeship contracts to those with apprenticeship contract offers at the firm. The company is leveraging technology and its acclaimed HL BaSE (Hogan Lovells` Business and Social Enterprise) MBA-style business skills training course to launch the HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub. The premise of the program is to help participants develop and understand business awareness in a very tangible way. When the company advises its clients, it is crucial that they are able to see the big picture and identify exactly what is needed. For this reason, business outreach is an important part of a lawyer`s success, and something the HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub will call home. The HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub is divided into four phases: Bronze for any student who wants to experience first-hand what it`s like to intern at an elite global law firm like Hogan Lovells. This phase of the program is accessible at any time from anywhere in the world, allowing participants to work at their own pace. – Get a glimpse of Hogan Lovell`s dialogue: our development-focused program The virtual training program is open to students at all stages, from the first year of study to candidates for vacation and apprenticeship contracts to training contract offerings in the firm, helping future lawyers develop and understand a crucial business awareness.

It will also be an opportunity to accelerate the selection process for coveted Insight program spots, as well as the holiday program and training contact evaluation days. The program offers four levels, divided into small modules that give participants flexibility and control over when and how they work: As a future carpenter, you will join our All Systems Go program, where you will experience: For the Launch Pad and Lift Off programs, apps are usually available in September and October. You will be invited to take the online critical thinking test and we will try to let you know if you have passed two weeks after the deadline. The program starts at the end of November. The Bronze program has the format of a virtual internship through Drilling (recently renamed InsideSherpa) and provides five intern-level tasks for participants.