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One way to expedite the return of your unpaid bill if the unpaid bill is for occupied property is a possession order. A “statement of claim” is a court order in which an official takes action under the authority of the court, such as enforcing an eviction. If you have a family law case for divorce or parentage (paternity), or if you file a restraining order, it`s pretty easy to find out who you want to file your case against. Make sure you have the correct legal name of the person, and if they sometimes use a different name (called an “alias”), it`s a good idea to include the other name as well. I`m a model. I was in Los Angeles for contract work when I was invited to a studio session party with these guys. They are not accidental, one of them has 100,000 and the other 70,000 followers and they are quite famous. They said they had to be accompanied to the party by beautiful women and one of them is my girlfriend, so I went with them. After the party, I asked my friend if I could borrow money to take the Uber home. He said that his friend who is with him takes care of all the money. His friend has a nickname. He is originally from Atlanta and has a nickname.

It asks for my scan code PayPal. I log into my account and show him the code so he can scan it. He asks me to hold my phone to take a closer look. So I give him my phone and start picking up my stuff at my friends` apartment, and before I knew it, he added a random card to my account and sent a massive payment of $1975 to another person who had attended the party. I only realized it with Uber on the way home. Whoever had that card disputed the transaction and my PayPal was closed. I believe I am a victim of fraud. Is there anything I can do? The number of websites related to law and legal issues is enormous. We have tried to provide a few that contain both general and specific information and can take you to other sites if necessary: Before you begin the legal process to collect a claim, you need to make an important business decision – is it worth tracking the cost of litigation? This is the cost-benefit analysis discussed above.

If your case is not the subject of a default judgment, it can always be settled before trial by a so-called summary judgment. Under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 166a, under certain circumstances, your attorney can file a motion with the court showing that there are no disputed facts and that you are entitled to a positive verdict against the defendant without the need for a trial. I have a car manufacturer that does not want to comply with the seven-day buyback of a second car that I returned because of the multiple problems, it is a $22,000 car. They told me they would only do it from the original purchase date and that my new car had an initial purchase date of July 9. My new contract for the second car has started, so the first contract would be invalid. Is that right? They gave me the 7 day buyback papers with the second car and said oops, you shouldn`t have gotten it when I tried to return it. The 7-day redemption does not refer to the first car, but only to the original purchase date on the form. The original purchase date is of course different for the second car, so they have to refer to it. Or am I missing something? I also called three other dealers in different states and they all said they would take back the second car, I have no idea why this one won`t be out of greed. How do I submit? It does not close the doors of the courtroom to you. On the contrary, your legal options will remain the same – you simply won`t have a lawyer to take care of everything.

In Nigeria`s oil-rich Niger Delta region, Shell Oil is accused of systematically committing human rights violations against the local population and destroying their livelihoods by severely destroying the environment. Regional human rights courts and commissions may apply regional human rights treaties when available national mechanisms (courts or others) cannot protect your human rights. Individual complaints to regional human rights bodies are such as the submission of human rights complaints or constitutional complaints to national courts (these are legal complaints). If, after weighing the pros and cons, you believe that a non-binding settlement would be appropriate for your case, you should consider an out-of-court complaint mechanism. If you believe that a binding decision is necessary, you must take legal action. The following questions will help you decide which dish would be right for you. Legal action may also be brought against a State if it is not directly or indirectly responsible for an act or omission, but has assisted another State or a private actor in committing an act. This assistance may take the form of logistical, military or financial support. Following the destruction of communities by the failure of a dam in Brazil caused by Vale & BHP Biliton`s negligence, Brazilian prosecutors filed a $44 billion civil lawsuit alongside criminal murder charges against the company`s top executives. Some senior officials also enjoy different immunity for all their acts, but only for the duration of their mandate. For example, important presidents and ministers enjoy this kind of absolute immunity. But even if a private actor assumes a public function, the state can still be held responsible for illegal acts committed by the private actor.