How to Legally Take a Car to Mexico

If you want some flexibility on when you take your car out of Mexico, consider a six-month policy. Check with Mexinsure or Mexpro, which allow travelers to purchase policies before leaving home. Alternatively, sites like RentalCars allow you to purchase travel insurance from major providers and compare prices so you can get the best deal. As you can imagine, some people try to avoid the lengthy process of importing an American car into Mexico, especially those who live in border towns. When a foreign-plated car is illegally imported into Mexico, it is called a “chocolate car.” If you are caught with a chocolate car, your vehicle may be confiscated. Hiring a moderator will definitely shorten the process for you from 3-4 days to about 1-2 days. Especially because they do these automatic procedures day in and day out, so they know the steps to follow and make sure you don`t have to do it yourself. Registration Payment – Pay for TIP registration in Banjercito online or in person with an international credit card. You will receive a special sticker with which you can drive the car legally Mexico.Be have the following documents in the original and in copy: Otherwise, if you plan to do it yourself, you can expect it to take between 3 and 7 days. Depending on a few factors – whether the SAT website is working or not, or if the bank has long queues that you don`t want to replace, or REPUVE centers won`t have appointments available for a few days – are some of the reasons why it may take longer to do it yourself. Please explain what you mean by which the issue of owning or driving a foreign car in VZs is a “contentious issue under the law”.

I spent years trying to figure out whether a PR could legally drive a foreign-registered vehicle in the FTZs, and I didn`t succeed. When I looked at the websites of Aduana and SAT and found nothing. I also haven`t found any information on what I can and can`t do as a PR. Help, please. Photos of the vehicle are taken and an emissions test is performed. Once this process is complete, you need to empty the vehicle completely. The vehicle is inspected with gamma rays to ensure that nothing illegal is imported. Then the vehicle goes to the Banjercito to get a sticker indicating that the vehicle has been legally imported. Once everything is complete, you will receive your documents and a transfer permit that will give you 5 days to register your vehicle in your state of residence. Remember that this is important if you brought your car to Mexico and obtained the TIP authorization at the border, which is attached to the paper form on which the sticker is affixed (the sticker must be on your windshield); You must submit the original TIP permit and paper form to Mexican Customs before picking up your vehicle across the border. If you return to Mexico in your vehicle and have not returned your TIP, your vehicle is already in their system, which means they are preventing what looks like a second foreign vehicle in Mexico.

The current decree stipulates that cars lined with foreigners in Mexico that are not registered in Mexico will receive their Mexican license plates and can be legally registered. The cost of this operation is only MXN$2500 (about US$125) – which is significantly lower than the US$3 to US$4,000 that would traditionally be required to import your car. Under these rules, you can detain a temporal resident and import the car with a TIP (Temporary Import Permit), even if your wife owns Residente Permanente. Your wife can legally drive the car in Mexico (see separate comment and reply below to Irene on who can drive your foreign car). In fact, you must leave the car in their name until you export it before re-importing it with your temporary resident permit. Then, export and re-import the car with a customs broker – If you want to exchange your temporary residence for permanent residency and keep your current vehicle (marked abroad) for use in Mexico, you will need to drive the car out of Mexico (see “safe return” procedure below) and then officially re-import it. There is a process to legally import a car by paying the appropriate import duties and taxes and obtaining Mexican license plates for the vehicle.