How to Serve Someone Legal Papers in Hawaii

The geographical area in which an efficient service can be provided. In the event that legislation or court order allows, any process service from Hawaii can be deployed anywhere in Hawaii and even outside its borders. The sheriff, chief of police, or other person specifically selected by the court for that purpose, or any other person who is not a party and who is at least eighteen years of age, will serve the entire process department of Hawaii throughout the state. However, Rule 45 permits the service of a summons. Step 4 – After delivery of your documents, you will immediately receive proof of service by email. Please note that we do not normally submit your proof of service to the court. If you wish to do so (for an additional fee), you must inform us at the time of your request. § 634-25 Personal service to out-of-state residents. If a defendant domiciled in the territory of the State cannot be served within the State, personal service on the defendant outside the State may be effected by a person empowered to serve the proceedings at the place where the defendant was found or expressly designated by the court for service, service is evidenced by the service agent`s declaration or by an affidavit. Legal force and validity as if they were made within the State. (d) Deposit.

Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (f) of this rule, all post-application documents that are to be served on a party shall be filed with the court, together with a certificate of service, either before service or within a reasonable time [after service] [thereafter]. All documents filed with the court shall be served on all parties to the proceedings beforehand or simultaneously, except as permitted in subparagraph (a) above. Any person authorized to perform the Hawaii Process Service where there is a defendant, or who has been specifically designated by the court to serve the Hawaii Process Service, may provide personal services to the defendant outside the state. If the person meets these requirements for personal service, Hawaii Process Service is proven either by the officer`s return on duty or by affidavit and has the same legal force and validity as if it were served in the state. Ali`iolani Hale 417 South King Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-2943 (808) 539-4919 (808) 539-4928 L-F: 7:45am-4:15pm Disclaimer: Due to the changing nature of the law, there will be times when the material on this website is not up to date. It is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It should not be considered exhaustive and does not replace the advice of your lawyer. We make no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness or fitness for a particular purpose, including its applicability to your jurisdiction or condition.

We will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from your reliance on such material; You do so at your own risk. Seek the advice of a lawyer. Comments, corrections or suggestions should be directed to The information below may have changed. For updated processes in the service of legislation, please visit the Hawaii Judiciary and Courts website. In cases where the defendant cannot be located to serve or mail the summons, the court may order that the Hawaii Procedure Service be effected by publishing the summons in at least one newspaper published in the state and county in which the petition was filed, in such manner and for time as the court may order. In order to serve a subpoena and complaint on a person other than an infant or incapable person, the subpoena and complaint may be personally delivered to the person or, if the person cannot be located, copies of the Hawaii Treatment Service may be left at the person`s home or habitual residence with a person of reasonable age and discretion. who lives there afterwards.

or an authorized representative may serve the summons and complaint. Step 3 – We will immediately begin your process service and the documents will be delivered to you upon request. Step 1 – Submit an online processing service request by completing the forms and uploading all related documents to Regardless of where in the state Hawaii Process Service is required, it must be performed in accordance with the conditions set forth in the legislation or regulation.