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We still need volunteers to help us manage the legal aid service at our offices at 156 Hoxton Street, N1 6SH. They are an integral part of what we do, and we provide the training and support you need to provide the best service to the people we help. If you can save at least 3 hours a week, we`d love to hear from you. Email Paul, our General Manager at paul@hoxtontrust.org. To contact one of the trustees, please send paul@hoxtontrust.org an email. Thank you very much. Environment and animals | Gardening | People and communities | Social justice and democracy | Legal and Legal Assistance We offer free legal advice on a wide range of topics, including welfare, benefits, housing, employment, consumers and education. We can also help you with debt, but we are not debt advisors. We do not give advice on immigration issues, but we can refer you to organizations that do. If you are not sure if we can handle your case or if you need further clarification, simply call us on 020 7613 4174 or send an email margaret@hoxtontrust.org or clarissa@hoxtontrust.org. The Hoxton Trust was established in 1983 as a community development initiative to address the physical environment of the area. Three buildings on Hoxton Street were renovated and leased to local businesses at reasonable prices, while the area adjacent to the buildings was developed and converted into a Hoxton Trust Community Garden. A free legal aid service was established in 1993.

We have been providing free legal advice since 1993. Since then, we have helped thousands of local people. Read their testimonials. Currently, we have 3 part-time legal advisors and 7 volunteer receptionists. We provide free legal advice on a variety of topics including welfare, benefits, debt, housing, employment, consumers and education for residents of Hoxton and Shoreditch and surrounding areas, typically those living and/or working in N1, N4, N16, E2, E5, E8, E9 and EC1 postcodes. If you live or work elsewhere, we can only see you if our drop load allows. The Hoxton Trust currently offers free legal fees for two walk-in sessions per week to support at least 10 clients per session on a first-come, first-served basis. The service is provided by two part-time counsellors and supported by four volunteer receptionists.

The way to get free legal advice is through our walk-in sessions: if you are a qualified lawyer and would like to offer us pro bono time or if you are a resident and can help us manage legal advice, we would love to hear from you. Margaret is our longest-serving employee, having joined the Trust in 1993 when the Legal Advisory Service opened its doors. She is an expert in social rights and housing. Margaret lives in East London. The Hoxton Trust is looking for a law firm partner who can support the local community through a pool of qualified lawyers who can advise on employment, housing and consumer law one evening or Saturday morning a week. The practice of greenhouse walking, every Tuesday, between 14:30 and 17:00. This is only for Greenhouse Walk patients. Richard is a director of Migrant Law Partnership, a local immigration law firm.

The nightingale trains on Tuesdays between 14:30 and 17:30. Patients of any GP in Hackney can make an appointment. Clarissa has been with Hoxton Trust for 10 years. After a career in marketing and public relations, Clarissa took time off to have four children and obtain a 2nd degree and returned to the Enfield Citizen`s Advice Bureau where she completed her consultant training. Clarissa is fluent in French and is a graduate of the Institute of Marketing. We are particularly focused on helping the most vulnerable and needy people living or working in Hackney, as determined by the postal codes N1, N4, N16, E2, E5, E8, E9 and EC1. If you live or work elsewhere, we can only see you if our trapping load allows, but we will let you know to help you who is closest to you. Paul has lived in Hoxton for over 15 years and joined the Trust in June 2018. His experience in fundraising and charity communication after a successful career in the corporate sector.

He holds a Master of Business Administration. Lelah is Senior Finance Officer at the Churches Conservation Trust and lives in the East End. She is fluent in Krio. Victoria is an experienced CMO with a proven track record in the entertainment industry. Previously at CNN, Victoria now works at Disney, where she is Head of Media and Head of Philanthropy at Women@Disney UK&I BRG. Brogan is the Director of Business Development and Marketing for PTRC Education and Research Services. She has experience in setting up and managing volunteer projects. Brogan is originally from Canada and loves to travel. Another way to access our free service is to use a few GP practices in the London Borough of Hackney, in partnership we have with the Council, East End Citizens Advice and other advisory bodies. These consultations are by appointment only, reserved at the reception with the respective family doctor.

You can find us on: Organisations / London / Hoxton Trust Legal Advice Service – (North East London) We hold the quality standard for advice, giving you peace of mind that we have met certain criteria that demonstrate a commitment to quality. After reviewing your case, we will try to provide you with the tools you need to move the case forward ourselves, or we will arrange a follow-up meeting to further assist you. Stephen is a gardener/biological tutor and environmental educator/trainer who works with people of all ages and abilities in a variety of settings. Monday – 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday – 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Due to high demand in the area, the Hoxton Trust aims to establish a new pro bono service, which is in addition to and separate from the existing counselling service. The format of the clinic is open to discussions with interested companies; However, the current idea is this: we have written some additional information about the areas in which we work. For more information, see Help and Support. Warren is a lawyer, journalist and litigation expert. Warren is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Hoxton surgery, every Friday between 11pm and 530pm. This is only for Hoxton Surgery patients. Caroline Bullen, Clinic Support and Development Officer (London and South East), LawWorks E: caroline.bullen@lawworks.org.uk. Come in, call or email us, we`ll take a few details and ask you for a little help you need and one of our advisors will call you back. They will help you either by phone or by arranging a personal appointment with you. Ruth is a Senior Continuing Education Officer and has been with Hoxton since 2006. Over the years, Ruth has contributed to countless regional and national initiatives, with a clear focus on creating opportunities for individuals and communities. With a strong background in marketing and communications, she also holds Chartered Marketer professional accreditation. This will send details of the Hoxton Trust legal advice service to your mobile phone via our SMS service.

You will not be charged for this message. Father Ben is the vicar of St. Anne`s Hoxton, a parish church in the heart of Hoxton. If you are a current client and need to speak to your advisor, it is best to call them on 020 7613 4174 or email them directly. It would be rare for them to be able to see you on site and then without an appointment. Advice on benefits, financial matters, family law, your rights, injuries, rent and mortgage arrears The Hoxton Trust does not employ qualified lawyers to oversee the work, but our part-time consultants each have over a decade of experience in the types of cases that come through the door and would like to provide training. First come, first served, but we guarantee that at least the first 10 people show up at our office. Once we review your case in the walk-in session, we will schedule a follow-up meeting or provide you with the tools you need to move the case forward yourself. Our priority is to help the weakest and neediest.

The representation of vocations in the fields of employment and social security can be organized. We offer walk-in service every Monday and Thursday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 at our office at 156 Hoxton Street, N1 6SH. No appointment is necessary, it`s first come, first served and we see the first five people. The Hoxton Trust is a registered charity and limited liability company. It is governed by a board of directors composed of residents and members of groups interested in the work of the trust. The day-to-day management of the Trust is carried out by the Executive Director. Maria has been a resident and serves on the Board of Directors since 2010 and President since 2015. Kam is a resident and advisor for Hoxton East and Shoreditch on Hackney Council. He was Chairman of the Board from 2019 to 2021. This service is only available to people who live or work in Hackney.