Is Boomplay Legal

Our content is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), which ensures that music is not distributed illegally. Plus, every stream relies on Boomplay. Unlike piracy, where artists earn no income and their music is only distributed illegally, you can make money by booming your music. In its five years of existence, Boomplay has had no legal problems. The reason for this is that Boomplay only distributes songs for which they have an official license. This is done either by artists who download the track themselves, or by the deals that Boomplay signs with music distribution companies. Data protection is also one of the main problems we face. The freemium model has proven to be very useful in turning pirate music lovers into legal users. And in this business, especially in Africa, it requires a lot of investment and patience. And that`s something I`ve had to do because of the kind of potential that we see that the continent has.

Even though we`re not exactly where we want to be right now, we see a very bright future. Quartz: How many free and paid users do you have? We`re not really focusing on subscription right now because piracy is still a thing and eats it deeply. What we`re really focusing on right now is trying to turn illegal users into freemium users and then we can convert them into premium users over time. Tosin Sorinola, director of artist and media relations at Boomplay, tells Quartz that the company`s freemium model turns illegal music consumers in Africa into legal listeners. Boomplay or Boomplay Music is a multimedia streaming and downloading service developed by Transsnet Music Limited. [2] The service was first launched in Nigeria in 2015 by TECNO Mobile, Transsion Holdings. Boomplay has a freemium and subscription service; Basic features are free with ads or limitations, while additional features such as downloading for offline games and ad-free listening are offered through paid subscriptions. [3] The service is currently available for web via, Android, and iOS. As of August 3, 2018, Boomplay Music has recorded 10 million installs from the Google Play App Store.

[4] It currently has over 70 million monthly users (MAUs) with a catalog of over 85 million songs. [5] “Imagine everyone playing music legally. Imagine how much artists could earn from their digital music sales. Thought alone is exciting,” says Sorinola Quartz. “However, we soon realized that there was a real need for an Africa-centric music streaming service that not only provided legal and licensed music to users, but was transparent and could be responsible for helping artists earn the royalties and revenue they deserve.” Given the success in countries such as Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya, the team decided to invest in mobile content and data services to be integrated into their phones. Boomplay is an app that every music lover should have on their phone. The app has certainly come to stay, and this consistency in improving its services and expanding partnerships with even foreign companies means that the app`s catalog will only grow. Google Pay is the payment service used by Google. Google Pay allows users to make in-app purchases and subscriptions to apps officially downloaded from the Google Play Store. Have you used Boomplay? What was your experience and would you recommend it? Share your reasons in the comments below.

Despite their rather discreet presence, technical analyst Victor Ekwealor believes that some African consumers prefer to use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access Apple and Spotify. Boomplay is one of the streaming companies fighting piracy while leveraging the continent`s growing music industry. Others include domestic and foreign music streaming apps like Mdundo, MusicTime, Spotify, and Apple Music. The continued pre-installation of the app on the new Tecno devices allowed smartphone users to access the app, and since Tecno held almost half of the low-end smartphone market share at the time, that meant they were entering a finite market. But for the different markets, let`s say in Nigeria, I`m going to look for a better structured industry, where more industry stakeholders engage and work together to create an industry where everyone in the value chain can actually benefit and benefit. In June 2022, Boomplay partnered with telecommunications company AirtelTigo to offer its users cheaper data to stream music into its app. [20] [21] If an app has maintained its place at the top of the Google and Apple store rankings in every category over a period as long as Boomplay, there`s a reason. This reason is usually how satisfied it is with its users.