Is Coca Tea Legal in Australia

After my initial research, I realized that coca tea has been consumed regularly in many parts of South America for thousands of years. I also learned that it is made from the plant from cocaine, a deadly drug. I discovered about a year ago that even Amazon, the huge American online store, sells coca products. And this in a country where coca is also considered illegal! It turns out that the government realizes that this is a healthy product and not an abused product, and therefore, provided the supplier has the necessary licenses, it is allowed to sell the product legally. There is no permitted cocaine content for any food product in Australia. Basically, if they can measure it, then it`s illegal. with GC/MS, this means that even your pee 2 weeks after drinking the last cup of this tea would still be a prohibited import 😉 The smallest order is 50 grams and the largest is 5 kg of coca tea powder. For coca tea bags, the smallest order is 100 and the largest is 500 tea bags. “People are interested in it because of its name and the fact that it belongs to the same genus as the coca plant. His common name is Australian cocaine,” he told the NT Independent. It has a similar structure to cocaine and is thought to work in the same way, but with about one-tenth the potency. As some of you know, 1 gram of cocaine can cost between 350 and 450 Australian dollars in the country we call Australia. Why is it so expensive? I plan to place a new order for 3X Coke Tea Powder.

Thanks again bud. This is a new website, and I have a lot more to write about coke. I will be putting together a Coke Tea FAQ that will answer many of your questions. If you have any questions, click here to contact me and I will include your question on the FAQ page 🙂 It turns out that there is very little cocaine in coca tea (although some people mistakenly call it the “cocaine plant”). As far as I know, it contains about 0.1% cocaine. People in Peru and Bolivia (including the famous Incas) have been drinking and chewing for over 3,000 years, long before European settlers arrived in South America. However, that changed when, in 1855, a German chemist named Friedrich Gaedcke isolated the pure drug from coca leaves, an active and pure alkaloid that was benzoylmethylecgonine. The cocaine comes from four varieties of a South American shrub called Erythroxylaceae. Indigenous tribes chewed its leaves for millennia before European colonization, but it wasn`t until 1855 that a German chemist named Friedrich Gaedcke isolated the active alkaloid benzoylmethylecgonine.

Cocaine quickly became a powerful narcotic throughout Europe. Sigmund Freud promoted its use as a therapeutic tonic in his 1884 article On Coca, in which he argued that cocaine could cure depression and sexual impotence. Coke tea shop in Australia? You`ve finally found the BEST online coca tea powder store in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia! Buy from us discreetly, directly and quickly Coca leaf shop coca tea powder, coca tea bags and coca leaf products. Strangely, the Australian cocaine language does not seem to be well studied. You can buy coca tea blends and many other exotic herbal teas such as cat`s claw, pau d, arco, yerba mate, graviola, yacon tea, purple corn drink, all imported from Peru at 7 90 Mount St North Sydney. You can also order online from Please spread the word for those who might be interested in such products. Bolivian President Evo Morales has defended the use of coca – and even grows it himself.

Like Bolivians with their coca, Pacific Islanders treat kava like tea or coffee — but the abuses have led Australia to ban the import of kava, angering the country`s islander diaspora. “What kava essentially does is it amplifies existing health and addiction issues in communities, which adds another layer of problems to the community,” said Tony Fuller, Northern Territory Police Detective Commissioner, Head of the Department of Drugs and Organised Crime. I have bought coca several times online and from many sources over the past few years. I had good coca that gave me all the benefits that should come with me, and I had poor quality coca that basically did nothing. He recalls: “We paid $50 for a bunch of sticks (in London where it was legal) and chewed all night. It was only after 20 minutes of gnawing that we felt an effect. It was like a painkiller or a mild relaxant. NT police did not respond to a question from NT Independent as to whether cultivation of the plant was legal in the territory. It contains tropacocaine, according to a study published in 1988, alkaloids of Erythroxylum cuneatum, Erythroxylum ecarinatum and Erythroxylum australe.