Is It Legal to Park in Front of My Own Driveway

Hi Larry, could use some tips to block the aisle. A: Typically, these spiked add-ons are plastic plugs that fall off in case they hit something, and yes, they`re legal,” said Dan Olivas, a Riverside, California Highway Patrol officer. He noted that adding such spikes to the wheels of a vehicle would only be illegal if the spikes exceeded the width of the vehicle or eight and a half feet. Olivas said they may seem intimidating, but they`re usually just plastic caps on wheel nuts and they`re not dangerous. I received a double parking ticket parked in my own driveway. I immediately took photos and tried to submit them online, but the website NYC.GOV refuses to upload evidence until a week later. So I followed “their” instructions and a week later, I downloaded my proofs. I received a guilty verdict stating that “no indication of the time required” and no proof of correct address was given. I could take a day off and fight against it, but past experience with this kind of unethical Eurocratic nonsense in New York tells me otherwise. It is a losing battle. The judges employed at DOT are all corrupt. As a licensed driver in New York State, you should familiarize yourself with New York State parking laws.

This will definitely help you cope with daily urban traffic jams. The Entrance Parking Act does not deal directly with a community entrance. My understanding of a community driveway is that it is an alley shared by more than one property. Hello. Boy, aisles cause a lot of pain. Legally, I don`t think she should plead her case. I believe that as long as my garage is functional for parking and we use it from time to time, I am legally allowed to block my own entrance. Perhaps it is more of an ethical issue. Maybe I need a rabbi more than a park guru.

I`ve come across a number of signs that say “1 hour parking” or something similar, and have Muni meters on or near the street, but the sign says NOTHING about Muni meters, like most signs. Do I have to buy a receipt, or am I sure as long as I don`t get past my time? But according to the law, you can`t even park in front of your own driveway. Hey Larry, I`m a teacher in New York, Brooklyn Borough, and parking is hard near schools. Many teachers pay to rent a driveway. I came up with a problem where the owner needed me not to drive down the driveway and asked me to park in front to block in their driveway. Can I do this if the owner gives me permission? I only read if the car is registered at home in front of the house? Do they really apply this rule? I didn`t receive a ticket. I had left my phone number in the windshield yesterday after alternative parking and got a very angry call from the owner insisting it was a driveway. I thought you had to cut a sidewalk to call a sidewalk a “driveway,” but your interpretation seems to be that the only relevant part of the law is about the presence of a disability. Anyway, thank you for your reply! A new neighbor decided to break the entire sidewalk in front of his front lot of his house, so there was no parking available originally. In front of his property, there is a driveway for a 1 car that was originally turned into a house, but apparently that wasn`t enough for him, so he decided to go ahead with his plan. I received warning letters from the owner and the second notification was received as a $95 parking ticket I firmly believe that the construction of his breach of the entire edge of his property was made illegal and illegal + I believe he knows one or two police officers who help him in his work. In addition, there are no signs, markings or other traffic control facilities in front of his property.

These places include: “In front of a public or private entrance, except that a bus used as a regular carrier, school bus or taxi may stop to load or unload passengers, if authorized by local authorities in accordance with an order.” I`m not sure what you mean by a fake alley? Is there a garage and sidewalk? You can park in front of a driveway made unusable by a fixed obstacle. The tree is certainly considered a fixed obstacle. The question is whether the fixed object should render the entire driveway unusable or whether it is enough for it to render part of the driveway unusable to enter or leave the property. 2. More philosophical, but perhaps the real question: is what we are doing right? Is it “neighbor” for us to hang a “No Parking” sign on our fence and block our own curb cut when we are barely using the garage? Is it wrong or unfair of us to take out of service a parking space on the street in a neighborhood where parking spaces are so scarce and coveted? If a warrior or a police officer issues a ticket, I would argue for an illegal curb cut for the reason you describe in your question. Here is a link that may be useful On the other hand, experience tells us that if we do not block our own driveway, someone else will certainly do so, and it will not always be a neighbor whose car we recognize. If we put our car in the garage every time we park it, it would be pretty much guaranteed that the next time we wanted to get our car out of the garage, someone else`s car would block our driveway. We live near a busy shopping street and that`s just the nature of this neighborhood.

The best way to ensure that our legal curb cutting and garage function as a car warehouse is to simply block our own driveway with our own car. We own a terraced house (legally a two-family home, currently used for single-family homes) in a New York City neighborhood where street parking is very tight and highly sought after. Many years ago, a previous owner of our house ripped off the front bend and turned the front half of the ground floor into a garage. The next owner of the house, a few years later, convinced the city to give our building a legal limit when the road was rebuilt. Now, thankfully, we own a house with a garage and a legal sidewalk in a neighborhood where street parking is very scarce and private parking is expensive. I own a property that has a driveway. There is an area between my driveway and the neighbor`s driveway where cars park. But the problem is that if they are parked there, they partially block my driveway. How do I get the city to put a no parking sign or yellow paint in this area so that no one can park there? I don`t want these cars towed, but it`s really a problem. Please help me or guide me someone who can.

K) Stop, stand or park in dangerous and crowded places. The definition of “driveway” gives us direction (see above highlighted in blue). In my humble opinion, a curb that accesses a lawn does not make a driveway. It can provide easy access for a lawn mower, but not for a motor vehicle. Dear Don, good morning. Don, you asked a simple question, but one that confused legislators and courts in all 50 jurisdictions. And no jurisdiction is more confusing than New York. Here is my opinion on whether a sidewalk is considered part of the street (ergo, parking on a sidewalk is legal) or part of the sidewalk (ergo, parking on the sidewalk is not legal). Another neighbor has a wide sidewalk in front of his garage that stretches in front of another door that leads to a house at the back of the property. This walkway is clearly used as an access road to the residence and is not wide enough to be used by vehicles. Where does legal street parking begin and/or end? Thank you for your quick response. How do I know if this is an “entry or exit permitted by applicable law”? Can it be a legal driveway without a sidewalk? My neighbour`s driveway is not as wide as the parking platform it leads to.

The curb is 15 feet wide and the parking platform to which it leads is 20 feet wide. He left me a note telling me not to block his entrance, but I wasn`t over the sidewalk on the road. Is he right? It doesn`t matter, because a sidewalk painted yellow has no meaning when it comes to parking regulations.