Is Modification Legal in India

Hello, I have a 2015 Ford Ecosport model. I want to improve the front look towards the facelifted look. Is it legal? If so, do I need permission from the RTO? India`s Supreme Court ruled in January 2019 that no motor vehicle in the country can be altered or tampered with in such a way that the data on the car differs from the modified version of the car. In layman`s language, you can in no way play with the “structural features” of the car. Any modification of the car`s chassis or engine was also declared illegal. So if you go beyond yourself with your imagination and represent it on your car, you can now get into serious trouble. There are many misconceptions about changing laws in India. In this article, we`ll learn more about changes that are legal and how to make them. This also includes information about the limitations that exist when modifying cars. Any change that does not meet the manufacturer`s specifications is illegal: I was wondering, after we had A91 here in India, would a 2JZ engine replacement be legal or what? You can choose to change the tire or engine of the car if it is not working properly and some changes are needed. In the case of tires, manufacturers may offer different tire specifications for different variants. These fall into the list of legal changes you may consider. If you modify your car to look like the Fiat Spyder, the exterior appearance of the car will be greatly altered, which is illegal in the RTO books.

Hi, tejas please contact me can help you with your self-modification with the legal documentation process. Hi Ashwin, to our knowledge, it is legal if the steering does not affect the safety of the vehicle (airbag). In addition, changing things inside is also legal. Stay pinned! 🙂 Is it legal to modify the 4-door Gypsy without compromising body strength by adding reinforcements and adding front-facing seats to the rear? Good morning, sir. Is it legal to modify the front bumper of a sports car, say Porsche 718 I want to convert my Gypsy soft top into a hardtop with a small truck space. Think of a miniature version of ISUZU Dmax without changing the chassis or body. Only an additional GRP hardtop and a safety cage replace the existing roof and frame. Is it legal to do that…? Well, all the popular car modifications in India and adding basic car accessories or anything related to your car safety are still allowed.

Let`s look at what is allowed and can still be changed – Hi Subrata, I`m scared, but yes, changing the bumper to a specific speedboat is illegal. Stay pinned! 🙂 Hello, is it legal to rebuild the roof of a car with a coating? You are allowed to repaint your car in the color of your choice. However, it is necessary to have the pain changes approved by the RTO. Your vehicle`s RC booklet should reflect the changes you make to the colour of the vehicle. However, avoid having your car painted army green. India reserves olive green only for military purposes. Hi, if we buy bolero and modify it like G wagon, is it legal in India? People are more prone to self-modification because it alternates the performance of the car and improves the appearance. But before you make your decision to modify your car, you need to know all the factors involved. The reason for this is that not all types of changes are legal in India. The Supreme Court presented its guidelines in 2019. Hi, is it legal to add a safety cage in the car? I wanted to use my appreciation both on the track and on the road.

Vinyl packaging of your car is completely legal. Plus, you don`t even need to get it approved by the RTO before and after the fact, as in the case of a real paint change. Hello, we are sure that converting a small car into a convertible will be fun. But after conversion, it certainly won`t be legal. You have the right to upgrade your tires as long as the new tire set meets the manufacturer`s specifications. But when upgrading tires, you should get those with the same speed and load rating as the original tires. If the new tires have a larger tread width, you need to reduce the sidewall height.