Junior Legal Counsel Aufgaben

Your tasks: Collaborate with a variety of different departments, assist them on various legal issues such as procurement, drafting and negotiating a series of international agreements (License. Full-time Junior Legal Counsel Data Protection Fuschl am See, Austria Apply now As a Junior Legal Advisor Data Privacy, you will assist your manager in providing legal advice on various topics. Let us know your minimum wage expectations to see jobs with higher wages. In the basic studies, the following subjects are on the curriculum: civil law and criminal law are also again on the curriculum. In advanced and advanced courses, the areas of law of basic studies are repeated and deepened. After that, there is a phase of about a year and a half for the preparation of the exam, which ends with the first state examination. Legal counsel performs his or her duties conscientiously and with the utmost care. In interpersonal interaction, communication skills and expressiveness are indispensable qualities both orally and in writing. Ideally, a legal advisor quickly recognizes connections and is also solution- and service-oriented. In addition, it must be resilient and flexible, as overtime and business travel are often part of the daily life of this profession. You draw up and negotiate contracts with business partners, monitor contracts with employees and external contractors and represent the company before the authorities. In addition, they supervise from a legal point of view the internal expansions of the company, the restructuring or the takeovers of companies. At JDE, we don`t just get involved, we get involved.

Every day we are progressive in our views, ambitious in our nature, imaginative in our actions and determined in our actions to offer special moments of coffee and tea to all the peoples of the world. Not only individuals, but also businesses need competent legal assistance. To do this, they rely on the legal expertise of legal advisors. Whether drafting contracts or representing them in court, he can take on many advisory and management tasks for a company. READY TO CHANGE THE MARKET? You have a great passion for the topics of law and digitalization, are solution-oriented, strong in communication and already have it. A good basic knowledge of business is mandatory. This includes areas such as: Still not finished! Then there is the legal internship. This is a two-year practical training course for lawyers, which includes several stations. These include: The national average annual salary as a junior legal advisor in Germany is €52,731. Filter by location to see the salaries of junior legal counsel in your area.

Salary calculations are based on the salaries of 17 junior legal advisors published anonymously by employees on Glassdoor. In addition, in-house lawyers have to deal with a large number of critical cases that are also stressful for them personally. In claims for damages, it is not uncommon for millions of euros to be discussed. The same goes for a company`s reputation and profitability. The in-house lawyer negotiates with business partners, drafts contracts and represents the company before the authorities. Topics may include company law, group law, EU law, labour law as well as patent and trademark law. Human resources or tax tasks may also be part of a legal counsel`s area of responsibility. Depending on the company`s industry, areas such as water or energy law broaden the spectrum.

Last but not least, an in-house lawyer must be familiar with international law. Anyone applying as an in-house lawyer must combine the following skills and qualifications: Young lawyers can also acquire the necessary know-how through private seminars. If you want to take a more grounded approach, an economics-oriented postgraduate course is recommended. Companies today are facing an increasing number of legal problems. This is partly because the risk of liability for board members and managers has increased significantly. More and more often, they are the target of claims for damages. It can quickly go up to horrible sums. Unless the managers concerned are supported by a good in-house lawyer, also called legal counsel. The job description of the in-house lawyer is extremely varied. However, job applicants should not underestimate the fact that work-life balance is not always balanced. Overtime is often the rule, and negotiations at late hours or business trips on holidays or weekends are no exception. Junior Privacy Counsel (m/f/d) Entain is one of the world`s largest sports betting and gaming groups, operating both online and in the retail sector.

With offices on five continents. When it comes to salary, in-house lawyers don`t have to worry. They are among the highest paid in the German economy. But, of course, real income depends on a case-by-case basis. Above all, professional experience, the size of the company and the region have an influence on what goes into the account month after month. In addition, a company is represented in court by a lawyer of the company. Legal counsel then tries to assert his or her interests, for example in claims for damages or in suits against competitors for unfair competition. In addition, some legal advisors are not only deployed in the operational area, but also take on strategic tasks such as restructuring the company`s divisions. This managerial responsibility is sometimes reflected in professional titles such as General Counsel.

A legal advisor can acquire knowledge in these areas, for example through continuing education. But above all, work experience is essential – he must acquire it through internships before the start of his career. For the in-house lawyer, there are many perspectives. Depending on the size of the company and the industry, it is possible to reach the head of department after a few years of professional experience. The in-house lawyer also holds management positions in the areas of sales, finance or human resources. Another option is management. The entry opportunities for in-house lawyers are not bad. However, fully qualified lawyers are generally preferred. Those who want to go into business directly after the first state review have significantly worse prospects. Especially for DAX-listed companies, two above-average state exams and additional knowledge are mandatory. Follow us and learn more about JDE! Waves of layoffs, which are a common side effect of restructuring or changes in operations, often affect personality.