K Law Legal 500

India`s dynamic and rapidly changing legal market is adapting to the global economic and social challenges of our time in areas ranging from labour regulation to data protection and foreign investment. On the corporate front, transactions in the healthcare and technology sectors, and e-commerce in particular, are growing rapidly. Investment activity to and from India is high. With money to spend, private equity and venture capital companies and funds are actively seeking investment in India, partly due to opportunities where Indian companies are struggling. In addition, many international companies around the world have undergone restructuring, which affects their Indian subsidiaries. “The Carnegies are always available and respond to our requests. Coordinates them well with his staff when giving advice. Overall, working with Les is very easy and trustworthy, allowing for open dialogue and exchange on best practices to resolve a legal challenge with U.S. sanctions and export controls. “Husch Blackwell is a leader in content literacy in all aspects of higher education. They have a range of subject matter experts and the skills are far superior to any company we deal with.

Not only do they have a historical and up-to-date understanding of precedents and legislation, but they also have a practical orientation and understanding of clients` situation and look to the future in recommendations. HB`s uniqueness lies in the human connection, content expertise, value offered and, frankly, outstanding results. We enjoy working together on all topics as employees break down silos to find solutions – and look to the future in terms of recommendations. “Tim Fransen always provides superior service – whenever we are faced with a legal problem, he finds a practical solution that works” The Legal 500 is part of a traditional private company whose goal is to provide the best information and data to the international legal community. “Stephanie Gold is the best lawyer I`ve ever worked with. Bright, calm, optimistic, collaborative, fearless. Her strategic advice has been as sound as hers, and she has kept us on a solid footing on complex governance issues. William Intner is a particularly effective communicator capable of translating complex financial instruments for non-specialists such as administrators and speakers. He has also proven to be a world-class advisor to all elements of our financial and business planning and transactions. “Jim Bauwens is known in the Belgian real estate market for his expertise in leasing and all legal issues related to asset and property management in general. Particularly strong in retail, he is an authority in the market in terms of (commercial) leasing with a good reputation. “Baker & Hostetler offers a wide range of legal services with many qualified lawyers and responds quickly to our needs. Companies operate in an increasingly complex, global and rapidly changing legal environment.

The world is changing, increasingly under the COVID-19 pandemic, and so is what businesses need from their legal advisors. With KPMG Law, we are now even better equipped to help our clients overcome these challenges. “Duane Morris is an excellent full-service law firm. It has superior banking strength in education and a wide range of specialist areas. We have worked with around 20 Duane Morris lawyers over the past few years and are always impressed by their skills, professionalism, personality and ability to combine legal advice with practical business knowledge. Energy, Infrastructure and Resources: K&L Gates leverages experience in a variety of legal disciplines to serve clients in the areas of energy, renewable energy, infrastructure and global resources, including climate change and carbon finance. The company advises on financing, development, permitting and construction necessary for the construction of large infrastructures. operational issues of power generation and resource extraction; Joint ventures; capital markets transactions and mergers and acquisitions of infrastructure and commodity companies; and disputes and arbitrations related to clients` business activities in this sector. “Paul Hastings` team has an excellent blend of experience and expertise in the practice of CFIUS. Also takes a hands-on approach to advice and communication that is digestible by both management and in-house legal staff. I strongly believe that our clients want us to be a stable, technology-driven law firm that, through highly experienced and respected lawyers, provides them with a client-centric approach and solutions to their problems that work. As part of a global multidisciplinary network, our staff have a unique perspective that goes beyond simply considering the legal implications of our clients` problems.

We have a broader business perspective that supports our clients by considering their strategic challenges and the broader business impact of our recommendations. I believe KPMG will still be considered one of the best and largest law firms in the country three years from now. Another point that sets us apart is that KPMG Law focuses on people and we radiate that to the market. We firmly believe that our employees make a difference. Our clients appreciate this and therefore entrust us with their most complex legal challenges, both locally and globally. “A full range of services in all areas of law, which was essential as we could not foresee the full range of legal work required by the complex transaction in which Hogan Lovells assisted us. Key strengths are regulatory expertise, strategic advice, and collaboration with other law firms (we have given them many opportunities to demonstrate this capability and they have never let us down). “An exceptionally competent and responsive team, deep expertise in all aspects of mutual fund and ETF legal and regulatory policy, smart and creative to deal with new situations.” “Barbara Linney is a true subject matter expert in more than one jurisdiction and has an admirable ability to communicate highly complex and technical legal analysis in simple terms – pragmatic, commercial and engaging.” CLIENT: COMPANY: TESTIMONIAL: They are trustworthy and very cooperative partners. K Law has a very pleasant, business-oriented and practical way while protecting our legal interests.

“They have in-depth and detailed knowledge of the legal implications of international trade (particularly in the area of trade remedies). Given their expertise, it is no coincidence that some of them have the best knowledge of some of the largest and most complex disputes involving international remedies. “Eric Parnes is particularly good at keeping abreast of the intricacies of the case. Joanne Osendarp is very good at bringing together different points of view and presenting a strong and coherent legal argument.