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On December 6, 2012, NBC ordered two additional episodes for this season, bringing the total to 24. [19] The season finale aired on May 22, 2013. [20] “Monster`s Legacy” continued to be a topic of discussion in the years since, with The Atlantic`s Megan Garber calling the casting of Mike Tyson “a significant miscarriage of justice.” [68] Dylan Matthews had positive reviews of the episode, but wrote that “stunt casting” was unnecessary. [69] In addition to the casting controversy, the original broadcast date of February 13, 2013, coincided with One Billion Rising, a global movement to end violence against women and girls. On January 30, NBC replaced “Monster`s Legacy” with “Secrets Exhumed,” so Tyson`s episode aired on February 6 instead. Four days before the episode, Law & Order creator Dick Wolf announced that he supported NBC`s decision to produce the episode and hire Mike Tyson as a guest star.[65] [64] This angered fans as he did not acknowledge any of the petitions or ethical concerns. “Monster`s Legacy” aired on February 6, 2013 and was Mike Tyson`s first appearance without playing himself. [67] BD Wong played the role of Dr. George Huang in episode 19, titled “Born Psychopath.” This was Wong`s second appearance on the show after his departure in season 12. [43] Dean Winters, who returned in “Rhodium Nights” as Detective Brian Cassidy, returned for the first episodes of the season, with guest stars Peter Jacobson (Bart Ganzel), Pippa Black (Carrissa Gibson), Ron Rifkin (defense attorney Marvin Exley), Brooke Smith (Delia Wilson) and Laura Benanti as Marie Amaro. [21] On 4. In January 2013, Warren Leight tweeted that the character of Cassidy (Dean Winters) could reappear in the spring. Scott Bakula played in the episode “Vanity`s Bonfire” a lawyer who is considered for the Supreme Court of the United States and accused of having a child out of wedlock 22 .

“People could make comparisons to John Edwards,” Warren Leight said, referring to the former Democratic candidate who admitted to having a child with his mistress. [32] Elliott Gould and Charles Grodin starred in the episode “Lessons Learned,” inspired by the Penn State and Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. On November 20, 2012, showrunner/EP Warren Leight tweeted with Gould and Grodin; Buck Henry, Frank Wood, Robert Sella, Anthony Rapp and Elizabeth Marvel are also said to have guest roles in “Lessons Learned.” [34] [35] “Gunshow” investigates a mass shooting in Central Park in which five people are killed. The episode is a success because instead of following the predictable path of the shooter`s pursuit, McCoy decides to sue the makers of the shooter`s weapon. Due to the lack of necessary restrictions, the weapon was easily converted to a fully automatic weapon, prompting McCoy to file murder charges against the gun company. Richard Thomas starred in the May 15 episode “Brief Interlude” as a husband and father whose wife, Kerry Butler, was attacked while attending music festivals in New York City. [46] At least three petitions were created to persuade NBC to reverse the decision, the most popular being initiated by Marcie Kaveney. 19. In January 2013, Pauley Perrette, an NCIS star, CSR fan and rape victim herself, declared her disapproval of the casting choice on Twitter. [51] She added a link to Kaveney`s petition, which brought the number of signatures to over 15,000. In an interview with The Wrap, Kaveney revealed: “As soon as I saw it, I was blown away by the news, `SVU` is a show I`ve been following for a long time. I think the survivors see it as their show,” saying, “I don`t know if it`s for the ratings or to clean up Mike Tyson`s image.” In response to the plot summary of “Monster`s Legacy,” she also said that giving Tyson this particularly sympathetic role was a form of excuse for rape.

“He`s kind of a rape apologist who says, `Maybe he had this violent childhood and that`s why he became this violent person. [52] [53] Our list of the best episodes of Sam Waterston Law & Order would be incomplete without the introduction of his character, the new executive assistant prosecutor. The drama takes place in a hospital, with a dead woman who, according to the team, was poisoned by her husband. Later, they realize that the woman was drugged by her doctor when he introduced alternative methods for her cancer treatment. McCoy and the troupe are suing the doctor, who finds himself with a long history of horrific treatments for his cancer patients. Mike Tyson, who had already expressed his enthusiasm in a tweet,[52] shared his thoughts on the role in a later interview. That happened on September 29. In January 2013, after the petition against its casting gained momentum. Tyson viewed his character as a separate person rather than a fictionalized version of himself, saying, “I have no emotional connection to the role.[63] As a human being, I can identify with her, but it has nothing to do with me. He also mentioned being a fan of CSR, calling it “the most exciting show on TV” and saying, “My wife [Lakiha Spicer, whom he married in 2009] and I watched this show a lot, especially during my relapsed and drug periods.” In response to the criticism, Tyson claimed, as he has done since 1992, that he was innocent of the rape of Desiree Washington.

After filming his episode was over, he also commented that Mariska Hargitay was “very calm” on the set of SVU. [63] Ice-T tweeted on November 2, 2012: “I just arrived on the set of SVU in Riverdale, NY. My caravan has electricity, TV and heating. I have to take this MF home with me! [16] Leight posted a tweet quoting the poem “Invictus”: “#SVU cast and crew kind of resumed filming this morning. We are muddy, but rebellious. [17] On the production blog on the official website, they note that the storm hit during the filming of the episodes “Lessons Learned” and “Dream Deferred”; They couldn`t return to the studio or production office for weeks because of flooding. [18] Patricia Arquette and Anne Meara played the role of daughter and mother in the SVU episode “Dreams Deferred.” The episode revolves around an armed and dangerous man who goes on a killing spree with Jeannie d`Arquette – a prostitute with whom he has a long-standing relationship – who is the last person he calls.