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Probation is an important and integral organ of criminal justice for the rehabilitation of offenders as an alternative to imprisonment. This study was conducted to investigate the role of probation in criminal justice in Punjab Province, Pakistan. The survey method was applied using a structured questionnaire using which relevant quantitative data were obtained from the subjects (study respondents). 10 districts in Punjab province out of a total of 36 were randomly selected. In addition, a sample of 511 probation officers (respondents) was completed using a proportional sampling method to include all districts selected in the study, including (n = 276 spent some time in prison and were now on probation; the remaining n = 235 had only probation experience). The results showed that the prison environment, which included food quality, behavior change education, medical facilities, and violence by prison officials against inmates, was not conducive to the rehabilitation of offenders convicted of minor offenses and imprisoned for several months. As a result, probation was found to be useful for the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders. It is proposed to strengthen the role of probation in the criminal justice system by issuing probation orders to offenders detained in prisons such as those tried for minor offences, in order to reduce prison overcrowding and allow for better reintegration of offenders into the Community. In the next two subsections, we discuss how the unwanted risks can be modified or.

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