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In addition, major law firms have increased trainee lawyers` salaries for the fourth time in four years, so there is good reason to believe they will continue to increase in the future. High-flyers: The 2019 Graduate Market Lawyers are the glue that holds the legal profession together. They perform many important tasks that keep the industry running efficiently and help the UK legal sector establish itself as one of the best in the world. Non-legal students can absolutely find their way into the UK legal sector. In fact, in some cases, coming from a non-legal background can be beneficial, as law firms are looking for people with a range of skills. You`ll also get great experiences to include in your resume, as well as the fact that many law firms will use their summer legal internships to select potential new employees. To be notified when new workshop dates are added, please sign up for “Job Alerts” here. The firm accepts two articling students who complete GCSE and/or A-levels or equivalent every two weeks, with a place reserved for students who meet the following criteria: However, it is important to keep in mind that non-legal students who wish to participate in an internship may need to apply during their final year of study. Each spring, Herbert Smith Freehills holds two-day workshops in its London offices. These interactive sessions cover topics such as corporate bargaining, alternative dispute resolution, an overview of our pro bono work, and a career fair. Students also spend a day accompanying an intern, followed by a social evening.

You can develop key skills that you will use for the rest of your career, such as resilience at work, an understanding of how best to work in a team, fantastic communication skills, a strong business awareness, and the ability to lead and manage others, all while appreciating the value of accuracy. During the two-day workshop, you will hear from articling students, partners and partners who will give you an overview of some of the types of work our lawyers do on a daily basis. You will also have the opportunity to perform some typical trainee tasks and participate in an interactive case study. These professionals may work in law firms, government departments or in-house legal departments of companies. Law firms offering work experience that have been featured in our 2019/2020 Best Undergraduate Employers Guide include: Osborne Clarke is a member of PRIME and participates in hosting a number of students for internships in conjunction with the Social Mobility Business Partnership. More details about this program can be found on the PRIME website. Exchange Chambers is an award-winning, full-service collection of Barristers` Chambers in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. The rooms offer a two-day internship during the summer holidays for students who are in high school (grade 12 or 13) or who have completed GCSEs. You can further differentiate yourself from employers by running for committee office. If successful, you will be the contact person for many law firms – and can encourage them to attend events at your university. Work experience at a law firm can help you develop crucial skills, especially because you`re involved in the same projects as articling students.

Hardwicke is a law firm in London that offers both a trial day and a week of work experience for 16-18 year olds. Various law firms are looking for campus ambassadors to strengthen their presence on the university campus and coordinate events. These positions are generally paid per semester or academic year. Some of the law firms that offer these positions are: We also host thousands of online business reviews, written by legal interns over the past few years, providing authentic and honest insight into the work for law firms in London and beyond. Since many law firms are looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd, embellishing your resume with legal work experience abroad will go a long way toward achieving this! While nothing can replace personal experience, the virtual work experience expands access to a number of possibilities (think improved accessibility and reduced costs). During the pandemic, the online experience has seen a resurgence in popularity and many companies continue to offer these types of programs. No matter how strong your academic skills are, all applicants must complete a Legal Practice Course (LPC) before they can work as a trainee lawyer under an apprenticeship contract. In order to ensure that no one is prevented from participating in an internship due to financial constraints, fees may be paid. Further information can be found in the internship opportunities mentioned above. In addition to legal work and practical legal research, you will participate in training courses, workshops and interactive case studies. Social activities are also organized to give you the opportunity to talk to partners, staff and interns outside the office. Fletchers Solicitors specialises in medical negligence, serious injury and motorcycle accidents.

They offer a range of internships for students in various areas of business. This can often be a longer period – for example, 5 weeks. They are looking for people who want to pursue a career in law and can […] The day-to-day duties of lawyers include providing top-notch legal advice to clients on what they can do, researching case law and legal case studies, working with other lawyers and lawyers, and representing clients in court.