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UC Hastings paid its employed law professors the highest median salary among 68 schools that responded to a survey by the Society of American Law Teachers. UC Hastings paid an average base salary of $187,221 to its permanent professionals. TaxProf Blog presented the results of the responding schools in the top 102 of the US news rankings. UC Hastings is ranked 48th by U.S. News. Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and Florida pay slightly less, despite higher rankings. Rutgers-Newark, ranked 86th by U.S. News, pays his tenured faculty $186,000, the second-highest average salary among survey respondents. Meanwhile, Above the Law released salary figures from several elite schools that did not respond to the SALT survey, including Virginia, Michigan and the University of California, Berkeley. Southern Illinois paid its tenured faculty the least among survey respondents, a median base salary of $115,308. Ancillary benefits were not included in the totals.

Berkeley`s data is comprehensive, it includes the full 12-month packages, including summer salary, housing pay, special scholarships, everything. UVA salary data does not include various supplements (especially from private sources), which vary by faculty. To be fair to UVA, this only came about because of the recent Cavalier Daily article that people emailed to us. As a rule, you can find information about the salaries of law professors at state universities online. To access compensation databases from other public law schools, read the links at the end of this post. Law professors such as Paul Caron and Dan Filler have discussed at length the issue of compensation from law schools to public law schools, and we have written about it before (e.g., here and here). Assistant Professor of Legal Writing Contract Duration: 2 years Semester Beginning: Autumn of. If you have a problem with well-paid law professors, don`t go to law school. The remuneration of law schools depends on what the market will bring, and as long as thousands of students go to law school each year, professors will have to be paid to teach them. Thanks to this source for the information.

No matter how you cut it, law professors at top law schools do very well. (We plan to make additional stories about faculty compensation at various law schools across the state; we don`t intend to single out UVA. If you have any information or opinions you would like to share, feel free to email or text us (646-820-8477). There are 110 people registered as law schools. It should be noted that this number goes beyond permanent or tenure-track faculty; It also includes clinical professors, librarians, scholars-in-residence and other positions. Here are some highlights: UPDATE (04/25/2013, 3pm): A clarification from a competent law professor after we published Berkeley Law`s salaries: Sure, professors could do some things to help, but in the end, it`s not their fault. If you want to solve this problem, you need regulatory control. Law professors are well paid, especially considering that they may work less hard during the summer months, when they are not usually teaching. Many of them work on their stock exchange during this time, but not all (especially those who already have jobs and are not in “publish or perish” mode). Some professors supplement their salaries with outpatient consultations or litigation, or earn royalties on books (e.g., very expensive casebooks).

What are the secrets to AVC`s success as a law school? On the one hand, they have an incredible faculty, full of eminent scholars and inspiring teachers. Should we be annoyed by high teacher salaries? I don`t think so, at least as long as the professor in question is doing his job and working reasonably hard. Law professors are some of the brightest minds in our profession, and many of them could make a lot more money in private practice (as some of them often remind you). Entering academia meant financial sacrifices for many. I am not accusing teachers of maximizing their earning potential. They would do the same. God knows I`d take a six-figure apprenticeship at UT Law, and if I didn`t want to, they could easily find a few thousand qualified people to fill the position. Jeff Clark wants his ethics case taken to the federal government: it`s a crazy theory, but maybe not as far-fetched as what Rudy sells.

2021 was a very good year for the partners: but the pay gaps are real. So the comparison is a bit of apples and pears. Add to that the differences in the cost of living, and UVA salaries are not on the charts in comparison! (UVA also excels when it comes to producing funny Law magazine videos. They have won once in the past and reached the final several times. Don`t be shocked if they perform again in this year`s competition, the finalists of which we will announce on Wednesday.) Among the schools that did not respond to the SALT survey (PDF) are those that hold the top five U.S. news rankings: Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Chicago. And another fact: law professors are among the graduates employed by the law school. Given the legal state of the labour market in 2013, this is a good thing.

Do you know who you shouldn`t blame [for the high cost of law school]? Faculty of Law. That`s true – they might get chic new buildings and earn six-figure salaries, but it`s not really their fault that the cost of legal education has exceeded their value. Who among us wouldn`t take more money and more benefits for our same work? Yale Law School really went around the curve: that`s how fascists win. Ketanji Brown Jackson`s pointed questions: Really result in big disagreements. We write so many positive things about UVA Law School that we could be the school`s publicists. We awarded UVA the highest honors in our Southern Law School rankings based on readers` responses to the ATL Insider Survey. We praised AVC`s innovative Public Service Scholarships for recent graduates. We noted that AVC is a leading law school for government and public service jobs, as well as for prestigious court internships, particularly Supreme Court articling positions.

Previous: Comparison of Southern Law School DefenseHiring Their Own GraduatesYour Workplace TuitionSkaddenfreude: Private Law School Salaries Please But even if you dispute that – some professors don`t teach in areas accessible to lucrative private practice, and some professors wouldn`t want to charge more than 2,000 hours a year – solid compensation for teachers Still anything but offensive.