Legal Authority Z5C

Subparagraphs (b), (c). L. 116-92, § 1109 (a) (2), added paragraphs (b) and (c) and deleted former paragraph (b), which provided that paragraph (b). (a) the power provided for expires with effect from 30 September 2025. 3. Classification/salary ranges/career paths. LRS will use their existing salary scales/career levels to accommodate students hired under the authority of PAACTSEP. Specific details on the salary group of the student classification/career level are included in the STRL IOPs. The LRS will monitor and provide information and data on the use of this authority at the request of the military department headquarters or the OUSD(R&E). Home Page Print 62799 3. Establishes the temporary appointing authority for PAACTSEP students or graduates appointed for less than one year.

STRLs may appoint students to flexible and renewable student semesters or temporary appointments, and may appoint graduates to temporary, temporary, or permanent positions, regardless of 5 U.S.C. (U.S.C.) Chapter 33, Subchapter I. (with the exception of Articles 3303 and 3328). This direct hiring power is similar to the direct hiring power of students at 10 U.S.C. 4091 as implemented in the STEM Student Employment Program (SSEP) published in 82 FR 29280, except for students seeking employment in professional, administrative, assistant, clerical, and technical positions. 4. Establish a student bonus authority to improve competitiveness vis-à-vis the private sector in the recruitment and retention of high-calibre students. The bonus may be used to compensate PAACTSEP students for expenses related to participation in the program, including but not limited to travel expenses, if the workplace is located in a geographic location other than that of the student`s educational institution. LRS also has the authority to pay relocation costs each time the student returns to work in the lab.

(5) If documenting staffing actions for PAACTSEP students, cite the first legal authority of LAC or Z2U/10 U.S.C. 4121 if you are appointed to pay band positions. Also mention BAC/Legal Authority Z5C/Direct-Hire Auth (STRL-PAACTSEP students). When making the appointment to the General Annex, specify LAC`s first legal authority as Z5C/Direct Authentication (STRL-PAACTSEP students). 1. Establishes a student program that aligns students appointed under this authority on a salary degree or grade appropriate to education and experience. 3. Service Agreement. The STRL IOPs describe all service contract requirements for students and graduates hired under this authority. 2. Program pause. STRL Directors may authorize PAACTSEP participation for a period of 120 days for students who are not enrolled in courses at a qualified educational institution or certificate program.

The registration authority and criteria are described in STRL-IOPS. 2. Applies the power of appointment for students of flexible duration and renewable student semester in 82 FR 29280 for SSEP students to PAACTSEP students appointed for a period of at least one year. This flexible duration and renewable employment for students can be for a period of more than one year but not more than six years and can be renewed in increments of up to six years. This authority provides a mechanism for students appointed under the ACTSAP to remain in their position until the end of their program of study. LRS can establish direct hiring authority for undergraduate and graduate students for occupations that do not require science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) knowledge. The Employment Program for Professional, Administrative, Assistant, Clerical and Technical Students (PAACTSEP) is a student program that allows for the appointment and non-competitive conversion into competitive service for qualified candidates enrolled at an eligible educational institution. This announcement gives new students and graduates the authority to hire directly for all Science and Technology Reinvention Labs (STRLs) with published personnel demonstration project plans (demo). This authority`s evaluation procedures are integrated into the evaluation processes for STRL demonstration projects conducted by the STRL, OUSD(R&E) or the military department headquarters.