Legal Eagle Idiom Examples

A legal eagle who turned to comedy to find her wings, Faiza Saleem was a nonconformist from the start. 6) Lancashire-trained right-wing eagle Bruce Sewell joined Apple from Intel in 2009. 19) I didn`t want anyone to get in trouble if one of my legal eagle friends at Adobe thought I shouldn`t have published it. 4) Asia is a huge market worth a lot of money, but every legal eagle needs to take the lead. 20) Do you want to get a really good job as a legal eagle? 18) A legal eagle must take legal action here. 5) Ask the Liberal Democrats for one of Miriam Gonzalaz Durantez (the wife of Nick Clegg`s legal eagle). Student 1: Oh, I see. You want to be a legal eagle. 1) While directors, we are sure, have been told by a legal eagle that they had better keep their opinions to themselves, as this could involve personnel matters.

8) If you want to sue, the general legal eagle of LOCOG has learned his trade in this noble institution. A golden eagle, the coat of arms of the Ripperda family, climbed the middle arch. We always think of “eagle” when we think of “swoop,” but we don`t often think of “swoop” when we think of “eagle.” 2) It is illegal to force someone to retire now at age 65 (any legal eagle can correct me if I`m wrong). 16) But the legal eagle was surprised that his client was taken into custody. Friend 1: Then you`d better get the best legal eagle you can find. 10) We could use a good legal eagle to design something. 12) I handed over the eight hundred dollars in cash and asked the local legal eagle to notarize the transaction. He was a good judge of men, this eagle-faced major; He knew that the slightest move with hostile intent would mean a smoking gun. 15) Really, maybe Ms. Hutchinson would like to explain to Legal Eagle why this is legal. 14) Family law is an area of law that differs from a specialized legal entity.

13) I`m not a legal eagle, but I think I know the answer there. 7) This article was kindly prepared by our own Legal Eagle lawyer, Howard Cornes. 11) She loves her first job as a legal eagle at a shelter for women victims of domestic violence. 17) I respect your opinion on this matter. You are the legal eagle that works. I`m just an old retired street policeman. 3) Microsoft`s top legal official, Brad Smith, reportedly claimed that he went beyond complying with the 2004 ruling. 9) He is writing a series of children`s legal thrillers about a prepubescent legal eagle. a lawyer who is very intelligent, knowledgeable and extremely good at their job Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app.

Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! Friend 1: You could get into a lot of trouble. Everyone you meet will pursue you. This is very serious. Are you sure it was faulty brakes on the car? Friend 2: I had a car accident. My brakes gave up and I drove into the crowd. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English. Student 2: Because I don`t just want to be a lawyer, I want to be a very good lawyer.