Legal Index Example

“An index and a bibliography were an integral part of the scientific monographs. Here they tend to read a new book – from behind. (Agata Mrva-Montoya) Legal documents that require particularly good finding aids. Legal indexes are often structured in a stronger and more obvious way than other academic texts, with sections and outline format. By using multiple access points or “view” references, indexes help translate users` vocabulary into text. A location index is an important complement to the sitemap or table of contents. Fully customizable: your index can be customized to suit your needs. For example, add a document date column, choose a different sort scheme, hide section and document levels, change names and headings, set fonts and styles, and more. Reference indexes, index of journals and newsletters or electronic indexes Our clients range from small publishers to large multinationals, legislative bodies or law firms. Professional legal indexers offer experience in the following areas: Are there selected terms you expect to see in the index? As an open indexing system, the encyclopedia index selects terms from a previously created list of terms that exists separately from the text itself. These term lists are a list of selected terms (titles, topics, etc.) and thesauri that show the relationships between terms (related terms, more general terms, or narrower terms). This list of terms helps the encyclopedia indexer select the most appropriate term to describe the specific text being analyzed. This is an edited version of an article by A.R.

Hewitt, who first appeared in The Indexer in the fall of 1963 and was republished in The indexer in 2014. The LIM editor-in-chief felt that the article deserved a wider audience and is grateful to The Indexer for allowing it to be reproduced here*. Although contemporary indexers do not have to deal with the layout of flashcards, much of the advice they contain is still applicable half a century later. It deals with English law, but again, many of the principles of indexing works on legal issues apply to other jurisdictions. Want to see what Bundledocs can produce? We`ve included a sample index for you below. Don`t worry if it`s not exactly what you want. We know that everyone has to comply with court requirements or just wants to use their own style of home. Therefore, Bundledocs provides a number of ways to customize the appearance of your index page. We even support indexing and custom templates to make it even more powerful. With the short build software Bundledocs, the days of manual index creation are over. Users simply upload their documents to their unique Bundledocs account, organize the documents in the correct order, and Bundledocs automatically generates a full index.

If changes or additions are needed after the briefing is over, Bundledocs automatically generates a new index – at no additional cost. For most legal teams, preparing short legal documents is an essential part of their pre-trial preparation. When preparing a procedural document for the court, it is essential that the necessary rules and requirements are met. One of the requirements for any legal brief is an index, which should be included at the beginning of each argument. Your readers buy books and other resources that give them access to the information they are looking for. An expert-created index increases usability by considering the needs of the typical user, ensuring that synonyms, duplicate posts, cross-references, and term selection allow your readers to find what they need. Savvy readers will choose materials that they can easily use, and that require a strong index. In fact, a 2008 usability study conducted by Bloomberg BNA compared text-based searches to using an index, concluding that indexes are both more efficient and more informative. Many indexers are fully booked in advance, so it`s best to plan your project in advance. Indexers like to discuss a particular project with publishers, packagers, or authors. Most indexers want to see a sample of the material before offering a price or confirming that they can complete the project on time.