Legal Intern Berlin

To all ambitious interns and research assistants: Apply for a legal internship with us in our Berlin office to develop your skills and gain practical legal experience at one of the world`s largest transactional law firms. Most importantly, you will get to know your potential future colleagues in our German office! Tip: Start the application process for your internship by using the Graduateland CV Builder to update your resume. Your CV and cover letter should be tailored to the job description. Germany offers many opportunities to find a legal internship. It is the largest economy in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Due to its specific history, the country operates quite decentralized with an economy largely dependent on exports. While the capital Berlin is Germany`s largest city and serves as a political center of power, it is more difficult to determine an economic center of the country. Interesting employers can be found in many cities such as Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt – which means a lot of variety for law internships. If you are looking for internships in Germany in the legal field, there are a variety of opportunities available to you. You can find a job at a law firm specializing in corporate law or be part of an in-house legal department of a large company. The skills required to work within a legal framework are the ability to multitask, business awareness, good drawing skills, strong technical knowledge, a keen eye for detail and good social skills, in addition to legal training. In Germany, there are many opportunities for a law student or recent graduate, it is a question of finding the right match to your professional ambitions. We work as a team, value merit and enable and celebrate success.

Even better is the opportunity for you to use our in-house training offer: the growinGTalent starter kit. It has been specially developed for you, our interns and our scientific staff, to give you the best possible career start. You`ll work as a fully integrated member of your team and may even have the opportunity to spend your elective internship in one of our international offices. Legal clerk The legal internship. takes place at the. Company. Be a national of one of the permanent Member States; have passed the first state examination; Have very good knowledge in one of. Tip: Be sure to research the tasks you can expect in the legal field! This knowledge will allow you to answer and ask questions much more easily during a job interview. Legal internships Candidates will do so.

Work and give feedback. Will have the opportunity to provide legal training, meetings with lawyers and. Conferences with our lawyers. You are usually welcome to join staff for conference calls, notarizations, and internal meetings. More than a clever way to gain relevant practical knowledge about how a business works, legal internships are also often identified as the best path to full-time employment. They are a great opportunity to test your theoretical skills, better understand career or career paths and expand your professional network. The specific characteristics of traineeships, such as duration, nature and remuneration or not, generally vary. An internship not only provides valuable and relevant experience, but also expands your professional network, which can be one of the most valuable currencies in a modern work environment. Tip: Please note that the requirements for applications in Germany may be different from what you are used to. So take the time to understand what a German CV looks like and be prepared for some of the specifics of the German job market.