Legal Limit Bait Box Shrimp Review

The various baits built by “Elastech” are generally marketed for their realism and durability. They have both in spades. However, a great consideration in their use is their buoyancy. How they sit down. resting on the ground. or in the water column. depends entirely on the location of the lead and the amount of lead there. They can be lying flat, tail up or down or at an angle. If you catch artificial shrimp under a cap, two of the most important things to help catch fish are: Here`s the list of soft plastic shrimp baits we`ve tested in this video below. Three of the baits that had the best effect and settled horizontally in the water (which is natural for a shrimp) were these pre-assembled and segmented shrimp: what is the best color of artificial shrimp??? Thank you! The thing about live shrimp (and smell) is that they will attract many other fish of all types and sizes. Baitfish mainly eat crustaceans (shrimp) because they do not hunt other baitfish. If you have a shrimp in the water, the pesky fish will usually tear it off immediately, but a soft plastic will be less attractive to them and more attractive to a larger predator.

Do you have questions about using artificial shrimp under burst caps? The fragrant little shrimp, which hovered over the pro-elite head with its tail raised, floats on a 3/16 trout eye and tail with a mustache or belly weight hook of the owner. Anyone who fishes these floating baits (from any company) should test how the bait floats in peace. Easy to make in a bucket or even a Mason jar. Their top 3 were all pre-rigged; That their flotation has been balanced should not be surprising. An important aspect of this discussion that you didn`t cover was cloudy/clear water and your choice of artificial shrimp. I imagine that more realistic/horizontally suspended shrimp would work fantastically in clearer waters, and more unpredictable smelly baits would work better in murky waters, where fish are less dependent on sight and more dependent on vibrations and odor action in the water? Thank you for your great work, Tony! I am also looking forward to some sort of shooting comparing these baits. For each soft plastic, I try to match the color to the conditions. A light natural shrimp color is my choice (lighter colors in clean water) and a darker root color for dark water (or just add a rattle to the shrimp bait) This young man Tony is good in all his videos. I`ve seen tests of bait and pools from other people who have too much information. It remains simple and understandable. You are a natural with a great voice. Let them continue.

Sonny Jarrell Hey hi Tony! I hope all is well. I like the video because it is titled because the cap plays a big role in suspending the bait. Horizontal at rest is very good information. Not to be confused, of course, with the action of the same shrimp, which are caught without plugs on the plains and grass. Well done, clear, concise, short and to the point. I`ve spent time in front of the camera and you`re a natural! See you soon, my friend. And don`t forget to share this with someone who uses artificial shrimp! Nice video. How important is perfume? Last week I used a 3″ Inshore DOA in the southeast of the GA and the trout loved it. My wife used live shrimp and caught small croakers and squirrel fish. I was tired of feeding them live shrimp, switched to DOA and the trout hit him every time. When fishing shrimp under a burst plug, an important factor that determines how they catch fish is how they move through the water and settle when the plug is stationary (especially in clear water).

What is your artificial shrimp when you catch it under a burst cap? So we took seven of the most popular brands of artificial shrimp and tested these two factors. Hi Robert! There is a link under the “Conclusion” section above. Have fun and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Tony, how much do you think currents would affect the bait`s angle of rest? Some of you Facebookers may recognize the name or photo when you receive sponsored ads. P.S. Want more in-depth advice, local fishing spots, and access to exclusive lures and fishing gear? Visit us at the Insider Club! This can help some with those baits that hang vertically at rest. However, depending on the strength of the current, this can also cause them to rotate. Thank you for the kind words Sonny! Tight lines my friend!.

Do you just buy what`s available in the store? Then you must see this private fishing club! [img][/img]. You want to see them stack against each other?. Depending on the bait you choose, you could make a big mistake. China sells them for 0.75 pieces per piece instead of 3 US dollars per piece. The same bait. Nice job Tony, thank you! The big question remains whether differences in presentation actually result in catching more fish – it seems that this should be the case, but perhaps a side-by-side fishing competition is warranted? Stupidly, I replied – sorry was my first message. Thanks for the excellent answer – I love the underwater views, they are very informative. Thanks again. P.S. – We are not affiliated with any of these bait companies, we just created this video to show you the difference between them. Thank you Steven! I will definitely have to try it as the next experiment.

I just wanted to share how the action in this video differs. Water conditions would likely play an important role, where one would work better than the others. Those with more action would probably do better if there was dirtier water. Great point – I love your underwater views, they are so informative. Thank you very much. In a way, it reminds me of LED light bar sellers who simply rename the lights and sell them for hundreds more. I couldn`t understand why they had the wire manipulator and the swimmer. The company gave a crazy reason and then said, cut the wire if you don`t want to use it. Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what went wrong. Disclaimer: When you shop via links on our website, we sometimes earn affiliate commissions from places like Amazon, Bass Pro, Tackle Warehouse, etc.

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