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Complicated cases, lying killers, and fierce rivalries are just a few of the elements that make legal drama series so captivating. Here are the best of them. Later this month, CBS will make its final contribution to the genre with So Help Me Todd (September 29). Oscar-winning Marcia Gay Harden plays a Type A lawyer who hires her son Todd, an unfortunate private investigator, to work at her company to get his life back on track. In honor of the upcoming series premiere, we`ve rounded up some of the best legal dramas to see on screen. See if you don`t become addicted to one, two, or maybe all of them. Most people don`t really know what to expect when it comes to Middle Eastern shows, do they? So, here`s something unexpected about this part of the world. Justice is a legal drama series that revolves around Farah (Fatima Al Taei), a young woman who studied law in the United States and returns to her hometown of Abu Dhabi. She wants to practice independently with her newly graduated international degree, but her father, a lawyer from the prosperous city, has other plans for her. The story follows the challenges Farah faces in her professional and personal life, the delicate dynamics of her family, and her struggle to succeed alone as a lawyer. Again and again, we see shows about lawyers and the lives they live, both wasters and wrestlers.

While we might perceive them from the outside as stoic people who will do anything to win a case, TV shows allow us to see a more personal side of them, showing how they fight moral dilemmas and stick to their ethics. Here is the list of the best TV shows for legal dramas and courtrooms of all time. You can watch some of these best avocado TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. A fascinating story about corruption, loopholes in the law and a young man`s determination to fight for his freedom is certainly worth spending eight hours. The Netflix original miniseries has eight episodes. So, don`t miss it! A legal team deals with cases of wrongful convictions. It`s hardly surprising that Better Call Saul is the highest-rated legal drama of all. As a descendant of Breaking Bad and before the events of this series, Better Call Saul expands the criminal world of Albuquerque in unimaginable ways. From more details about the madrigals to showing how Gustavo Fring built his methamphetamine empire, he goes very far into organized crime in the city. Do you feel the adrenaline when you see lawyers asking for justice on a legal show? Or does the tension of the courtroom keep you on the edge of your seat? If the answer to one or both of these questions is yes, then you`ve come to the right place. Whether you`re a law enthusiast, a fan of legal theater, or simply a passion for good storytelling, legal theater shows can be one of the most satisfying entertainment experiences.

Legal drama at the highest level: The three-part arc of “D-Girl,” “Turnaround” and “Showtime” (season 7, episodes 15, 16, 17) brings New York detectives to Los Angeles after the murder of a Hollywood director`s wife and culminates in a high-profile trial. Although it had a very short lifespan, “Justice” was still a good legal show. He focuses on a group of lawyers working at Trott, Nicholson, Tuller and Graves, a Los Angeles law firm. Lawyers differ in their background, which shapes their attitude toward the cases they choose. More often than not, they interfere in cases that attract media attention and prove controversial. In each episode, we see how lawyers struggle with the information they have about their clients and try to do the right thing to ensure that justice is done by any means. On the run from a drug deal gone wrong, brilliant college dropout Mike Ross works with Harvey Specter, one of New York`s top lawyers. However, once this show is finally over, there are still many more legal dramas to catch up. These include a solid list of classic court dramas, one of the most successful franchises in television history, and some of the best lawyer series that let them do whatever it takes to bring bad guys to justice and keep innocent victims out of jail.

Peak Legal Drama: Season 3 addresses the real-life challenges of California`s water scarcity as Billy files a class-action lawsuit against wealthy farmers who try to steal water from the drought-stricken Central Valley. The Practice was much more realistic and treated its viewers as if they were smart. And when it came to court cases, profound issues were discussed; including personal morality, which was a great approach considering defense lawyers had never been portrayed in such a light before. A look at the professional and personal lives of some of the military`s brightest legal minds in the courtroom, where each lawyer is trained as a prosecutor, defense attorney, investigator — and marine. Updated June 14, 2022 by Shawn S. Lealos: There have been great legal dramas over the years, and the one IMDb fans consider the best of the best ends his six-year series with its final 13 episodes. When this season ends in August 2022, it will mark the end of the incredible story of Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman. In “The Case of the Lucky Loser” (season 2, episode 2), Mason is hired to help a wealthy heir accused of death. When the client is accused twice of the same crime, Mason fights even harder to dig up evidence, making a shocking revelation in court in a classic “Perry Mason moment.” The Good Wife remains one of the most popular legal dramas to date.

After Alicia Flowick (Julianna Margulies) and her journey back to her professional life after her husband was embroiled in a sex scandal and sent to prison, the character balances motherhood, a woman in a male-dominated environment, and one case a week while always remaining calm.