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Our lawyers work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible results. We give our clients insight into the legal process and make it easy to understand and achieve the desired results. And with transparent services and fixed price pricing structures, you can count on our team to deliver. OpenLegal makes it easy to hire lawyers, and we will always do it in a way that makes sense to you. As a key ally and advocate for our members, we promote fair justice systems, facilitate effective legislative reform, maintain equality in the legal profession, and work to eliminate discrimination. We are also the leading provider of high-quality legal education and information. “From the first minute, I knew I was going to get the help I needed. The Executive Law Group accompanied me every step of the way, explaining and guiding me through the process of my legal affairs. The Executive Law group helped me achieve the best result. I cannot thank and recommend the Executive Law Group enough. » High-quality legal services for small, medium and growing businesses. We understand how businesses operate in Australia and have the expertise to help you, whether you are a sole proprietor or ASX listed. Our services are tailored to your individual needs and give you access to the resources you need to protect yourself legally.

Our experienced corporate lawyers can help you with everything from business formation to employment law, intellectual property, franchising, debt collection, business sales, mergers, acquisitions, and most things in between. The legal issues facing public and private educational institutions, administrators, educators, staff and students have evolved and become more complex. “Represented by William Lam and Jahan Kalantar. Both were very friendly and easy to talk to from the first meeting and I felt comfortable. They did a good job of keeping me updated and finally got the result we were looking for – recommended to anyone in need of legal advice. By adapting traditional legal practices to our modern processes and techniques, OpenLegal is able to handle modern legal issues much better than most traditional lawyers. That means you`ll get the legal services you need, with fewer things you don`t like about business lawyers. Our team is there when you need advice and information.

And with comprehensive legal project management, we can deliver fast turnaround times, project-driven results, and meet solid deadlines. Our lawyers have reshaped the way legal work is handled internally and the way we communicate with clients. We are committed to taking a customer-centric approach in everything we do. This way, you will get the legal services you need in a way that works for you. If you need legal advice, we can offer you competent, independent and confidential support as well as specialized services. As experts in commercial and business law, we have worked with hundreds of companies across Australia. Our passion is to help small, medium and growing businesses get the legal services they need to succeed. OpenLegal provides the services you need and keeps things understandable. Help builders, subcontractors, consultants and other industry stakeholders navigate the complex maze of risk, compliance and disputes in the construction industry throughout the project lifecycle. Today`s global businesses rely on the expertise of corporate lawyers who are proficient in the native language, laws, rules, regulations and customs of their own jurisdiction, while being fully trained and experienced to work with domestic and international clients.

“I did an absolutely fantastic job solving my problem and trying to get the minimum sentence. I went above and beyond what I asked for. Highly recommended, worth your money and time. Thank you very much. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in my time of complete desolation and despair. It`s the work you do and the compassion with which you do it that make the world a better place. “We are a dynamic law firm committed to working as a team, working smarter and aligning our core values with our clients` goals. We work with our clients to define an effective implementation strategy. Skilled in arbitration, negotiation or, as a last resort, convincing courtroom advocacy, our team of experienced lawyers focuses on resolving simple to complex commercial disputes in order to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

“Fantastic service and genuine people. Thank you for establishing my trust and your advice in its implementation and operation. Rob “Jahan is a fantastic lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone. He pulled me out of the mud I was stuck in. Jahan knew exactly how to approach my situation from what angle and in which corner, he knows what he is doing 101% – it was amazing. He is the most confident and probably the best speaker I have ever met, I appreciate your help. Family law is the area of law that deals with family relationships. It involves the creation of family relationships and their breakdown through divorce and the deprivation of parental rights. In a highly regulatory environment where assets move from one jurisdiction to another, there will always be challenges and opportunities for our clients` businesses.

Tailor-made services and fast turnaround times cannot affect quality. “I used OpenLegal for the many documents and updates needed to get started early. The team was professional, reasonably priced, understood the client`s needs and even went out of their way to help and quickly complete the required tasks. Jatin We combine business acumen, technical skills and industry knowledge to support our clients beyond simple consulting and representation cooperation with our clients, early identification and allocation of risks at all stages of the project lifecycle. “The EL team has been exceptional in its service and expertise in sourcing and delivering a variety of enterprise contracts for our organization. I cannot recommend them enough. “Excellent service and easy to handle. Everything is explained so that there is no confusion with our contracts. Mark OpenLegal is a full-service business law firm.

Our services cover the full spectrum of Australian commercial law, including contracts, employment law, finance, industrial property, intellectual property, franchising, sale/purchase of businesses, litigation and more. Discuss your needs with our business lawyers today. “They completely exceeded all expectations I could have imagined as a result of the deportation process! With all your hard work and effort for me, I see a way forward. Adapting to changing markets and global pressures requires competent advice on restructuring, reorganization and insolvency. Everyone has the right to access and obtain copies of documents of a public institution, regardless of his or her place of residence. We provide services to all companies in a wide range of industries, advising them on complex and sophisticated transactions that drive business results.