Legal Trainee Positions

As a member of our legal team, you will provide legal advice and support for the firm`s operations, advise clients and help the firm comply with laws, regulations and our own business standards. They help us stay loyal to our customers, shareholders, employees and reputation. We advise the firm on complex legal matters, including new product development, commercial negotiations, corporate governance, shareholder matters, regulatory matters and more. We are also leaders in advocacy and advocacy work to protect the company. We are encouraged and supported to provide pro bono services in our communities. Qualifications for the internship may also vary. Many law firms prefer to work with students who are currently enrolled in law school or who have recently graduated from law school. However, some articling students are able to work for lawyers without a degree, especially if they have valuable experience in another corporate position or profession. For almost all intern positions, a person must be very detail-oriented, well organized, reliable, and able to work well with others. Good written and oral communication skills, as well as the ability to effectively multitask at the same time, are also useful skills for those looking to access learning.

Working as a trainee lawyer is a career planning strategy often followed by those interested in becoming lawyers. Some law schools offer articling students to help students gain experience. It is also not uncommon for some to volunteer for unpaid internships at law firms as a career advancement strategy. The specific duties of a trainee lawyer vary depending on the employer they work for and the laws governing the jurisdiction in which the articling student works. In many cases, however, articling students help interview clients, investigate the details of a case, draft legal briefings, and ensure subpoenas are served on time. A trainee lawyer who is able to do this can also be sure that certain contractual standards will be met and that budgets will be respected. Working in law firms offers articling students the opportunity to better understand the requirements of a legal career. A trainee lawyer usually works as support staff for one or more lawyers. In this role, an intern must perform a variety of tasks, including phone calls, paperwork, letter writing, and research.

Interns in such positions have the opportunity to work within a legal framework while learning the various functions of lawyer, paralegal, private investigator and others in legal positions. A trainee lawyer assists one or more lawyers in various administrative tasks. Some trainee positions require individuals to interview clients, investigate cases and prepare written documents. In some cases, a trainee lawyer must have a law degree, but some employers may hire students and others working in legal careers who have not met basic education or licensure requirements. Expand your knowledge by learning how to run a global business, sharpen your leadership skills, and make connections that will advance your career. Other practice groups work with all business units and corporate programs, providing company-wide advice and guidance. The Legal Department has a number of practice groups; Some are focused on our specific business areas, while others provide company-wide support. However, in all aspects of its role, Legal has a client – the law firm. Protect our business by developing solutions that balance regulatory requirements with business needs. Drive business growth while protecting employees, customers, shareholders and the company as a whole.

Our legal work spans the globe and touches all aspects of the firm. Our legal department is involved in all aspects of our business. The Lines of Legal practice groups support each of our core business lines: Asset Management, Commercial Banking, Personal and Community Banking, and Corporate and Investment Banking. Our diverse workforce allows us to offer unique solutions to the challenges our businesses face.