Legal Work Experience Jobs

SOL`s Civil Rights and Labor Management Department (CRLM) provides a wide range of legal services, including consulting, litigation, and rule-making assistance, for several components of the Department, including the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs; Office of Labour Management Standards; Center for Civil Rights; Office of Employment Policy for Persons with Disabilities; Bureau of Women`s Affairs; Centre for Faith-Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships; and Office of Learning. In general, CRLM`s client agencies manage and enforce a variety of civil rights, OEEs, and labor laws. For more information about CRLM, please visit our website: The Law Office is a distinguishing feature among federal law firms because it has independent litigation under many federal statutes. This makes it the second largest litigation department in the federal government after the Department of Justice. Atlanta Regional Attorney`s Office litigants regularly appear in Southeast courts, pursuing enforcement actions against employers and others who violate laws enforced by the department, such as the Employee Pension and Benefits Acts (ERISA), Occupational and Mining Safety and Health Protection (OSHA & MSHA), Wage Issues (FLSA), Migrant Worker Protection (MSPA), Military Personnel Nondiscrimination Rights (USERRA), Title VII Discrimination Cases under E.O. 11246, and numerous whistleblower laws. As a result, law students articling at the Atlanta Regional Lawyer`s Office are exposed to a plethora of employment law issues that really test their desire to practice in the field. Other practice groups work with all business units and corporate programs, providing company-wide advice and guidance. Students have the opportunity to conduct legal research, write legal briefs, participate in policy discussions, and assist in drafting applications, requests for investigations, briefs, and regulatory guidance.

We strive to ensure that students have at least one assignment that leads to a sample of writing for their job search. We are looking for a proven interest in employee rights (e.g. health and safety, salary payments, etc.) and an interest in learning more about litigation. We are also looking for a commitment to public service as well as strong research and writing skills. Interns in the Philadelphia Regional Attorney Office are also primarily involved in all stages of a case`s lifecycle in our firm and can expect to work on legal analysis, discoveries, witness preparation, legal briefings, and witness interviews. This opportunity provides students with insight not only into the litigation process, but also into various specialties of employment law and to become familiar with the administrative law process. Our practicum is structured as a generalist practicum and students can expect to work in most, if not all, of the practice areas we cover. Applicants must demonstrate strong research and writing skills, as well as academic achievement. Related courses, clinical experience, extracurricular activities, and Spanish proficiency are important benefits. The Atlanta Regional Bar Office`s articling program provides law students with significant litigation experience and exceptional insight into the world of employment law. Student articling exercises a variety of legal obligations under various statutes and are exposed to all stages of litigation.

In addition to conducting research and writing briefs under the guidance and supervision of experienced litigators, articling students are able to evaluate cases compiled by investigators, participate in all aspects of discovery, negotiate settlements, prepare and participate in testimony, meet witness interviews or meetings with client organizations. attend court hearings or hearings, submit applications for visa certificates. analyze. and attend events with the national office and other regional offices. Interns are expected to acquire in-depth knowledge of worker protection laws as well as general process skills. To apply, please send a cover letter, CV and sample writing demonstrating clear writing skills and analytical or legal skills (no more than 10 pages and the candidate`s own work) to: The articling student assists CRLM in providing legal services to the client agencies listed above. Tasks include extensive legal research and drafting related to consulting, litigation and/or rule-making projects for client agencies, such as preparing memos, analyses and briefs, and may include participating in meetings with client agencies and other SOL departments, if applicable. You can rest assured by the fact that most students come to law school with little to no real legal experience. That`s perfectly fine – but it doesn`t mean your CV has to be a blank page. The Los Angeles Regional Office of the Attorney provides legal and civil litigation services to labor agencies in Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, California, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.