Lone Wolf Gamebook Rules

Lone Wolf Playthrough This blog documents a race through the classic playbook series. lonewolfsaga.wordpress.com/ (last checked: 11/04/2016) The Rules section of this playbook (as in all subsequent game books in the Grand Master series) states: Lone Wolf books are characterized by a particularly elegant and entertaining game system, the basics of which are quite simple. There are two attributes to keep in mind (combat skill and endurance), there is a limit to the amount of equipment that can be carried (eight backpack items, two weapons, fifty coins, and a variety of “special items” carried outside the backpack), and there is a simple combat system in which fighters compare the results of combat skills, generate random numbers and refer to a simple table, until either runs out of stamina points. The system is most interesting by the fact that the reader must choose the special abilities of the main character from a list of options such as animal kinship, pursuit or sixth sense. By successfully completing the books, new abilities can be added, and all abilities are often used during the game, either by performing special actions or by changing the rules in various ways (healing, for example, restores stamina lost over time, while hunting prevents the drive from being forced to carry food). Later books in the series offer more advanced abilities and add a few more minor details to the rules. The books in this series are among the most influential game books ever published. Second great British success (after Fighting Fantasy), this series offers a distinctly different style of writing and gameplay. The first twelve books form an ongoing story in which the reader controls Lone Wolf, the last survivor of an order of warrior monks known as Kai, as he gains power and wisdom and defeats his arch-enemies, the Dark Lords of Helgedad.

Books thirteen through twenty follow the character`s further development as Grandmaster Kai, and the final eight titles allow the reader to create a new character Kai, a member of the New Order founded as a result of Lone Wolf`s efforts. Originally, there were to be twelve books in the New Order series, but at the insistence of the publisher, the series ended somewhat hastily at issue twenty-eight. Before that happened, however, the series managed to spawn several spin-off books: The World of Lone Wolf, a four-book cycle of games set in the southern part of Magnamund, the fantasy land where Lone Wolf lives; The Magnamund Companion, a lone wolf-related guide that includes a short adventure in a gamebook; and Legends of Lone Wolf, a series of novels that tell the plot of the first eight books in the main book series. An adaptation of the first five books for the Nintendo DS handheld system called LoneWolfDS[55] is available in homebrew format. Lone Wolf Saga, a full Android version of the first 20 gamebooks (the Kai, Magnakai and Grandmaster subseries) is available,[56] and Seventh Sense S is also a full version of Microsoft Windows. [57] All used Project Aon`s license and data. Three video games were released in the late 1980s under the Lone Wolf license. [45] [46] [47] The first two, published by Hutchinson, were adapted from the first two gamebooks, while the third, by Audiogenic Software and entitled Mirror of Death, contained an original plot. [48] Mirror of Death was well received by several game magazines. Since April 2013, Joe Dever has partnered with Cubicle 7 to work on the series, which has led to the release of a new version of the role-playing game.

In December 2015, Cubicle 7 Entertainment announced that they would release the entire Lone Wolf series of playbooks, including the English version of Lone Wolf 29, to revert to their decision the following month. [20] The second remake of the entire series began in March 2022, also made by Holmgard Press and called the definitive edition. It does not have the bonus adventures like the collector`s edition, but contains encyclopedic entries on various characters, locations, and artifacts that the player encountered during the main adventure. Some adjustments have also been made to the main story of each book, with changes to some hostile statistics, new powers granted by certain elements, and corrections to the text and links of previous editions. New rules for advanced players are also proposed. From July 2022, the first five books will be available as hardcovers, softcovers, and e-books in November 2022. If you`ve already finished the previous playbooks, all you probably need is the Laumspur potion (and maybe the quiver for more arrows). In 2007, Mongoose Publishing, publisher of the RPG Lone Wolf, announced that the Lone Wolf books would be printed again. Mongoose Publishing planned to publish the series` 28 original books, as well as four new ones originally drawn by Joe Dever before the series was cancelled in the late 1990s. Mongoose published 17 of the gamebooks from July 2007 to February 2013, before the end of the partnership with the author. [15] Fans have long been uncertain about which version of the series is canon. Joe Dever stated that gamebooks, since they precede the novel version, are the “authoritative” versions.

[3] However, there is still some overlap between novels and playbooks; notably in the form of Alyss, an original character by John Grant, who plays an important role in the later books in the Grandmaster series. One of the best gamebook series and a must-have [chronologically, if possible]. 30. In October 2013, Cubicle 7 announced the development of a new role-playing game called Lone Wolf Adventure Game as an “evolution of the previous multiplayer game”. [66] A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Kickstarter and raised £68,000. [67] On August 26, 2014, C7 published the character sheet with a summary of the rules. [68] The basic rules were published in 2015 as a box set consisting of three books: Book of Kai Training, which allows players to create their own characters for the game, Book of Kai Wisdom, which contains the rules for playing the game, and the Book of Kai Legends, which consists of two adventures and tips on how to create future adventures. In addition to the books, pre-generated characters and blank character sheets were included. The box set is designed to be played right out of the box, with the first adventure in the Book of Kai Legends allowing new players to start with the pre-generated characters and play instantly. A long-standing and highly successful gamebook series surpassed only by Fighting Fantasy. Each story of the last Lord Kai, Lone Wolf, leads to the next story.

Therefore, the series rewards you for completing previous adventures by giving you additional skills and sometimes very valuable items. The first new edition of the first 28 game books (by Mongoose, Mantikore-Verlag and Holmgard Press) is called Collector`s Edition. They have a hardcover and include a bonus mini-adventure that is added at the end of every book (except book 1), with a character encountered during the main adventure or experiencing related events, although some of them are not related to the main story at all (like the different parts of the Dire series). These bonus adventures are written by different authors under the supervision of Dever himself and do not have the same number of sections as the main adventure. The Magnakai series (playbooks 6-12) continues the story, with Lone Wolf now a young Kai master striving to understand Magnakai`s teachings. However, Magnakai`s book is old and incomplete. In order to perfect his understanding and form a new order of Kai Lords, Lone Wolf must follow the path of Sun Eagle, the first Kai Lord and author of the Book of Magnakai. Sun Eagle sought the wisdom contained in the Lorestones of Nyxator, seven spheres scattered throughout the north of Magnamund. Holmgard Press distinguishes between the first reissue of the series by various publishers, its own second reissue, and the first release of Gamebooks 29 to 32.

Since this game is supposed to be fun and not a formal treatise, I`m going to use my tried-and-true method to brutally summarize the rules of Lone Wolf through bullet points: The New Order series (Gamebooks 21-32) would be 12 books long, although only the first eight books were originally published before the series was discontinued in 1998. It took 18 years for the next book in this subseries to be published. As of December 2020, 29 of the 31 Lone Wolf game books, the World of Lone Wolf series, the Magnamund Companion, and several other written works related to the Lone Wolf will be available for download on the Project Aon website. [14] Despite online publication, original print copies of game books 21-29 and the 12th Legends novel are still rare and sought after, and as of April 2022, “good” copies will be sold online for between $150 and $600. The Kai series (playbooks 1-5) follows Lone Wolf as he gathers the armies of Sommerlund and his ally Durenor to repel the invasion, pursues and captures the traitor who caused the invasion, and survives plans to complete the destruction of the Kai.