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You can also send an email to or fill out the contact form further down this page. The Code of 1274 project aims to explore the emergence of the Norwegian Code of 1274 and its European and Norwegian legal historical context. After the French Revolution, large-scale legislation became a normal activity of the state, it is difficult today to recognize the revolutionary character of legislation in the High Middle Ages. The idea of broad legislation emerged in Europe with the study of Roman law at the University of Bologna in the mid-12th century. Until then, princes and people`s congresses had issued one or more provisions and compiled existing legal norms. But the effective implementation of politics through new laws for several sectors of society in one act was not achieved anywhere in Europe until the High Middle Ages. Since our foundation in Bergen, we have grown rapidly and now have offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. We serve clients from different countries and offer legal expertise in various areas of commercial law. Magnus Legal was founded in 2005 as part of the Visma Group with the aim of complementing Visma`s accounting and human resources services with high-quality legal advice focused on tax, VAT and related areas of law. Since 2005, the firm has been providing high-quality legal services in a cost-effective manner to a large number of clients in various business areas. Our four offices are located in Bergen Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim.

We measure our customer satisfaction rate and are pleased that more than 90% of respondents say so are very likely to recommend Magnus Legal as a service provider for companies doing business in Norway. We believe that “satisfied customers” is the best business strategy of all. This is what we call the delivery culture and it`s all about collaboration and hard work to provide the best advice at the right time at the agreed price. In 2017, Visma Advokater changed its name to Magnus Legal following the sale of Visma`s BPO division in 2016. Accounting and human resources companies changed their names to Azets. To this day, Magnus Legal and Azets continue their close collaboration. We are a multidisciplinary business law firm. Our 35 professionals have extensive experience in assisting international and domestic clients with advice and litigation, including tax litigation. If you`re looking for a qualified lawyer who goes the extra mile to make a difference for you and your business, you`ve come to the right place. The Norwegian imperial code of 1274 was therefore part of a development of the state and social government in Europe. It was also part of a Norwegian legislative project that began with the revision of provincial laws in 1267, culminated with the Code of 1274, and included the Norwegian City Code of 1276, the Administrative Code of 1277, and the Icelandic Jónsbók of 1281. Professor Emeritus: Magnus Rindal, OsloDommar: Astrid Frøseth, StavangerSeksjonsleiar Nasjonalbiblioteket: Bente Granrud, OsloFyrsteamanuensis: Erik Opsahl, TrondheimProfessor: Leidulf Melve, BergenFyrsteamanuensis: Gabriela Larsson, StockholmProfessor: Per Andersen, Århus From the beginning, our goal has been to provide personalized service, build close relationships with customers and provide quality advice in our areas of expertise.

Our lawyers do not see the law as a separate issue. We understand how legislation is constantly integrated into the day-to-day operations of the company. Download our guide for companies considering bidding for public contracts in Norway Please contact our switchboard: +47 55 29 90 00. Opening hours: weekdays 08:00-16:00. Legislation during the reign of King Magnus VI. law enforcement was one of the most extensive and successful legislative activities in Europe during the High Middle Ages. The core of this legislation was the Norwegian Imperial Code of 1274, now known as Magnus Lagabøters Landslov. To date, however, the codex of 1274 has not been thoroughly researched and compared to other codes of the High Middle Ages. What sets us apart from other law firms is our practical vision and approach.

When rules and regulations affect the business economy, we are here to provide you with concrete and easily applicable advice in your business. Below we have listed the addresses of our offices. For direct contact information for our lawyers and staff, click here.