Manual Legal Del Emprendimiento

For his part, Jorge Corral, Director General of ASEM, points out that “the manual has proven to be a practical way to systematize responses to common legal requests from entrepreneurs who want to start their business, hire employees, protect their intellectual property, conclude contracts with customers and suppliers, and many others.” A company lives with several legal requirements that are crucial for its success: from the choice of the type of company to be formed and the stages of its formation, capital agreements, social and tax obligations, to the end of activities and the closure of the company. All of this is explained in detail in this guide, with cases that include the most common issues that arise in an entrepreneur`s life. All these concepts are approached in a synthesized way and with a user-friendly language for all those who are not experts in legal issues. “Working on this project has shown me how complex it is to be an entrepreneur, as they need to be aware of the financial, commercial, operational and legal issues of their business, so if we can help them navigate the legal part, we will be very satisfied,” says Bernardo Jaime, Director of the FLDM Business Law Center. Paul Cano, design director of the Apolo25 agency, who participated in the design of the manual, adds that he is also an entrepreneur and, like many others, did not have a clear idea of how to build a project, how to make it successful and profitable, but “thanks to these tools and organizations like ASEM, we were able to reach the communities that helped us. to grow and survive. The document does not seek to replace hiring legal services, but is “a guide to solving these critical issues and guiding the management of their businesses through downloadable activities and documents. We decided to publish it in digital format and free of charge to reach as many entrepreneurs as possible in the country and promote entrepreneurship in formality,” adds Sandra Cuellar, Editorial Coordinator and Head of Public Relations at ASEM. It is designed so that entrepreneurs have an initial legal approach; From the creation of a company, the protection of intellectual property, contractual aspects, labour relations and even the dissolution and liquidation of a company.

In Peru, the “cradle of entrepreneurs”, they are often bombarded with legal information, sometimes false, superficial or scattered, which confuses and demotivates them. Therefore, the Peruvian Entrepreneur`s Legal Manual tries to guide the reader in the most important legal aspects related to a business in the country. The objective is to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of all students and professors of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, encouraging and supporting the creation and development of companies, as well as accelerating the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship. In this book, the reader will learn not only the main institutions to turn to in each specific case, but also the steps to follow in certain situations required by the company. How do I start my business? How do I register my trademark? What legal obligations have I already established? How can I close the business if it does not have the expected profitability? This guide answers these questions and many more. The manual is freely available and contains updates, downloadable documents, reference links and practical activities to support entrepreneurs at different stages of their business. ASEM, which has more than 20,000 members, is a founding member of ASELA, which aims to defend and promote entrepreneurship in Latin America through public policies. It has been supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) since 2015 and now represents more than 200,000 entrepreneurs in the region. It consists of business associations from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru and a special chapter of ASELA in the United States. The purpose of these pedagogical exercises, according to the specialist, “is to help entrepreneurs internalize the content of the manual, review concepts and set the tone for those who start their careers as entrepreneurs, to help them implement the manual in their own business”.

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