Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Legal

Dissolution records are also kept at the Camp Pendleton and MCRD legal aid offices in San Diego. Please contact these locations for the dates and times of the information session. You can participate in the information session at any base; However, you must first consult the Memorandum of Dissolution in order to use our legal services. Legal advice and assistance to all commandos aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in the field of military justice. 1.) Q – Does your office offer NJP consulting services for Marines? A – No. The Department of Defense offers this type of advice. Q. – Does your office advise Marines suspected of committing crimes? A – No. Here, too, we are prosecuting the authors.

The Department of Defense offers this type of advice. 3.) Q – How do I get help completing a Request for Legal Advice (EPIRB)? A – Call the Department of Military Justice after printing the RLS form below. 4.) Q – I was assigned as a summary court martial officer. What are the procedures? A – We have instructions and guidelines for summary court martial officials. Please call to get a copy and set up a course. The Legal Services Support Team is responsible for providing free legal and paralegal assistance to uniformed members, their families and dependents, retirees and other eligible clients with personal legal matters. “Family Members” or “Dependents” means persons on the Sponsor`s service file and/or holding a valid United States uniformed service identification and privilege card. Legal aid lawyers are available to assist clients with stepparent adoption, child support, consumer matters, contracts, debt and credit matters, immigration counselling, living wills, name changes, marriage separation agreements, spousal support, and notarization. With decades of experience fighting courts martial, administrative procedures, military separations, and extrajudicial sanctions of military personnel, Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC can assist soldiers who served at Marine Corps Miramar Air Force Base with all legal services. – Processing requests for legal services from tenant commandos – Representing the government in all court martial proceedings – Advising commanders on criminal investigations – Providing commanders with recommendations for the proper elimination of crimes committed by marines or sailors. – Provide military justice training to commanders, senior officers and legal officers in the unit, as required.

Please contact the Probation Service section for specific questions or advice. Our team of military defense attorneys is qualified to aggressively defend and represent Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard clients. We specialize in the following legal services: court martial, preliminary inquiry and representation, sexual assault under section 120 of the UCMJ, justification boards, administrative segregation committees, sections 15 and extrajudicial sanctions (NJP), section 32 investigations, appeals, dismissal improvements, correction of military records, administrative procedures and letters of reprimand. If you`re a Marine targeted by military justice, your life is likely at a standstill and your future may be at stake. Military charges can be particularly serious and pose unique threats to your livelihood and freedom. But the system is not impenetrable when it comes to fairness simply because the military is such a righteous institution. The military justice system also has many unique weaknesses and imperfections due to its structure. Although he only took off his own uniform seven years ago, Aaron Meyer was shaped by his time in the Marines and dedicated his career to fighting for America`s heroes. This includes those who are actively serving and other veterans. During his active service, he strove to fight for the protection of innocent lives – like any soldier. However, he also observed that sometimes the soldiers themselves were innocent people who needed protection from corrupt, archaic, unbalanced and politically influenced systems.

He continues to revere and respect the military justice system while understanding how he can turn some accused into victims. He is ready to ask for justice and fight as hard as necessary. Military law differs from civil law in many respects. Active Marines deal with the military justice system instead of the civilian system that most Americans are familiar with. If you need a lawyer at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Aaron Meyer Law can help. As a former Marine Corps (JAG) judge advocate and experienced civilian attorney, Aaron Meyer is very familiar with the legal system. and he knows the Marines. The second most severe type of court martial is a special court martial. Although prison sentences for this level of court martial are limited to a maximum of one year (and do not include the possibility of the death penalty like the GCM), a soldier could still be dishonorably released, receive a BCD, be demoted, or pay hefty fines. Finally, there is the court martial. Although it technically carries the weight of a kind of court martial, it is more informal and associated with lower-level crimes and sentences.

Nevertheless, high-quality legal advice is also of paramount importance to a person facing summary court martial because it gives the defendant fewer procedural rights. Therefore, you need a creative and thorough defense. We are Marines, judge advocates and legal service specialists – dedicated to defending our comrades and sailors by providing them with legal advice on all matters required by law, regulation or otherwise permitted. We are zealous advocates for our clients, serving independently of the local chain of command and under the supervision of the Marine Corps Defense Services Organization. We diligently represent each individual client in accordance with legal guidelines, in accordance with our professional ethics and rules.