Meaning of Legal Luminaries

I understand that the legal authority on this reform in San Francisco has offered to move you into his office. I`ve traveled the world, helped build a conference business, written two books, delve into topics far beyond commerce, and interviewed more CEOs and other luminaries than I can remember. That`s what we wondered and the tech luminaries asked themselves how they spent their hours. Let us shed light on the luminaire. It came into English via Anglo-French and Late Latin and goes back to the Latin word lumen, meaning “light.” Other descendants of lumen in English are illuminate (“to light up”), luminous (“emitting light”) and phillumenist (“one who collects matches or matchbox labels”). Luminary has been shining in English since the 15th century. Facebook`s supervisory board has legal and human rights experts who are able to review and overturn some of the platform`s decisions. Beall`s brother, a Republican senator from Maryland, as well as Republican National Committee Chairman George Bush and other GOP luminaries, exerted subtle pressure on the Justice Department to soften the investigation. They looked up from the ground for a moment and cast a worried glance at the large calm lamp.

Their reasoning is based on the claim that those who live in darkness and love it do not need to be informed about a light fixture. Joshua Stamper`s 2006©theme music New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP In the light of this underground luminaire, they discovered that they were standing at the foot of an ancient castle. Middle English, Anglo-French and Late Latin; Anglo-French luminaire light, luminaire, from late Latin luminaria, plural of lamp, celestial body, from Latin, window, of lumin, lumen light; similar to Latin lucÄre to shine – more in the light These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “luminaire”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. “Then I should say that for a leading authority in science, your light is very limited,” replied Hermione. Come night skiing in the middle moon when the slopes are lined with bright candlelit pockets, or opt for the free Learn to Ski days, where volunteers give lessons and local ski shops distribute free rentals. Mizrahi and Rowland will judge alongside Fern Mallis, fashion luminary and senior vice president of IMG Fashion. Nglish: Luminaire translation for Spanish speakers And although Fran caught the attention of the late musical luminary Lou Reed, she only ever advertised by word of mouth.