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According to the order, Mind Capital has also implemented a ten-step “Ponzi scheme” to encourage the sale of its investments. The College named Georgetown resident Craig Kintzel as its agent and accused him of illegally promoting the program in Texas. Kintzel and other agents would receive eight percent of the profits made by the investors recruited, as well as between two and eight percent of the profits made by investors recruited at different levels of the pyramid. Mind Capital has proven to be the #1 opportunity for 2020. Over 300 online opportunities have collapsed and turned to dust during COVID-19, while Mind Capital has seen consistent results and for this reason, people hate what is naturally expected. My honest advice, if you`re reading these reviews, ignore fake reviews that get your feet wet with a minimum of $40. If you`re happy with what you see, make a decision, but never fall into the trap of these tactics of people trying to distract you from what`s real and real. Jets.Fifita Mind Capital, originally called Eurocoin, has attracted media attention since its development phase, as it has been closely associated from the beginning with the name and life story of its founder and CEO, President Gonzalo García-Pelayo Segovia, who has a diverse and multifaceted experience as a well-known film director, TV presenter, music producer, professional gamer and gaming expert. as well as sponsor for professional poker players.

But his big leap to fame came when he developed a system of legal statistics and betting that allowed him to win more than $1.2 million at roulette with the help of his family in the early 1990s. [10] García-Pelayo is currently known worldwide for “skipping the bank” with the aforementioned system in various casinos around the world. [11] [4] In the 1990s, the “Pelayos” were the public enemy of various casinos inside and outside Europe. His formula led them to earn up to 13 million pesetas in a single night, which was not well received by some of the big casinos: in Las Vegas, the group was even threatened at gunpoint to prevent them from gambling. [11] Fantastic company. I joined Mind.capital in February and it was a great success for me. Always pay me and my people. I love their vision and determination and they feel like family to me now. I met Gonzalo in January before I started in Madrid, Spain, and I`m a true gentleman.

I highly recommend Mind.capital Bright Minds Capital Partners is an open-ended fund that invests in disruptive technology companies that break down enterprise data silos. Headquartered in Chicago and London, Bright Minds Capital Partners is led by David Holme and Nicola Stott, also founders of leading alternative legal services firm Exigent. With an accomplished team of legal technology executives and investment professionals, Bright Minds Capital Partners invests alongside selected industry partners to maximize industry knowledge. For more information, see: www.brightmindscapitalpartners.com. I just invested $100 and got a return of $0.57 today, just like that. What bank gives you this plus referral bonuses so easily? I have good instincts, guys. Please use my recommendation if you want to join, multi-level marketing is the power of people!!! mind. CONSOB identifies Mind Capital as a “corrupt” financial intermediary. The agency also reminds users of the importance of taking additional preventative measures before investing in platforms that offer financial services. We are experts in generating returns from crypto assets. Mind.capital is a high-tech system that generates returns from crypto assets led by Gonzalo García-Pelayo with an international team of experts in mathematics, economics and technology. On the other hand, its critics criticize the fact that Mind.Capital operates without the approval of the Spanish Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores), because in most countries, trading in the crypto market has no regulation.

Although this fact itself cannot be considered a scam, it is controversial and responds to the ongoing debate about cryptocurrencies, whose volume and invested capital have increased since 2017 (when Bitcoin saw its share increase); The growth of different virtual currencies has also been exponential, prompting various countries to take regulatory action on their operations. So far, however, there is no specific news about a legal case or legal complaints regarding the operation of Mind.Cpaital. [5] [24] I joined the team a month ago and wish I had known about Mind Capital sooner; Very good and so transparent that their competitors all complain about being too transparent. A very good company, I will encourage everyone to sign up and you will never regret it, if you want to know, just watch the videos on their official YouTube channel. In the legal resolution, the regulator states that Mind Capital does not offer any products or services, but only applies for membership in exchange for a promise of higher returns. The regulator also says the company did not respond to communications it sent to it. Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles has filed an urgent lawsuit to stop Mind Capital OÜ, aka Mind Capital Tech SL, a company based in Spain and Estonia, from illegally promoting a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme in Texas. The order against Mind Capital also named President and CEO Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, Vice President Oscar Garcia-Pelayo, network construction consultant Rubén Arcas, Director of Expansion Manuel Arniz, Social Media Director Cristina Kelly Lopez and Brand and Creative Director Alejandro Mejía.

Nicola Stott, CEO of Bright Minds Capital Partners, commented: “We really enjoyed the journey with Muve. We have the highest appreciation for the team and what they have achieved. New investors will surely help them in their next chapter of their growth journey. It has been a successful partnership for Bright Minds Capital Partners and Muve. Italy joins other countries that have warned against mental capital, including Spain, where they see it as a “financial beach bar.” In January this year, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) added this company to the list of financial services not authorized in the country. It is contrary to our policies to offer incentives for exams. We also ensure that all reviews are published without moderation. On the Mind Capital website, Spanish manager Gonzalo García Pelayo appears at the head of a team of experts in mathematics, economics and technology. Several media in Spain claim that this character has no history linking him to crypto-currencies. The country`s securities commission called the company a corrupt financial intermediary. Spanish authorities have also warned against the site, which operates without a license. According to the ordinance, investors buy MCcoin, an internal utility token that would be permanently valued at $1.00.

Their purchase of MCcoin would allow them to participate in a crypto-fiat arbitrage trading program. The platform would use advanced algorithms to analyze the cryptocurrency market and identify the appropriate time to buy and sell digital assets at a profit.