Mk7 Gti Carb Legal Intake

With turbocharged engines, more flow means more power! Performance comes first, full-width ram-air design, speed stack, 3.5-inch silicone/piping and massive 5-inch filter to provide the maximum power of an intake system. The result is an intake system with power improvements of up to 15 horsepower and 13 lb-ft of torque, with even higher increases on larger hybrid and turbo configurations! We were uncompromising in our quest to build the ultimate cold air intake we wanted for our own cars. Here`s why you`ll love it too: Do you have plans for a bigger turbo? Your IE recording is designed for significant performance. Everything from the size of the heat shield to the surface of the filter is optimized to support larger, molded turbos without the hard curvatures common to competing inlets to ensure uninterrupted airflow for any performance goal. IE is pleased to announce that our 2015-2020 VW & Audi MQB 2.0T & 1.8T turbo air intake and intake hose is now CARB certified. This means that they are now considered an emissions-compliant performance product in all 50 U.S. states (U.S. territories are not included). With IE`s CARB certified products, you can upgrade your car and do it legally now! Need a replacement CARB sticker? IEINCI11 suction kits purchased on or after April 5, 2021 can get a replacement sticker by contacting our support team with proof of purchase. Recordings taken before 5. April 2021, are not considered CARB compliant and are not legally eligible for a CARB sticker. This part is legal for sale and use on emission controlled vehicles in all 50 states when used according to the manufacturer`s application guide, as it has an Executive Order (EO) number from the California Air Resources Board (CARB): Providing cooler air and in sufficient volume is a must for power generation.

To achieve a ram-to-air design, our engineers use large piping and a speed chimney to supply as much air as possible efficiently. We know a fast car is fun, but a car that sounds good really puts a smile on your face. The high-speed bell and smooth design of our intake also create the exciting side effect of amplifying engine notes and turbo sounds that create a unique experience every time you step on the accelerator. Upgrade your intake and give your engine compartment a sleek, stylish look with the optional carbon fiber cover upgrade. The carbon mold is specially designed to fit your IE intake and fit the factory engine compartment for a 100% perfect fit and finish. A hidden row of installation holes under the trim gasket at your entrance allows for easy installation of our popular carbon fiber cover. Upgrade your input with our optional cast iron turbo input for the best possible performance of an intake system. This removes the significant airflow restriction of the small plastic inlet and maintains the largest possible size of the inlet to the turbocharger.

This combination increases throughput up to 66.94% via standard input and turbo input! The turbo intake hose is an optional upgrade and can be purchased with your input or added at a later date. By replacing the factory intake and airbox with the COBB SF intake system, the restrictions before the turbo are significantly reduced. When a limitation is removed, the engine can be more efficient while achieving more overall power! The smoother input also amplifies the wonderful turbocharger sounds we`ve all come to love! Drive confidently while keeping your engine safe on dirt roads, sandy areas or anywhere your shot is exposed to unpleasant contaminants. Using a 3-step approach to deal with harsh climates, the filter was increased to 8 wrinkles, treated with penetrating filter oil and covered with a pre-filtering sock. This provides superior filtration and safety for your intake system when traveling in questionable conditions. The IE Harsh Climate Filter Kit is an optional upgrade and sold separately. The majority of our photo is an aluminum alloy heat shield that stretches the entire length of the front clip. This feature takes advantage of the exterior compressed air pushed through the front grille and directs this fresh air directly to the built-in gear cell and air filter, while effectively sealing the hot air in the engine compartment. Available as an option with glossy carbon fiber cover The Volkswagen SF intake system consists of a 3-inch silicone hose, a customer-specific aluminum air box and an intake filter.

The black silicone intake hose and custom-made air box look great in the engine compartment and significantly increase the airflow potential. The returnable filter can be cleaned and reused for the life of your vehicle! Since the GTI, Golf R, A7 Jetta GLI uses an air velocity density calculation strategy, no special settings are required when installing this input. It is compatible with all COBB OTS cards and stage power packs. IE`s cold air intake system and turbo intake hose for VW & Audi MQB 2.0T & 1.8T EA888 Gen 3 are CARB certified and fully emissions compliant. Simply install your new IE intake system with the included CARB EO sticker and pass worry-free emissions testing in all 50 U.S. states (including California). Enjoy more power, sound and fun on the track or road with the confidence of being 100% emission-free. IE`s cold air intake system for VW MK7 and Audi 8V 1.8T/2.0T (Gen 3) is optimized for power with up to 15WHP and 13ft-lbs of torque! True motorsport features such as our 3.5-inch piping, full-width heat shield, high flow speed stacking, 5-inch filter and smooth transition couplings provide up to 67% more flow than with the turbo intake upgrade. The innovative design makes it possible to operate the inlet as a cost-effective open filter inlet or upgrade it with a shiny carbon fiber assembly for a show car look! The installation was simple and quite simple.

This air intake definitely has more turbo noise than other CAIs on the market. The installation process is quick and easy with simple hand tools. The entire intake system uses factory brackets that ensure a perfect and trouble-free fit. Everything you need to install your new IE entrance is included, without having to go to the hardware store. Our included stealth coolant hides under the inlet and out of sight for a cleaner look, protecting the coolant line from interference or friction that can lead to future coolant leaks. This intake is directly suitable for vehicles with and without secondary air injection, including all necessary equipment that must be installed without the purchase of additional kits or equipment. Consecutive flow bench tests show consistent gains in airflow relative to inventories. The chart shows the flow gains (CFM) relative to the stock. IE engineers threw out the factory-made plastic suction box and small diameter piping and replaced them with a real motorsport entrance. Using advanced engineering techniques and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to maximize airflow, this translates into an increase in flow rate of up to 67% when combined with an IE turbo intake hose! IE engineers use advanced 3D scanners and specialized software to create a digital model of the engine compartment. This digital environment ensures that the entrance is free and fits exactly like a factory-installed unit. Rapid printed prototyping is used to ensure actual assembly and spacing before production begins.

The result is an intake that allows for hassle-free installation with angles and curves that not only look at home in your engine compartment, but enhance the overall styling. The built-in gear stack is a true motorsport design feature used in professional motorsport. The bell mouth shape is incredibly effective at channeling the mass amounts of airflow passing through the surface of the 5-inch air filter, gently transferring it to the intake pipes with very low drag or powerful turbulence. The following report describes the graph above, which demonstrates the extreme efficiency of our turbocharged power intake and intake system on the standard turbocharger. IE engineers set out to develop the ultimate MQB EA888 Gen 3 cold air intake system for demanding VW and Audi enthusiasts. The use of state-of-the-art technology, race-proven design features and extreme attention to detail has resulted in energy consumption that exceeds this goal in terms of power, sound, quality and most importantly fun! At the base of our intake is an alloy heat shield that extends over the entire front of the vehicle to ensure maximum fresh airflow, seal hot air from the engine compartment and keep the gear cell and air filter safe.