Most Stupid Laws in Kansas

No matter how strange a law may seem today, there was more than likely a good reason why it was passed. Keep in mind that the vast majority of laws and regulations mentioned in this article date back to the early days when these communities were established. And then the world was a different place. Kansas is a little more interesting than most people attribute to it. It`s known for things like its wheat fields that never seem to end, its tornadoes, and sunflowers, but there`s so much more to our small state than these stereotypes (though perfectly valid). For example, did you know that 88% of available land in the state of Kansas is farmland? Okay, it may not be some kind of stereotype breaker, but it`s interesting. For those with a heart of discovery, there are 528 known caves in Kansas, and that number increases from time to time as more are discovered. Kansas is the helicopter`s home state; This modern flying machine was first designed and designed here. Oh, and did you know that Kansas is the prairie chicken capital not only of the United States, but of the entire North American continent? Yes – if for some reason you`re a fan of prairie chickens, come to Kansas. You`ll find a lot here! Kansas has a number of really crazy laws in its constitution, for example, it`s illegal to hit an ATM that stole your money, and anyone with a garden in their possession must weed it completely. As strange as some Kansas state laws are, it`s local governments that really win the gold medal for bizarre laws. The city of Topeka, which is also the state capital, is home to REALLY strange laws.

For example, a local law would make screaming in a haunted house a criminal offense (according to Stupid Laws). Another law makes it illegal to drive a herd of cattle down a city street. Stupid Laws tells the story of how some of Kansas` smallest churches have their fair share of strange laws. If you`re looking for small-town legal curiosities, look no further than Derby, Kansas. Here you will allegedly violate local law to drive an animal down a city street or hit an ATM, even if it has stolen your money. According to Weird Facts, riding a mule on the streets of Lang is only allowed if the animal is wearing a straw hat. What do you think of these laws? What strange laws in Kansas have you broken and how long are you going to be on the run? Some laws make sense – for example, don`t drink and drive. However, some illegal things in Kansas can only make us shake our heads in confusion.

When you`re in Derby, whatever you do, don`t pee on the side of a building. Instead, find the nearest bathroom. It`s not really crazy, just kind of common sense, is it? If you plan to walk on the highway at night, make sure you have a taillight. Not wearing a taillight is a crime. If you are in Topeka and feel like singing the ABC, please do not do it at night. Illegal. Have you ever shot a rabbit from a motorboat? How about wearing a bee in your hat? Led through a parade? If you answered no and think we`re crazy because you ask, you`re not alone. If you answered yes, you are an offender. Don`t believe us? Look at these strange laws in Kansas that leave you with many more questions than answers. Throughout the state, you will find many strange laws that emerged from the legislature in the capital, Topeka. For example, whaling is supposed to be prohibited by law in the state (via stupid laws).

For some reason, lawmakers decided to pass a bill banning the placement of ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas. Most laws are made for very good reasons. You can`t drive drunk, kill another person, or bribe a politician. But a few other laws? Well, there are downright bizarre laws in Kansas. Here are 10 illegal things in Kansas that are likely to scratch your head — and maybe even make you laugh a little. What is relevant to identifying the strange laws that are still in force is the idea that our legal texts should be reviewed, revised and updated from time to time. After all, it`s hard to imagine anyone herding a herd of cattle in the middle of Wannamaker Road in Topeka, but you can bet it could have been a problem. Cultures grow and evolve over time, as do the laws that govern them. Until the changes in the legal code take place, there is at least some humor when you see that some of these strange laws may still be in effect in Kansas. Wichita is also no stranger to strange laws.

Home to the largest population in the state (via World Atlas), this community is really strange when it comes to law. A good example of this is the requirement for a municipal permit to remove any dirt from the local airport. Or a truly puritanical law that makes it illegal to make suggestive statements or comments over the phone. Weird Facts tells us that such an offense could land someone in jail for up to a year. Still, you`ll find that this state, right in the heart of the country, is home to some of the strangest laws we can find. Read on to discover some strange laws that make Kansas a unique place to call home. Do you know of any other strange laws in Kansas? What are your favorite fun facts about Kansas? Share them with us in the comments! Next, check out 14 other things that are illegal in Kansas. Weird Facts tells us that you need to be careful when accelerating your vehicle into good condition. Puncture your tires or apply rubber can result in a fine of up to $500. The University Daily Kansan points out that anyone in Lawrence who wears a bee in their hat can be guilty of a community offense. This publication further informs that the small town of Russell will punish you for a musical car horn and that throwing knives at men in striped suits is illegal.

Restaurants in Topeka are not allowed to serve cherry pie with vanilla ice cream as a topping. If you research the law from one state to another, you`re bound to stumble upon some ranging from eccentric to downright wild. Whether it`s a law that prevents a person from raising rats in the town of Billings, Montana, or a Vermont state law that requires a woman to have a signed license from her husband to get false teeth (via Only in Your State), it`s easy to see that people have become very creative with the legislation. What are the craziest illegal things in Kansas? In Wichita – Before crossing the intersection of Douglas and Broadway streets, a motorist must get out of his vehicle and fire three shotgun cartridges in the air. If these are fun facts, what are the fanciful and strange facts about Kansas? Well, did you know that the first White Castle burger restaurant was in Wichita, and now there`s not even a White Castle location in the entire state? Yes, we are the original home of White Castle, but we don`t get respect. We also have a bunch of state creatures like everywhere else, and our state reptile (it`s a thing that exists) is the adorable little decorated box turtle – which we think is really great. It could have been a much less cute creature, like a Snapping Turtle. After all, once in 2003, some geographers were tired of hearing that Kansas was “flat as a pancake,” so they created models and compared them to pancakes to see if it was really true. It turned out, yes.

Kansas was at least flat as a pancake. In fact. It seems to be flatter. Do you have a love for all unusual things? You`ll want to try these fantastic and unusual roadside attractions in Kansas! In Lawrence – All cars entering the city limits must first sound their horns to warn the horses of their arrival. The state`s rules of the game prohibit the use of mules for duck hunting. If you`re planning to lug around a dead deer, you`d better check your location. If you do this on Kansas Avenue, you will be fined. And dragging dead chickens down any street in the city could earn you a subpoena.

The small town of Wellington goes so far as to limit the number of cats you could have inside. The leaders here would have set that number at no more than four. Pedestrians crossing highways at night must wear taillights. There is a Kansas law that prohibits people from hunting game or furbearing animals from a motorboat, airplane, or motor vehicle. However, if you are disabled, you can get a special permit that allows you to hunt from a boat. Using “bean snapper” will get you fined, as will throwing your garbage in city pools. While the latter law is probably a great idea, one wonders what could have happened in Wichita to make lawmakers so specific. And an old law would have required those crossing the Douglas and Broadway intersections to get out of their vehicles and fire three shots in the air (via Stupid Laws). The city of Overland Park has a law that says .” It is illegal for a person to picket between 60 minutes and 60 minutes after a funeral in a cemetery, morgue, church, mosque, synagogue, temple or other places of religious customs or other places of funeral services.

Are you considering a career in chicken theft? Be warned that the state of Kansas requires all chicken thieves to practice their trade only during the day.