New Gun Laws in Nevada 2020

A revised version was signed on February 15, 2019 to address the deficiencies in Question 1. The law is expected to come into force in January 2020. [13] [14] At The Defenders, our team puts you and your needs first, as well as the safety and well-being of your loved ones. Our defense attorneys know the intricacies of gun safety and gun laws and how to firmly represent Nevadans facing criminal charges. Your safety is our priority, so it is important, if possible, to follow the appropriate transport rules. However, if you have trouble carrying a gun, our team is here for you. For more information, see our article on owning and selling weapons and ammunition. Also read our article on other gun crimes, including the feathered gun laws (NRS 202.255) and the ammunition laws (NRS 202.273).8 It`s also important to know that some guns, like feathered guns, have specific laws that apply to them. People face harsh sentences at Nevada State Prison for violating certain gun laws, including our article on self-defense, bringing guns into schools (NRS 202.265), short-barrelled shotguns (NRS 202.275), carrying a hidden gun in Las Vegas – 3 things to know, and Nevada Taser laws: 3 important things to know. Nevada has taken significant steps in recent years to strengthen the state`s gun laws.

However, there are still serious gaps that make Nevada communities vulnerable to gun violence. With approximately 498 Nevadans killed by firearms each year,44 this is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention from the state legislature. The new law also strengthens existing legal provisions on the storage of firearms. Effective January 1, 2020, it is an administrative offence to store or leave a weapon negligently in a place where there is a significant risk that a child who is prohibited from handling or possessing a firearm will have access to the firearm. This new law complements Nevada`s existing laws regarding temporary and extended protection orders, including temporary domestic violence protection orders and extended domestic violence protection orders (DVPO). Generally, regulations empower family or household members or law enforcement officers to intervene if a person shows warning signs that often lead to violence. They also allow family members to receive help for a vulnerable person in times of need. Nevada joins a number of other states that have passed similar laws to prevent mass shootings, school attacks, suicides, and more.

While these laws are critical parts of the solution to gun violence in Nevada, many gaps remain in the state`s law. Overall, the state receives only a C+ score for the strength of its gun laws from the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence`s annual gun law scorecard.8 More can be done to protect the lives of all Nevadans. If these six recommendations for additional gun safety laws in Nevada go into effect, they would help protect all communities in the state from gun violence. Since the Nevada legislature only meets every two years, it is important that it consider these measures during the next session that begins in February. During the 2019 session, the legislature (and the governor) passed new Nevada gun laws that will take effect in January 2020. Anyone who buys, transfers, possesses or carries a firearm should be aware of the new laws. Although BB guns work differently than firearms, they are still considered “lethal weapons.” Therefore, Nevada state law prohibits their use or possession in many circumstances. (Note that Nevada counties and cities have their own specific laws governing the use of firearms, including BB guns. So be sure to include county and municipal local codes as. More than two years after Nevada voters passed a voting initiative mandating background checks for private gun transactions, the background check law will go into effect on January 2, 2020.

The new law generally reflects the voting measure, but changes the language that required the FBI to conduct the checks. Under SB 143, which was passed and signed in February 2019, Nevada`s Central Criminal Records Repository will conduct background checks. In general, green card holders are allowed to possess firearms. Nonimmigrant visa holders may possess firearms in certain situations, such as if they hold a valid hunting license. And illegal aliens are generally not allowed to possess weapons. For more information, see our article on immigration and gun laws. While Nevada voters took a significant step in 2016 by passing a voting measure to introduce universal background checks for all gun sales, the state can go even further to significantly reduce gun violence in Nevada communities. Building on the framework of strong universal background check law, Nevada lawmakers should enact a law requiring individuals to obtain a license before purchasing a firearm. According to an analysis by Giffords Law Center, eight states have passed laws requiring individuals to obtain a license before purchasing firearms, and three other states require people to have a valid license or permission to own firearms.24 These laws include a combination of requirements such as the provision of fingerprints, Completing an application and submitting an in-person interview in addition to a 25 Violent Extremists and Other Motivated Perpetrators of Hate pose a significant threat to the safety of historically vulnerable communities protected by hate crime laws. Their access to weapons increases the likelihood that a hate crime will be fatal. Even if these perpetrators do not pull the trigger, the use of weapons to threaten and intimidate individuals and communities because of prejudice and hatred against one of the protected classes represents a significant escalation of this hateful and dangerous behavior.