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SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA LEGAL SERVICES Helping homeless or low-income people with legal issues related to housing, taxes, employment, state benefits, divorce and custody issues, education, identity and birth certificates, consumer credit, and bankruptcy, seizures and inheritance. Admission procedure: Call without an appointment. Workplace injuries expect the state compensation fund to cover their injuries and lost wages – after all, that`s how the system is supposed to work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and a fair and advantageous arrangement is not always the result of a workplace accident. When a legitimate workers` compensation claim is denied, it is important to have a strong lawyer who fights for what is just and just. New Orleans Legal can help clients resolve the following issues with workers: Leverage new technologies and innovations to quickly resolve legal issues Bloom Legal assists injured clients if they are injured in a car accident or any other type of injury or misdemeanor that may occur in Louisiana during the Mardi Gras season. If you are injured in an accident, Bloom Legal can help you get medical treatment and aggressively defend you against the person or company that caused your injury. In all the confusion of parades, alcohol, excitement and traffic, Bloom Legal is set up to help you navigate the legal world during the busy carnival season. Whatever challenges our communities face, we work every day to improve access to justice and help vulnerable people overcome life`s legal barriers. Who are the best lawyers who offer medical malpractice legal services? THE PRO BONO PROJECT Civil legal assistance through volunteer lawyers led by project staff to assist homeless people or individual or low-income families and families; certain services in homeless shelters 615 Baroness Street, Suite 203; New Orleans, LA 70113 PHONE: 504-581-4043 Admission Procedure: Call for an appointment or information. The information provided in this article does not constitute and is not intended to constitute legal advice. All information available about Bloom Legal is a full-service personal injury law firm in New Orleans.

Founded by attorney Seth Bloom, we have earned a reputation for providing friendly, quality legal advice to visitors, residents, and the Louisiana area. Seth provides aggressive representation and fights vigorously to protect the rights and interests of his clients in matters of personal injury, criminal defense, car accidents, etc. Those who have been injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver face even more challenges. Often, an uninsured driver may try to escape the scene and thus avoid more legal problems due to the lack of insurance. Or a driver may be underinsured without sufficient insurance to fully cover the damage suffered. People may also have been injured in a slip and fall accident due to property hazards or other liability issues. Whatever the situation, New Orleans Legal will fight aggressively for every client who has suffered personal harm. Personal injuries we pursue on behalf of our clients include: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, Corp. (SLLS) is partially funded by Legal Services Corporation.

As a condition of the funding it receives from the Société des services juridiques, it is prohibited from engaging in certain activities throughout its legal work, including work supported by other sources of funding. SLLS may not spend funds on activities prohibited by the Legal Services Corp Act, 42 U.S.C. 1996 et seq. or prohibited by Public Act 104-134. Public Law 104-134-504(d) requires that all funders of programs funded by the Société des services juridiques be notified of these restrictions. For a copy of these laws or for other information or clarification, please send your correspondence to the above address. Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) fights for fairness for vulnerable people. We provide free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals in six offices in 22 communities in southeast Louisiana. Our six offices are located in Baton Rouge, Covington, Gretna, Hammond, Houma and New Orleans. On a daily basis, we: Safety in the workplace is a prerequisite, but this is not always the case. Workers` compensation cases can be stressful, frustrating and time-consuming.

That`s why it`s important to have strong legal counsel by your side throughout the process. Bloom Legal is a modern law firm, and we take full advantage of available technologies and tools to provide the best legal representation. If you live out of state and have been charged with committing a crime in the area, our team will help you achieve a favorable outcome with minimal travel to New Orleans. If you live locally, our lawyers will help you alleviate the stress of your legal problems by taking care of issues related to your arrest. LOUISIANA AIDS ACT Legal services for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS, including free legal advice and services for specific situations 3801 Canal Street, Suite 331; New Orleans, LA 70119 PHONE: 504-568-1631 Admission Procedure: Call an appointment or check the website for walk-in times and locations. If you need legal help, please see the “Do you need help?” section below. To request legal assistance, see the online application below. Start Application The legal areas we focus on are the ones that will significantly help Louisiana residents. These areas include: Our firm offers a full service 24 hours a day to give you the answers and help you no matter when your legal problem arises. Call today to schedule a consultation with our firm.

When calling, speak directly to a lawyer, not a support staff member. If you are looking for legal help in the “Big Easy”, there are several options. From free vendors to low-cost vendors, this guide gives you a list of options for New Orleans residents. LOYOLA LAW CLINIC Legal aid for low-income homeless people for legal matters related to crime, civil rights, immigration, domestic affairs and juvenile justice 526 Pine Street, Suite 121; New Orleans, LA 70118 PHONE: 504-861-5590 Admission Procedure: Call for more information. Clients facing a legal issue or insurance dispute or rejection also need a lawyer in their corner – someone who contacts a major insurance company and urges the company to keep its promises. As with personal injury, our clients don`t need to come to us with money – we fund the entire case and take immediate and aggressive action to force a recalcitrant insurance company to pay the client what is owed. Whether a client is facing a business dispute, an estate dispute, a bad faith insurance claim, a denial of insurance or the uncertainty of bodily injury, Peter Diiorio will work hard to ensure a better future for his clients – financially, physically and mentally. Have you been hurt in New Orleans because of someone else`s negligence? If you think you have a case of assault, click here.

Whether you`ve been in a car accident or bitten by a dog, you`re probably looking for legal information. Here`s a general overview of personal injury law in Louisiana. In our FAQ section, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions. At New Orleans Legal, we are a personal injury, workers` compensation, and civil litigation firm dedicated to problem solving and correcting problems. Our goal in all legal matters is to provide each client with individual attention, careful representation and prompt communication. New Orleans attorney Peter J. Diiorio saw the litigation weigh on people; His goal is to get his clients through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. When clients are injured, New Orleans Legal makes immediate medical care a top priority. No matter where you live, a car accident can be a traumatic experience.

Yes, even in The City That Care Forgot. If a driver forgot to worry about where they went to meet you, this article can help you answer your legal questions. Bloom Legal has a long history of assisting clients with legal matters in the New Orleans area. Our company has been operating out of the same downtown Warehouse District location since 2004. Bloom Legal was here before and after Hurricane Katrina and witnessed the rebuilding of the city. We know Louisiana law and we know the courts, insurance companies and city bylaws. Our lawyers are ready to use our legal knowledge and experience for local citizens and visitors who encounter legal problems. At Bloom Legal, we welcome members of the LGBTQ community.

The State of Louisiana hosts many LGBTQ-centric events, and we are committed to ensuring that Louisiana residents who identify with this community receive professional legal advice when needed. When contacting New Orleans Legal, a client will speak directly with attorney Peter Diiorio. By contacting New Orleans Legal at (504) 897-5580 or filling out the contact form on the website, a client has taken an important first step in getting the help they need and deserve.