Pittsburgh Legal Journal Estate Notice Form

On the estate of each of the following testators, letters were sent to the aforementioned personal representative, inviting all persons who have claims against the testator`s estate to inform their lawyer in writing and all persons obliged to the deceased to make the payment without delay: Below are links to downloadable advertising forms that can be filled out and sent with your payment. You can view these forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download it. In addition, you can place your ad online by creating an account and clicking here. Do you need to run a legal ad? Please use our online system, PO Box address or e-mail to send legal announcements. Orders for legal notices cannot be placed by fax. State laws require the government and certain individuals to publish notices about some of their activities in local newspapers. These laws exist so that citizens are informed of government measures that may affect them. Through these communications, the public can learn more about parental rights termination, mortgage foreclosures, sheriff sales, etc. Public announcements prevent these events from taking place secretly and without notification. In addition, a public advertisement published in the newspaper becomes a permanent record.

Hanlon, William J., Deceased, of Pittsburgh, PA. No. 7310 of 2022. Darlene M. Hanlon, Extrx., 4610 Friendship Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 or Melvin P. Gold, Esq., Melvin P. Gold LLC, 2520 Mosside Boulevard, Monroeville, PA 15146. Handel, Margaret Ann, Deceased, of White Oak, PA. No. 06939 von 2022. William R.

Handel, Co-Extr., 1202 Dalewood Drive, McKeesport, PA 15135 und Laura M. Handel, Co-Extrx., 9 Wallace Street, Clearfield, PA 16830 oder an Rebecca Shaw McHolme, Esq., 1714 Lincoln Way, White Oak, PA 15131. Watts, James a/k/a James Owen Watts, verstorben, aus McCandless, PA. Nr. 03717 von 2021. Laura A. Hayes, Admrx., 101 Senns Way, Harmony, PA 16037 oder an Harold A. English, Esq., H.A.

English & Associates, P.C., 4290 William Flinn Highway, Suite 200, Allison Park, PA 15101. Hirschfeld, Dolores L., verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 06937 von 2022. Gerald R. Hirschfeld, Ext., 1517 Whitewood Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 oder an Robert H. Gustine, Esq., Straka & Gustine, LLP, 1130 Greentree Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15220. Werbepreiskarte: Klicken Sie hier, um die Preisliste herunterzuladen, die vom 1. Juli 2022 bis zum 30. Juni 2023 gültig ist. Choi, Sun Cho, verstorben, aus Penn Hills, PA. Nr.

06406 von 2022. Joshua Song, Extr., 2830 Skye Terrace, Duluth, GA 30096 oder an Laura Cohen, Esq., Family Legal Center, LLC, 4372 Old William Penn Hwy., Monroeville, PA 15146. Nr. 07304 von 2022. Louise Smitrovich, Extrx., a/s Foster S. Goldman, Jr., Esq., Goldblum Sablowsky, LLC, 285 E. Waterfront Dr., Ste. 160, Homestead, PA 15120.

Getsy, Margaret J. a/k/a Margaret L. Getsy, verstorben, aus Bridgeville, PA. Nr. 07174 von 2022. Stephen B. Getsy, Jr., Extr., 5822 Longview Circle, Bridgeville, PA 15017Deborah L. Lesko, Esq., The Law & Mediation Offices of Deborah L. Lesko, 373 Vanadium Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15243. Mallin, Robert L., verstorben, von Mt. Lebanon, PA.

Nr. 6511 von 2022. Jane Karnack, Extrx., 2049 Silverdale Drive, Finleyville, PA 15332 oder an Jennifer L. Rawson, Esq., Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, U.S. Steel Tower, 600 Grant St., 44th Fl., Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Allen, Parthenia, verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 04839 von 2022.

Alexis Allen, Extrx., 137 Kensington Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 oder an Justin D. Okun, Esq., Farrell Weaver & Okun, 100 Ross Street, Suite 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Jones, James E., verstorben, aus Wexford, PA. Nein. 07150 von 2022. Esther K. Jones, Extrx., 200 Cumberland Woods Drive, Apt. 223, Allison Park, PA 15101 oder an Jay R. Hagerman, Esq., Abernethy & Hagerman, 4499 Mount Royal Blvd., Allison Park, PA 15101. Connor, Patricia B., verstorben, aus Crafton, PA. Nr. 07090 von 2022.

Richard Connor, Jr., Extr., a/s Anthony L. Rosner, Esq., 1300 Clay Pike, North Huntingdon, PA 15642. Schiavone, Nancy, verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 06228 von 2022. Mary Rose Conboy, Extrx., a/s P. Bowman Root, IV, Esq., Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C., 535 Smithfield Street, Ste. 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Foulke, Larry R., verstorben, aus Bethel Park, PA. Nr. 7102 von 2022. Andrew L.

Foulke, Extr., 2590 Summit Street, Bethel Park, PA 15102 oder an Matthew F. Schwartz, Esq., Lange Legal Group, LLC, 2212 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Fisher, Lavonne I. a/k/a Lavonne Ilene Fisher, verstorben, aus Pitcairn, PA. Nr. 02125 von 2021. Lavonne Eileen Grill, Admrx., 3401 Fieldcrest Drive, North Versailles, PA 15137 oder an Rodger J. Blissman, Esq., 900 Lincoln Hwy., Box 180, East McKeesport, PA 15035. Romano, Patricia J. Redick a/k/a Patricia Redick Romano a/k/a Patricia R.

Romano, verstorben, von Mt. Lebanon, PA. Nr. 07078 von 2022. Pamela Swent, Extrx., 1150 Bower Hill Road, Apt. PH2A, Pittsburgh, PA 15243 oder an Matthew F. Schwartz, Esq., Lange Legal Group, LLC, 2212 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Dichko, Johanna, verstorben, aus dem Bezirk Delmont, PA. Nr.

06876 von 2022. Daniel O. Brandeis, Extr., 2000 Technology Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 oder an Jon M. Lewis, Esq., Mears, Smith, Houser & Boyle, P.C., 127 North Main St., Greensburg, PA 15601. Sigler, Agnes T., verstorben, von Elizabeth, PA. Nr. 7308 von 2022. Mary Beth Sigler Garcia, Admrx., 1 Howard Park Drive, Tenafly, NJ 07670 oder an Daniel F.

Bekavac, Jr., Esq., Daniel F. Bekavac Law Offices, 400 Market St., Elizabeth, PA 15037. Registrierungserklärung – Déclaration d’enregistrement d’une société commerciale étrangère – Dissolution volontaire à but non lucratif étrangère, dissolution volontaire d’entreprise, dissolution volontaire à but non lucratif, Jacaszek professionnel, Norman, verstorben, du canton de Shaler, PA. Nr. 07002 von 2022. John M. Jacaszek, Extr., 1051 Augusta Circle, North Huntingdon, PA 15642 oder an April M. Schachtner, Esq., Myers Duffy Dansak & Clegg LLC, 3361 Route 130, Suite 1, Harrison City, PA 15636. Friedman, Velma L., verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 07094 von 2022. Jack M.

Friedman, Co-Extr., 5860 Solway Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 und Janet F. Seltman, Co-Extrx., 7152 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 oder an Alan I. Farber, Esq., 5301 Grove Road, Suite M-106, Caste Village, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Kuller, Lewis H. alias Lewis Henry Kuller, verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 07335 von 2022. Gail K.

Enda, Extrx., 7138 Northaven Rd., Dallas, TX 75230 oder an Louise R. Vuono, Esq., Vuono & Gray, LLC, 310 Grant Street, Suite 2310, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Chapple, Eleanor A. a/k/a Eleanor Ann Chapple, verstorben, aus Scott Township, PA. Nr. 06665 von 2022. William Chapple, Admr., 312 Rockfield Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15243 oder an Gary M. Zyra, Esq., 314 E. Main Street, Carnegie, PA 15106. Andres, David C., verstorben, aus Glassport, PA. Nr. 7152 von 2022.

Michael A. Amos, Co-Extr. und Lisa A. Amos, Co-Extrx., 28 Erie Avenue, Glassport, PA 15045 Richard J. Catalano, Esq., Richard J. Catalano, P.C., 468 Lincoln Hwy., North Versailles, PA 15137. Smerkol, David Richard, verstorben, aus White Oak, PA. Nr. 6917 von 2022. Daniel L.

Smerkol, Extr., 10880 Collins Avenue, Irwin, PA 15642 oder an Samuel A. Moore, Esq., 5311 Brightwood Rd., P.O. Box 518, Bethel Park, PA 15102. Campbell, II, Charles T. a/k/a Charles Talbot Campbell, II a/k/a Charles Campbell a/k/a Tim Campbell, verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 06983 von 2022. Joseph S.

Scherle, Extr., a/s Daniel A. Seibel, Esq., One Oxford Centre, 301 Grant Street, Suite 1225, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Krzeminski, Dolores T. a/k/a Dolores Theresa Krzeminski, verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 06428 von 2022. Patricia J. Blazer, Extrx., a/s Theodore F.

Huckestein, Jr., Esq., 1538 Red Fern Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15241-2565. Schiffhauer, Lawrence J., verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA. Nr. 07365 von 2022. Alan J. Schiffhauer, Admr., 2442 Maryland Dr., Upper St. Clair, PA 15241. Creighton, John, verstorben, aus Pittsburgh, PA.